#169 .

    The 169th chapter.

    "If you have what thing can leave."

    Wang Qiming waved off directly.

    Just to Qin dust senses, down to the freezing point.

    But the star is made of champions, although he had lost, but also ranked fourth, the gap between each other, is not big.

    After these days of penance, his work has made great, really want to fight, do not know who wins.

    But here with a look too profound to be understood also pointing their practice.

    Who does he think he is?

    "You may not believe me, I just don't want to see a natural swordsman, as a result of practice, go astray, even as the meridians broken, become a wreck." Qin road dust.

    "What are you talking about, if not to say clearly, don't blame me!"

    Wang Qiming refers to Qin dust, cold eyes.

    My advice is just, you ignore it, but now he has cursed himself too much.

    Wang Qiming with a knife at dust, Qin complexion is constant, looking at each other hands, light way: "when you practice recently, is not the hands of Shaoyang, Shaoshang point, often Suanma, especially in a recent period of time, when the night, began to dull, like right now?"

    A lag, round eyes, Wang Qiming cheeky horror of color.

    "You...... How do you know?"

    Shaking hands, incredible.

    "Shaoshang, Shaoyang is located in the finger, you must think your heart is too Badao operation, finger fatigue, can lead to pain, so often pain, you will take pain Dan pain, but the pain Dan, useful beginning, behind will lose its effect, so you every day in the fingers parts coated with bone oil, but still have little effect, but the shortcomings, not only pain, and even began to numb."


    Wang Qiming was looking at Qin dust, a look of horror, as if hell is general.

    As dust Qin said, he recently, really began aching fingers.

    For a start, he took the pain Dan is useful, but then, pain Dan also lost, he painted some topical bone oil, although the pain eased, but began to numb.

    This thing, he never said to anyone, unexpectedly be Qin gave away the dust.

    "How did you know?" Wang Qiming is incredible.

    "How do I know is not important, I only know that if you don't pay attention to it, let alone understand the knife, after your hands, it is a waste, cannot hold your dream swords."

    "Alarmist." Wang Qiming cold drink, angrily, "what are you doing?"

    "Do not believe? Don't believe me, you can press your arms after vertebral, courtyard two points, you know what I said is not true."

    Wang Qiming frowned, but a press or unable to restrain the emotions.

    The "s!"

    Gasped, his forehead instantly break out in a cold sweat, Wang Qiming spasms, pale, almost fell to the ground.

    "How can......"

    The pain was so severe that he, the iron man, some can not bear, as if the arms are not their own general.

    "After, in the courtyard, Shaoyang triple burner, that is to say, your problem, has now spread to the Shaoyang triple burner, do not treat the risk well, I'm afraid, since you don't believe me, do not say."

    Shook his head and turned away.

    "You...... Wait a minute......"

    Wang Qiming couldn't resist opening.

    Body trembling, eyes inexplicable.

    Say it is too true, every word Qin dust will, his body symptoms said clearly, at the beginning, he was skeptical, but at the moment, but have no doubt.

    "Do you believe?" Stop, Qin turned to dust.

    "Please advise how less dust, my body?"

    I don't really like the wonderful pain, the dust Qin said, is because of physical problems, if so, that the pursuit of their own......

    "You should be practicing knife Gufeng, Gufeng knife, pay attention to such as Gufeng stands, persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, in fact, this knife, itself is very good, but for you, but some are not suitable for."

    "This is why?"

    Wang Qiming could not help, do their own problems, the reason is this knife, knife himself Gufeng for many years, has not what problem, how suddenly have a problem?

    See, you work very hard, every day at least ten hour practice with the knife, and, in order to enhance their combat capability, you often go out, fighting with animal blood, scarred, I could be wrong?" Qin road dust.

    Wang Qiming nodded, he had said these things, when the end of the exam, Qin dust know, is not surprising.

    "This practice, itself does not have what problem, but you're just a commoner, there would be a problem."

    "Why civilians have a problem?"

    Wang Qiming doesn't understand, practice hard, and their identity and what is the relationship?

    "Because you are civilians, so there is not enough to take medicine every time, injured, ranging from completely healing, has once again injury, which also led to many, there, Anji in your body is very small, these Anji, what impact is generally not, but it can give Months and years pass by. accumulation, bring your body heavy load."

    "And you are practicing Gufeng Butte knife, knife, pay attention to every time persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, the knife, must try, try to make it a knife, for your meridians impact will cause damage to the muscle."

    "The key, or do you understand the meaning of knife shape recently."

    Wang Qiming was stupefied, and this knife Italy prototype what?

    "The knife, is actually a kind of understanding of swordsman, sword is not absolute, so the world will have a knife meaning is different, it is because everyone on the understanding of the nature of different blade, understanding different knife out of the grasp of different meaning."

    "Your knife is a kind of prototype meaning, after being Qinfeng injury, that is because you have a heart of anger, a kick, which makes you realize the prototype meaning knife."

    "But, this knife Italy prototype, which contains your anger, and anger, it will exacerbate your body injury."

    "And you try to from the anger that the knife Italy prototype, to find out the true meaning of the knife, but also go off track."

    Qin dust finish, silent, quietly watching Wang Qiming.

    Wang Qiming's heart, but is shocked, like wild waves pentium.

    As dust Qin said, he has previously perceived meaning knife shape, is in the palace by Qin shock injury, momentum of oppression, the mood of anger, suddenly understood.

    These things, even the spirit of Wu Xiao war adults can not see, even by Qin dust at a glance, the man, how many secrets?
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