#211  of the winner

´╗┐    The 211st chapter of the winner

    "Want to go, transfer in front of my good brother, you think too much?"

    The outline of Qin sneer, jokingly, looking at Qin dust, in the eyes of undisguised contempt.

    Now the Qin dust, and read in endless battle, already scarred, and deeply poisoned, has become a wreck.

    "Qin, what do you want?" Qin dust eyes with a trace of anger, confusion, weakness.

    "I want to do what? What do you say?"

    Slowly towards the front, looking at Qin Qin sneer at dust, the dust Qin too funny, actually this time still ask myself what I want to do?

    "You hurt my younger brother, and that my father and mother into heartless situation, today I don't kill you, how to mother?"

    Qinfeng smiling mouth, even when said to kill Qin dust, still very elegant.

    He is superior, as the stars of heaven, and Qin dust, like the ground stone, with over italy.

    "Zhao Feng let you kill me?"

    "Oh, what need my mother inspired? In my eyes, you are just a clown a kill you, but readily and is as easy as blowing off dust."

    In front of the dust stood Qin Qin, smiling mouth: "do not worry, I will let you go soon, will not have any pain, and, before long, your mother will follow you together, let you have a companion in the afterlife."

    "My mother is your aunt, you dare to her?!" Qin Han dust acoustic opening eyes shot anger.

    "Oh, aunt? In my opinion, she is just a Bitch defiled my Qin home."

    "Well, needless to say, a good brother, let brother, send you on your way."

    A cold look, Qinfeng smiling mouth, Qin dust before suddenly slapped down.

    "Qin, I heard you......"

    Qin dust with fear, but he hastened to resist sword, swords, light, little power.

    "Oh, don't resist, depending on your current state, any one of Wu, can easily kill you."

    Sneer, Qin Qin palm, has already arrived in front of the dust.

    "It is?!"

    Qin dust suddenly looked up, eyes originally in panic, had disappeared, was out, is a hint of playful, smiling mouth.


    Qinfeng heart a surprised, subconsciously feel bad.

    At this time, Qin dust can actually laugh, but his face not a little panic, a strong sense of crisis, in his heart suddenly.


    His idea is not down, dust from the Qin swords, suddenly burst a horrible Jianmang, that moment or nearly Jianmang, feet long, straight cut to his throat.

    The terrorist attack contains Jianmang sword, not to, already made all his hair ruffled, seemed to be pierced.

    "No good."

    The crisis, Qinfeng hurried back, and the palms turned Zhang shadow trying to intercept the attack, Qin dust.

    But too late.

    Plop, Qin dust sword, like lightning, penetrating stab Qin Zhang shadow, direct chest.

    A Qinfeng hurried back to escape, but Qin Ying, dust backhand a turn, the sword of a roundabout in the void, pow, the Qin's right hand, and cut down.


    Shrill screams, Qinfeng suddenly back, clutching his arm, blood gushing out from the arm.

    He looked frightened Qin eyes with dust, not out of the shock and anger.

    How, how could this be?

    He could not imagine, already dying, almost falling Qin dust, suddenly, unexpectedly broke out such terrorist forces.

    "You just have been poisoned, why?"

    "Oh, how can it not poisoning?"

    Holding the sword, Qin dust face nervous panic disappeared completely, just calm and banter.

    "Do you think very read without poison, can poison in me? No soul poison, ha ha, the name sounds good, but too bad, toxicity."

    Qin dust pan mouth sneer.

    The soul without poison, really strong, for other practitioners to, even the Xuan Wu, also can not resist.

    But who is the Qin dust? Nine Dili level up the pharmacist in the past generation, this is a free soul poison, indeed brought him some trouble, but soon he was removing clean, the rest was just an affectation.

    "But, before you read and endless battle, it is......"

    Qin Qin did not understand, if no dust poisoning, why in the very front to read without affectation? Isn't he already know they exist?

    "Oh, I do not, how can let you unprepared?"

    "Don't you already know I hide here?"

    Qinfeng stare big eyes, a face of panic.

    No...... Impossible´╝ü

    He prided himself have hidden well in class Xuan Wu, may not be able to find yourself, Qin Wu dust a prefecture level, how can you know yourself here?

    "Do you think?"

    Qin dust smiled: "when you read in the US and endless battle, it has come to the right, patience is enough, even until this time, I thought that you can't wait."


    Qinfeng shocked, a face of incredible.

    How will the Qin dust that time had already found him?

    However, he recalled carefully, if not the Qin dust when it has found him, there is no need to play back.

    "Well, Qin dust, do you think you hurt me, you can kill me? Today, we two between the dead, you will."

    Qin teeth, Qin Mou light glared at the dust, even without any fear, there is only a murder.

    He hate, hate oneself not careful, even with the dust when qin.

    Qin long dust with a laugh: "at this time, you should have this idea, if I were you, would not be so optimistic."

    Qinfeng grimly: "optimistic? I Qinfeng, battle aspect, what scenes not seen? But the high level mid day the first genius, warrior, you only one level late Wu, even broke my arm, I can rival? Today I will let you see the original, life and death in Taiwan, I let you hands emboldened in the end is what!"

    Voice down, Qin momentum change, the body suddenly float a bloody Guanghong, three blood in his body back and forth rhythm, even faintly fourth blood light emerges, apparently on behalf of his body's blood, has been toward four direction.


    The horror of the breath, the whole piece of the mountains shook constantly crashed.

    But Qin dust on the face, but no panic, but a smile, as if the Qin like a clown.

    "The imminent death, you laugh out?" Qin Ning drink.

    Qin long dust with a laugh: "I why not smile? Do you think you and I talk so much, is to treat you injury, you run at Qi, see if it is a little bit different?"


    Qinfeng sink in the heart, suddenly found his body seems to have a strange power, with their true operation, and spread to his body.
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