#170  will comprehend the knife

    The 170th chapter will comprehend the knife

    "That...... Saved?"

    Wang Qiming was ill, could not help but ask.

    "There is...... But......"

    "Please save me less dust."

    At the!

    On my knees, Wang Qiming was firmly.

    "This is you......"

    Qin dust froze.

    Wang Qiming did not expect such a big man, was kneeling on his knees.

    "I don't want to be a wreck, I want to become strong, become a real top swordsman."

    Wang Qiming looked like a head firmly, eyes Ao goshawk, to soar nine days.

    The determination, let Qin dust are some shock.

    "You up, I say out now that will naturally not be ignored."

    "Thanks a lot less dust." Stand up, Wang Qiming a look of excitement.

    Put out a box of golden dust from the body, Qin way: "you stay low."

    Voice down.

    Shua shua!

    The number of empty Daopo ring, a few golden dust from the Qin hands lasing out, ranging from Wang Qiming react, a few root needle has been inserted into his arm, tingling feeling, suddenly came.

    Wang Qiming was surprised, the pupil shrinks suddenly.

    Too fast, these needle prick Qin dust, almost in an instant, he even failed to react quickly to, has pierced his body, but this is Lily, if it is your weapon, but simply hide.


    Put a wooden box, Qin dust had an opening.

    "Good...... Good......"

    Wang Qiming dumbfounded, that how long good? But he who did not feel what.

    Just want to speak, Lily was suddenly stabbed, Suanma, suddenly came a cool, this cool moment swept over him, so that he could not resist a groan.

    Suddenly, the whole arm, that kind of feeling reborn.

    As if in a new life.


    Pull the sword, a knife cut out.

    Speed faster than before, at least twenty percent.

    But the finger, without any tingling pain.

    Too unbelievable.

    Big eyes, straight Leng Leng looked at his hands, Wang Qiming face incredible.

    The obsession for the injury, even speak good?

    "Your body's injury, but did not heal, I just put on your body occlusion of damaged blood vessels, all open, let it flow to each meridian can fine branches, normally, you also need to take a few days to heal medicine nursed back to health."

    "But after two days, is to enter the blood pool of the day, the blood pool, since it can improve body strength, change the military talent, then naturally you will be left to cure injury."

    Wang Qiming extremely excited, arch hands: "thank you for less dust, after less dust if there is what I commanded, despite opening, if Wang Qiming has the slightest hesitation, thunderstruck, budehaosi."

    Shook his head, Qin dust channel: "I just don't want to see a blade of genius, misguided, you play through your knife, let me see."


    No hesitation.

    Wang Qiming instant cast saw blade, the knife light linger, a lonely, indifferent mood, arise spontaneously.

    The arm recovery after Wang Qiming refreshed, cold knife sharp, powerful than before to fight Zongqiang when strong, at least half.

    "Less dust, please enlighten."

    To despise Qin dust, Wang Qiming finished a knife, just said.

    "You have learned this Gufeng knife, indeed to the extreme, but unfortunately, the vast peak is back to shore, dense willow trees and bright flowers in life again. You have the feeling of the vast hollow blade peak, but no regeneration."

    The meaning of "regeneration?"

    Qin dust laughed softly, fold the side of a branch, suddenly turned into a road and aperture, the aperture layer, into Gufeng, but forceful towering, full of vitality.

    "Because of your environment, in your heart, only lonely, but in this world, full of vitality, no way, is the real life, as long as the heart of hope, we will be able to see the light, this is my peak knife, you see, understand much, see your good luck."

    His move vast peak knife, a lone duck mountain suddenly standing proudly, darkness as prehistoric monster, slowly awakening, the majestic momentum, such as peak day outside.

    Qin dust eyes sharp, an indescribable momentum swept, as if the whole world is in a depressed environment, suddenly, a dawn feeling rises, the loneliness, is called the light of hope.

    Wang Qiming looked at the unbelievable sluggish moment, Qin dust filled the knife, inexplicable wet eyes.

    "Gufeng knife, this is the real lonely knife, there is no any road will be true......"

    Wang Qiming muttered, suddenly want to cry, tears flowing down from the corner of the eye is unable to restrain the emotions.


    He was born a commoner, as suffering from snacks, but by virtue of their own efforts, has not joined the top star of the big family?

    In college, he was ridiculed, despised, can step by step, others suffered, in practice, in practice, people in the play, I was in practice, even people in sleep, their future in practice.

    Finally, become the star at the end of the much anticipated fourth college exams.

    All this is not that, in this world, there is no real despair, all, all you have to break the impasse of the heart.

    As long as you work hard, eat the bitter, even if it is a dead end, but also can get out of a way out.


    At this moment, Wang Qiming's heart seemed to have what chains are broken, a clear sense of clarity, swept over him.


    He once again out a sharp knife power, from him up, he put the sword in front of the number, click, tree, Qi Qi is cut off, the split, rumble collapsed.

    This is the meaning of the knife?

    Hold the sword, Wang Qiming is a quiet mind, like a reborn.

    "You know."

    Qin dust smile, looked like the reborn Wang Qiming, smiling face.

    This is indeed the knife Wang Qiming crazy, could so quickly to understand the true meaning of meaning although the knife, just the initial knife, but henceforth, his future will be different.

    "Thank you for pointing less dust."

    Wang Qiming knows his excitement, oneself can have such a breakthrough today, all because of the reason of Qin dust.

    At this moment, he realized that the gap between himself and the Qin dust, how much.

    "With the Qin family, less dust and Qin, the gap is too far away, in a day, one on the ground, I heard that Qin always wanted to start as long as there is less dust, I will never be in Wang Qiming, he made any hurt less dust things."

    Secretly determined, Wang Qiming silently teeth.

    Qin dust naturally do not know Wang Qiming mind, he just doesn't want to see a talented swordsman, this fall.

    If Wang Qiming was born in Wu region, there will be a natural master pointing, but no teacher in the remote northwest, want to grow up, it is not easy.
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