#202  ambush

    The 202nd chapter ambush

    Purple and white smoke Princess static back cold sweat, with grateful eyes see the Qin dust one eye, if not timely two dust Qin took the blow, just two people even die, also injured.

    "What?" Is cold to hum a, and Purple Princess look to the front, complexion is cold.

    In the mountains, a quiet, only the voice of blowing.

    But the purple smoke Princess et al feel a strong force.

    "Come on, don't hide." Qin purple and white smoke dust release Princess Jing, calm look ahead somewhere.

    "Ha ha ha, I did not expect your perception so sharp, even to be aware of the Lord's attack, it is that the LORD be startled at ah."

    Darkness, a voice came out of the cold.

    Then, a group of people out of the mountains, it is a ghost immortal faction Lord read endless, still standing beside him, big Wei's three Prince Cao Heng, and many big Wei Wu genius and ghost immortal faction, a total of seven or eight people.

    At this time, these people are all grieved at Yin Qin dust a few people, a few people to Qin dust surrounded, blocking all the way.

    Read endless eyes fell on the Qin dust body, the heart is very surprised.

    Just because of the blow, he is prepared to sell, he is very confident, in the same state, almost no one can escape the thought that he will kill a big blow down, the few people to death seriously.

    But unexpectedly, was that the rulers of the young guy found, and hide in the past.

    "They read endless."

    A few people smoked Purple Princess face is suddenly changed, a show hack, a heart suddenly sank to the bottom.

    "Oh, a few think of it?" Read endless mouth outline evil smile, look at the ground with a few iron back night wolf body, eyes flashed a color: "I think, you can actually kill so many iron back night wolf, the harvest is not small ah, it seems that we some luck, really good."

    Several other people are laughing.

    So many iron back night wolf, a few of them enough by this time to experience, can kill Qi genius, but also through experience, it is shoot two hawks with one arrow.

    "What do you want?" Purple smoke princess was a heavy, harsh voice way.

    "What I want to do? Ha ha, ha ha ha ha." Cao Heng heard the Purple Princess smoked it, could not help laughing, revealing a trace of false taste smile: "you say we want to do what?"

    "Three prince, did not expect this time to meet large country disciples, there are actually two beauty, this one, or the princess, really make a great."

    A triangular eyes big Wei Wu, could not help but smile, eyes glanced in the purple and white, finally stared at her beautiful face, slobber almost streaming down.

    "Hum." Read endless hum.

    Cao Heng immediately saw the Cold Warrior one eye, said: "the big Princess and you can think of? This is left to read without little master, but you can rest assured that no little read the play and left, will let you get a cool, but the other woman, beauty and stature are good enough, you have a good time."

    "Ha ha."

    "Hey hey hey."

    "Your highness and trust, you rarely read without the main meat, we can drink soup."

    A group of warriors all wretched laugh, false eyes in purple and white smoke princess who looked like a quiet, wolf staring at their prey.

    "Damn bastard......" White with eyes of fire, rose red face, was intended to kill boiling.

    Yo, or a small chili, I love."

    The Wu Yin up again.

    "You......" Bai Jing pull out the sword, and murderous.

    "Don't impulse." Purple Princess smoked a stopped her.

    "Purple Princess smoked, with those of us who is not their opponents, I can still go first." Lv Feng found out from the transfer of jade, look.

    "Don't worry, if you will not escape, we will crush jade." Purple Princess with teeth.

    Light is a constant Cao, or read a promise, she may also play some confidence, but now it has two purple, smoked Princess knew that his opponent is not absolute.

    Look at it now, I can not escape.

    After all, once the crumb jade brand, on behalf of the experience of failure, thus, this session of five Tabitha Qi achievements, will become very bleak, the price is too big.

    When faced with the previous or iron back night ", she wouldn't rather hard, would not crush jade away.

    "Purple smoke princess, cannot escape the ghosts, opposite the immortal faction read endless, but in the blood pool exceeded the level of mid day master, we may not be opponents, you don't go, I go." Lv Feng has been completely frightened, trembling.

    "Do you think jade can crush to escape?" Qin dust sneer.

    "What do you mean?" Lv Feng angrily.

    The princess also smoked purple eye pupil shrink, see.

    "We are not afraid of each other so secure to rely on, crush jade brand, what do you think is the reason?" Qin dust dull eyes.

    A few people surprised.

    Indeed, the other had surrounded them this group of people, according to the truth, the other is to want to kill them, so it will somehow and they waste so much? Certainly the first time will be shot.

    Now, read without them so very leisurely, let a few people's heart sank.

    "Oh, did not think you are so right, even if the eyes, don't you crush a jade brand, this area has been, we use the matrix block, you simply pass out, ha ha ha." Cao Heng Prince laughed.

    "What are you talking about?" Lv Feng frightened, no longer hold, snapped, crush jade.

    But, actually no jade crumbled after the reaction.

    "This......" He was pale, body trembling, look a dead.

    Transfer issued five jade actually has no effect.

    Purple Princess smoked several people's heart, but also completely sank, a pale.

    Lost send jade tablets, they're a rat in a hole, only to die.

    Look at the Purple Princess smoked face, Cao Heng several people again excited laugh, they can make the most exciting, is to see others face of despair.

    The three prince, and they don't talk nonsense, get it." The impious Wu smiled wryly, stepped forward.

    Other people are finally moving.

    "You can only fight, if will have a chance to escape, fled."

    Purple smoke Princess turned into a ghost, instantly rushed to the opening level of late peak Wu, and the sword of the past, look angry.

    Previously this guy to talk the most difficult to kill, you kill this one.
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