#188  reviews the puppet

    The 188th chapter reviews the puppet

    "Just a total of three strategies impulse breathing, circulation array lines about two times, according to the transmission range of random transmission, I should be sent to more than 300 kilometers away."

    Qin dust heart calculation.

    Raised his head.

    The front is a long stretches of mountains, to see the end, a wild profusion of vegetation among the mountains, like the endless hidden dangers.

    "First look around."

    Ordinary people in such a strange environment, be cautious, wary.

    Qin is a face of dust can be dull, as if in this outing, primitive forests, strolling up.


    It did not take two steps, suddenly, a tread.


    The mysterious sword appeared in the hands of rust, dust off to the side of the Qin stab.


    The left front of the ground suddenly exploded, a head of the size of a man, like the pangolin regular blood beast, suddenly rushed out from the ground, "a mirage, bite to Qin dust, rust dust can be mysterious Qin Jian, already cross in front of it.


    The general Dutch act as pangolin, passing from the mysterious rusty sword, cruel eyes, haven't even come and have a look of terror, the head of sky, a blood flow.

    "Oh, iron back mid level pangolin good luck."

    A thumb sized blood crystal dug, Qin dust smiled in the bag.

    If there are other people to see this scene, must be startled at, but many cities back iron pangolin mid blood beast, a terrible.

    It attacks while in general, but the defense, but the late peak serum level comparable to the beast, plus it can drill, attack is very tricky and mysterious, the general level of the late peak Wu met, have headaches, may fall.

    In front of the Qin dust was a blow, kill, staggering.

    Kick back iron body chuaikai pangolin, Qin Chengang ready to leave.



    The more than 10 meters in front, suddenly flashed a Zhenfa fluctuation, followed by a group of white light, a warrior in the dust before the Qin dynasty.

    Even before the Luo Jingshan camp big Qi provocation.

    The man first appeared, some in a daze, then looked around warily, the next moment, lit up the face of ecstasy.

    "Hey, did not think of this genius so good luck, just come in, they encountered a large family of genius, but also into the blood pool of genius, ha ha ha, old day is to me not thin ah."

    Luo Jingshan excited trembling.

    According to Cao constant prince said, as long as the kill a large pool of blood Qi into the spirit of genius, you can get a handle three order treasure soldiers.

    But, in his practice, Qin, four Prince they dare not offend, can deal with, it was only the two Qin dust and Li Qingfeng guy.

    But he just came in, met Qin dust, this is simply God deliberately to smash their pies.

    Such a good thing if it missed, sorry for myself.


    For fear of Qin dust escape, Jingshan Hill Luo smiled wryly, head up.


    He was burning Qi, a strong flame, burning on him.

    "Power - melting arthritis Wanrong fire!"

    The red flame, like a hurricane, dust swept toward the qin.

    The flames, burning everything, through air, taste anxious came, than in the camp, for more promotion.

    Look at the silly Leng in situ Qin dust, Luo Jingshan cheeky ecstasy, this kid, even do not escape, now even if he wanted to crush jade, it was too late.

    Your thoughts also fall, see below the Qin dust, suddenly looked up, he grinned.

    Luo Jingshan one leng.

    This idiot boy, his death, even the silly smile, Qi country unexpectedly let such an idiot, enter the blood pool?

    The next moment, towering flames engulfed the Qin dust.

    "Call, order three Bao Bing,!"

    Fell on the ground, Luo Jingshan Hill grinned, suddenly smile suddenly dull to live.

    Fire dispersed, see Qin dust, unscathed, even the hair is no less a fall.

    Luo Jingshan startled eyes popped down.

    How is it possible, melting arthritis power, his infinite power, even the late peak of the military level, can also burn this kid, just from the blood pool out of a few days, for certainly not consolidate, how can......

    Heart in a surprised, Luo hands up to Jingshan Hill, shot again.

    "Before you are attacking, always it's my turn?"

    He grinned, Qin Mou suddenly flashed a piercing cold dust.


    The next moment, the sword light flashed, Jingshan Hill Luo eyes round, mouth open, eyes endless fear, then a good head, the moment the sky, the blood sprayed out two yards.

    Until death, Luo Jingshan Hill did not see how he is dead.

    "I want to kill, we should do a good job in preparation for death."

    To have ready to kill their own people, Qin dust can show you no mercy.

    Will Luo Jingshan on everything again, Qin dust bielebiezui Dingdang, this guy is poor.

    Turn left, Qin body disappeared in the jungle of dust.

    At this time, in another place in the mountains.

    "Cao Heng, the blood crystal we have for you, you can't That's going too far." Two big Qi disciple, carrying Zhandao, said malicious fierce look.

    "That's going too far.?" Cao hang grimly: "I said, you Qi people all die."


    Two light shot burst from Cao Heng hands, swept to the two person.

    "Cao Heng, the four Prince we will not let you go."

    Li roar, the two big Qi Wu, and crush jade.


    The flash array, two people disappeared in the mountains, but the void, but one arm drop, spitting out blood.

    "These two guys run really fast!"

    Smiled wryly, Cao Heng looked at the ground arm, body form in a flash, quietly disappeared in the mountains.

    At the same time, in the other corner of the mountain.

    Such a scene in the same place.

    Just need to have big and big Qi Wei disciples met, will have to fight birth.

    In addition to Wei, the ghost fairy sent the disciples, also hunted the genius.

    Of them, five days enough they completed the initial task, the key is to hunt, big disciple of qi.

    A dense jungle.

    Qinfeng look around, looked indifferent.

    "Qin Qin dust dust ah, do you think this into the dense jungle, I can not find you?"

    With a sneer, Qin took out a full-bodied black puppet, from the body of the puppet, like a mouse, a pair of eyes red, exudes light evil purpose.

    "Go to it."

    The puppet rats thrown out, it's eyes turned two, goes out and out of the mountains, swept forward to.

    "Qin dust, the demon progenitor mountains, is your death."

    Smiled wryly, Qinfeng stature appeared, followed by the puppet rats, rapidly disappeared in the mountains.
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