#189  tit for tat.

    The 189th chapter tit for tat.

    The first extraterrestrial.

    "Big five this time finally began, do not know this a genius, how many people can break into the second round."

    Based on past experience, to break into the second round of the disciples, usually only 1/10, that is to say, ninety percent people will be eliminated."

    "Oh, I don't want to wind in the number of disciples in the second round, only hope that this round of assessment can be a few casualties."

    A small team could not help but sigh, attracted other small strong men have agreed.

    For these small, focusing on participation, students can come out alive, is a lucky, get experience is enough, where people can enter the second round.

    Of course, if you happen to have two disciples can enter the past, nature is better.

    "Look, there are people to be eliminated."

    "So fast?"

    "The examination just started not long? Some people were eliminated?"

    The people talked about, on the side of the tower suddenly lit, light array.

    That place is a transfer export transfer matrix, when the light array light, apparently on behalf of people has been eliminated, being sent out.

    "On the!"

    Under the watchful eyes of the people under two and bloodshed warrior, the light fell out.

    One of them, little arm, arm, blood kuangpen.

    Another man in the chest with a nearly foot wound, blood like spring, not stop spewing, almost dying.

    Everybody be startled at at a loss about what to do.

    This is out of the two people are so pitiful, not only so soon to be eliminated, and so severely wounded, almost falling.

    This is what forces the disciple? It is too bad.

    "Qiao Zheng, Xu Guang, ye......"

    See the two person, Xiao and rushed up, face surprise.

    Quickly took out two pieces of immortality from the body, poured into the two population, at the same time, Xiao hands point again and again in the two war wounds, with real force to prevent the spread of the wound.

    Then, a doctor soon approached, began to heal.

    "There was a disciple of qi."

    "One of the five big powers in Daqing is at least, so fast they were eliminated?"

    "There is strange."

    People who There were many discussions.

    At this time, after treatment, two people returned to consciousness, slowly waking up.

    "Xiao and adults......"

    See Xiao war, two nose acid, tears.

    "The two of you worry, it's okay, for you, how is this going?" Xiao Zhanning channel.

    Two people to see one eye, one bite, eyes with resentment, said: "big Wei Cao Heng."

    "Yes, we just send in two, they actually found each other together, ready to join the action, encountered a big Wei Cao Heng, who first took the animal without demur, a head of the blood crystal before we hunt, then on the two of us under the pain killer, for the first time the disciples crush jade I'm afraid, has died in the land of experience."

    "Is he." Xiao Zhan was a heavy, eyes piercing cold injection.

    "Ha ha ha, well done, three Prince is indeed the three prince, it is decisive, but ah, start light, not to kill the two waste."

    Suddenly, a mocking sound, big Wei side, Gu Qing sneer.

    "What do you say?" Xiao war turned to glare.

    "What, am I wrong? Life experience, this is the survival of the fittest, the strength of the weak, be eliminated, only themselves to blame the strength, can not blame others." Gu Qing sneer.

    "Yes, if I were eliminated and Wei's disciple, I will not comfort, but to severe punishment, unlike some countries, the disciples were eliminated, but also crying, think oneself three years old?" Yuchi also sneer.

    "Ha ha, ha ha ha!"

    Big Wei's disciples, all laughed.


    Xiao and teeth, but have nothing to say.

    The survival experience, this time, as the strength of competition, if you shout, but in front of the other kingdoms, the more lost inside.

    "We go back."

    Let a person carrying Joe Xiao Zheng and Xu Guang, they returned to their home to war.


    But next time, there are people in the matrix are eliminated.

    Among them, the big disciple accounted for almost half of.

    Each one, are covered with blood, sweat, and even a few, almost did not come.

    Just three hours, Qi country for thirty pupils, has been eliminated.

    One asked, almost all big Wei and ghost fairy disciples sent out, as long as meet, certainly is a fierce fight.

    Xiao Zhan's face was very gloomy.

    Just three hours, it was eliminated, there have been thirty people, until five days after the test ended, there will be a number of disciples in Daqing left?

    Let Xiao war is worried that the disciples had been eliminated so much, certainly there will be no time to crush by Yu Pai, Wei and Qi in the kill, the disciples, how much?

    Big Wei and Xian sent a ghost, is smiling, especially at Yuchi, occasionally twice, provoked war Xiao bristle, almost explosive.

    Xiao Xiao ah war battle, your past is not very arrogant, today I will weichi will let you know what I offended Wei in the end, high five this session, you can't Qi people can break into the top ten.

    Xiao Zhanyue anger, Yuchi into the hearts of the more fun.

    Other big Qi and Wei big fight so tragic, other forces of Wu, also care-laden.

    It seems that this session of the five large, not peace, and between the two powers, for their small forces, is not a good thing.

    Suddenly, many small forces all pray, hope between the two great powers struggle, they don't spread to these small ones.

    The extraterrestrial experience dignified atmosphere, did not affect the experience of the people in the mountains.

    The dense jungle, Qin leisurely walking dust.

    Here worldzhen Qi, is very rich, and can have local soul pool like this, the demon progenitor mountains, must have what hidden secret."

    Feel the aura between heaven and earth, Qin dust and staring into the distance, thoughtfully.

    He read the big Qi jangseogak, also know that countries should be located in the northwest, Wu day, most of the northwest, is very remote and barren.

    Past him, never heard here, but after the resurrection, but found here is unusual.

    Can breed soul pool mountains, will have a huge hidden secrets, and the mountains, and certainly perilous.

    What's more, Qin also heard mysterious dust, iron sword in their hands, a relic from St. fam, and that of St. fam, is located in this demon ancestral mountains.

    This mysterious iron is obviously the dark ages before items, until now the Qin dust are not clear. Also, let Qin dust on this monster ancestral mountain, increasingly curious.
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