#212  Talisman

    The 212nd chapter Talisman

    Then he found himself in vivo, even some don't stop them, not to mention some.

    His heart was shocked, his face was calm, crazy running infuriating, trying to put the strange power to drive out.

    But no.

    This is weird, weird power, in his mid day level Qi block, even without the slightest impact, still continue to spread.

    At this moment, Qin Qi has some lift, the sea air is empty, as if it was what things out, not to mention anything at all.

    But in fact, his sea also filling Qi, all of this is just illusion.

    In this case, Qin had startled cold sweat, but his face was composure, was staring at the Qin dust, hoarse way: "Qin dust, also means you so mean? Even poison? However, you can think that this poison poison to me? Ridiculous."

    He showed clear, poisoning appearance, a variety of ways, in the mind constantly passing, but rejected by the.

    The previous Qin dust and read endless fighting, he also saw the.

    Have to say, my brother had not the year of dust, a child's appearance, a repair, is unusual, even the big Wei Cao Heng and Xian school read endless ghost died in his hand.

    Even before that, can still plot to myself.

    If you don't care about the Golden State, perhaps, but now the body poisoning, immediately caught in distress.

    "Oh, is still in front of me now, this force, should go to your tanzhongxue now? Well, the spreading speed, probably in about ten will be able to breathe, your mind, and your body will be infuriating, some are not, my good brother, you say, what should I do with you?" A faint smile on one's face dust qin.


    Qinfeng paled.

    He did not deceive Qin dust, but also to be expected, after all, Qin dust is not an idiot, but he even spread to your body what parts of gas, are aware of the crystal clear, this observation, far beyond the imagination of qin.

    Before the arrogant, Qinfeng as white as ashes, "Qin wiped the dust, have something good to talk, between you and me, do not have to fight so fight at outrance."

    Qin dust smiled: "Oh? Give me a reason not to kill you."


    The first thing is to Qin, said everyone is the genius, if Qin dust killed him, that is to help the state of Wei and the ghost fairy, Xiao war knows, certainly will not let him go.

    But then I have to own the previous Qin dust start, for this reason, don't have any convincing.

    You have to kill other people, now is not a murder, but in a crisis, and everyone is in the same country, don't let others kill you, how could this be?

    "What do you want, Qin dust, although the opening, as long as I have, will not refuse. You are my brother, you kill me, don't say your mother, if let Grandpa know, certainly not Qingrao you, as we shook hands and, after all, between you and me, not to the death to the point, isn't it?"

    He sighed a way: "and you know, although we are important in Da Qin home, but that's because grandpa exploits deep in frontier because of the fact that these years, because of the king of Qi Gong Gao Zhen Zhu, we have very dissatisfied with the Qin family."

    "He is your father by out, is to protect you, but also to let the king of the state of Qin thought, we are divided. In fact, whether my father or mother, heart very care about you, admit that you are children of the qin."

    Have to say, this will create an atmosphere of Qin, talk, also very touching.

    He move, reason, put an expulsion from the house was as clear as noonday, as is the protection of Qin dust.

    The ability to make people confuse right and wrong, as the acme of perfection.

    "You say, seems to have some sense?" A faint smile on one's face dust qin.

    "He is a little bit of truth." Qin Qin dust shake, exultation, hurriedly said: "Oh Strike while the iron is hot., sigh, to blame my mother, surface cold heat, although it is trying to protect you Niangliang, but with the way too much, cause you and aunt have some misunderstanding, my son, also said her several times now she knew his problem."

    "Oh, you don't have to say so much, in fact, it is not impossible to let you go." Qin road dust.

    Qinfeng exultation, eyes burst from hope as light, the drowning man clutched the straw, exclaimed: "Qin dust, I knew you or take into account the brotherhood, say, how can you let go as your brother? No matter what your requirements, I can promise you."

    "Is it?" Qin laughed faint dust.

    "It is of course, as your brother just made a mistake, will pay for their mistakes." Qinfeng look resolutely.

    "My request is......" Qin dust paused, Qin immediately listen carefully, see deep concentration, but suddenly the Qin Mou broke a fine dust awn, sword to Qinfeng throat.

    "You are dead, as long as you die, I will let you go."

    Burst a voice, Qin dust figure, crazy to kill qin.

    The outline of his mouth sneer, cold eyes.

    Allow yourself to let go of him, what a joke, really when he is three years old?

    He said that with the previous, but he completely broke the toxin in the body, no power to resist it again.

    Qin you dust......"

    Qinfeng shocked, with fear, it seems I never thought Qin dust so vile, have been fooled yourself.

    Seeing the sword to stab Qin dust in his throat.


    "Ha ha ha, Qin dust, do you really think you can kill me?"

    Qinfeng suddenly smiled wryly, on the face of panic about the disappearance of the eyes become cold, calm, right hand with a lift.


    A red talisman, flying from his hands suddenly.

    This talisman, the crimson, appeared in the void, suddenly there is a tremendous force from broke out, all of a sudden over Qin dust.

    "What is really, you should have hidden the hand?"

    Qin dust face dew was.

    It is the true character, strong and special array grain structure, and even add blood force a treasure, concise out once cast, can release tremendous energy at the moment, it is powerful.

    I agree there is also a hierarchy and treasure, one order to nine order, such higher order, power is greater.

    Now, this road Qinfeng display true character, appearance, Qin heart dust rising from a strong sense of crisis, this is absolutely true with more than four bands.

    The crisis, Qin dust hurried to retreat.

    "Ha ha ha, you got to hide? I really agree, even if the four order level Xuan Wu, it is difficult to avoid, you can die in my true character, that is your honor."

    In the Qin, suddenly a shout.
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