#203  of the war

    The 203rd chapter of the war


    Blue sword, a bright Jianqi outbreak, with Sen cold murder, this time, the purple and the princess is really angry.

    She will for the early days of class a moment cast to the extreme, purpose, just want to move, first the man killed.


    Just, ranging from her sword in the other, suddenly a gun passing shadow, the Purple Princess move down to smoke.

    "Purple smoked princess, I am your opponent."

    Cao hang mouth with a grin, looked up and down the purple hoon, thinking of such a beauty, if......

    "Cao Heng, you give me to die."

    Purple Princess smoked fury day pushed to the extreme level of primary Qi, crazy sword cut out.

    "Hey, hot."

    Cao Heng grin, the hands of the dragon magic gun like snakes, out of the moment.


    Dragon magic gun impact and Qing Ying Jian together, from the large bowel and spark, a cold power down the sword, rapidly approaching the Purple Princess body smoked.

    "No good." The princess was shocked and purple.


    The princess tried to rush in purple and infuriating, the chill of shock powder.

    However, Cao Heng has deceit body to shake the moment turned into a pike, ten phantom, each, seemed a bleak serpent, lingering to the Purple Princess body smoked.

    "Fallen petals lie in profusion!"

    The purple teeth have smoked white, blue sword, glow suddenly bloom, while her body, diffuse, a horrible blood force moment, to enhance the strength of the whole times.

    With sword, like the boundless petals, shrouded world, wonderful, magnificent Purple Princess smoked foil.

    The "three blood force." Cao Heng said, his face is no surprise.

    Then, his body also escape a black air gun, air into the shadows, like those snakes like black shadow like gun alive, tear open sky Luoying like sword.

    Purple Princess with a face, immediately want to take back the sword, but the lingering and gun shadow, like maggots tarsal, followed her, no matter how she cannot escape away.

    "The snake blood?" Purple smoke shocked princess.

    Cao Heng smiled and said: "yes, it is my big Wei Cao serpent of blood, and the blood vessels of the serpent of three blood, the blood, my future was probability, but they are much higher than the big brother, you can know that is your honor."

    Grinning, gun shadow even more, finally a bang, Purple Princess move all smoked cast pieces, like the fallen flowers flying, flying everywhere.

    A stuffy hum, pale purple lavender princess, are back.


    She has not, unless prior to the war in the back iron consumption Garnett her too much Qi and body, even if the other side is the snake blood, will not easily hurt her now......

    In a good mood, Cao Heng, he also saw that did not follow up a victory with hot pursuit, and Purple Princess is only supposed to be a bit tricky a spent force, and now it seems that his defeat is only a matter of time.

    "You don't hurry up, hands, the guy, remember, all men killed, the woman left."

    A grin, Cao constant leap, and Purple Princess fight together again and.

    "Brothers, give me."

    The big Wei Wu smiled wryly, then took the lead into the dust of Qin people.

    "Hey hey." With a smile on his face, the first target is placed in the dust on the body of qin.

    "Boy, go to hell."

    A black knife, burst from his hand suddenly split the chest to Qin dust, air knife across the sky, shrill, Ming ming.

    And several other people were also rushed to the exhibition and Lv Feng huang.

    As for reading the promise, is the time to look at all of this, we did not intend to sell.

    "Qin dust carefully." See the axe, Bai Jing even exclaimed in surprise.

    "You are careful to step aside, this guy I to solve." Qin dust face, body form in a flash, would avoid the attack, very easy.

    Bai Jing just react, but even two times, Qin dust of iron wolf can back Ming sword beheaded strong, there he was, big Wei Wu may not be able to kill them.

    "Boy, did not think you have him, could escape my knife, huh, but so far."

    The big Wei Guowu of Qin dust can escape his own attack quite unexpected, the body suddenly rising momentum to the extreme, a knife cut out again.



    Black knife gas horizon, plough up a ten foot gully in the mountains, air knife touches, like rock plant explosion, hurricane wind.

    "This fix also want to kill us?"

    Qin dust hissing, form a longitudinal, just like a big leap, gas knife attack, sword down.


    The big Wei Wu who looked up and saw be startled at, a sword light like lightning, flash past him in.

    Just think, already too late, the sword of light like lightning, in the void in the fleeting.


    Blood spatter, the big Wei Guowu who clutching his throat, eyes wide, hands sword clanked to prevent blood from landing.

    But no, red blood out of his fingers in his throat, gurgling sound, slowly down to the ground, eyes full of fear.


    Qin dust gently out loud, look at other people wu.

    Shua shua!

    His body was like electricity, shuttle in the crowd, the place visited, all have the sword of light flashed, only to hear the sound can be heard without end ah, blink of an eye, another three martials died in his hands.

    There is a dead.


    Ghost immortal faction read endless suddenly opened eyes, frowning.

    "This boy, actually the strength is not weak?"

    He appeared, has been recognized in the Qin dust, is the blood pool until the last boy.

    Although the Qin dust extremely dissatisfied, but in the face of such a level of the late Wu, didn't bother to read without very shot, the thought that several of his men can hang Cao each other several people scored all, who knows the blink of an eye being killed, like a cut melon vegetable.

    "This strength, should not weaker than the general level at the beginning of the day peak wu."

    Read the endless dark way in heart, to some of the ghost and Xian side of the faction of the Martial Way: "you guys, their war will take this kid."

    "War? Less suzerain, don't need?" A few ghost immortal faction disciples, can not help surprised.

    "Let you go." Read the promise was a heavy.


    The ghost fairy faction of the disciples did not dare to say, at the same time flying up.


    The five, for all in the prefecture level in the late peak, Qin dust around a fall, immediately there is a mysterious force diffuse out, wrapped the Qin dust.
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