#168  smatters one or two

    The 168th chapter smatters one or two

    After this war, the presence of the great genius of Qin Qi dust et al, without the slightest contempt, and Xiao war, also make their hearts heavy.

    "Some of you stay here, the day is the blood pool opened after three days, you take care about, I'll send someone to inform you in time."

    In the next war accompanied Xiao Qin, they were taken to the dust inside the barracks where.

    These barracks, are to build a small tent.

    "Considering each of you to practice, in order to let you do not affect each other, so I give you for the two person tent, if you want to live with someone you can apply, otherwise, we randomly arranged."

    This valley area is very tense, there are too many forces stationed, so each place are very nervous.

    Like ordinary soldiers, ten people are a large tent, and taught the genius is a four, Qin dust them, two people, has been paid.

    Among them, the four Prince is a single.

    As the big four Royal Highness, Xiao war then how, won't let him and the other warriors living together.

    The rest of the......

    Ling Alexandra and purple smoked princess, was arranged in together.

    Li Qingfeng and Zhang Yi in a tent.

    Qin dust and Wang Qiming.

    As for Qinfeng, ultimately you can monopolize a tent.

    Arrange all this, and they immediately left the xiao.

    On consecutive days, let everyone, are quite tired.

    I take a break for a while, at the time, I will go to practice, not to disturb you."

    Wang Qiming and Qin dust together in one room, no expression, light said, lying in the tents, clothes and sleep.

    Even when sleeping, he is also holding swords, like a knife, is already a part of his body.

    His whole person, like a head guard cheetah, as long as there is any wind sways grass can instantly jump, shot, attack.

    "It's a crazy knife."

    Qin dust eyes flash.

    For so many days, he had a good impression of Wang Qiming.

    From a civilian, in one fell swoop to grow into several genius Star Academy, the achievements in the future, must be the same in general.

    Sit cross legged, Qin dust started Jiuxing God jue.

    These days in the claw Qing Ying Qin dust body, there is no time to waste, and constantly practice.

    At this time, he has reached a level in vivo early peak, only one step, can enter the middle level.

    If you like, you can always be my Qin dust for breakthrough.

    But he didn't do it.

    But over and over again running nine God Jue, will in vivo, compression to the extreme, continuously into the twelve meridians, filling his gas tank.

    A new world, Qin dust think, has not only become the nine day of the emperor, but want to achieve a hitherto unknown height.

    At this time, Qin tents.

    "I think this blood pool, there are so many troops, seems to want to kill Qin dust, is a big trouble."

    Qinfeng a slight frown.

    He knew the blood demon spirit pool is located in progenitor mountains, had the intention to enter the blood, in the spirit of the pool, the Qin dust kills, do a ghost.

    Who knows, they have lived, was a barracks.

    Here, there are soldiers walking around, and it is two people in a dormitory, which also makes him want to kill the Qin dust, more difficult.

    But these are not what, in their own strength, to kill a person, is not no way.

    The key is to protect their talent safety, Ling Wu Xiao Zhan lived in the neighborhood.

    In the spirit of King Wu Xiao Xuan war four order level peak by yourself no matter what you do, are very likely to be found.

    "It seems that want to kill the Qin dust, can only wait until the back."

    Eyes flash, Qinfeng shook his head.

    It is a pressing matter of the moment, adjust the state, three days later, the blood pool power exceeded three days order level.

    Then, what he will do, no worries.

    "In order to blood Ling Chi this time of baptism, I pressed my practice, has been a long time, I hope this legendary blood pool, don't let me down."

    Spit in the aggregate, Qin camp, eyes closed.

    The night fell quickly.

    When Qin dust opened his eyes, there was silence, Wang Qiming was not in the room.

    The rest of the day, Qin dust refreshed mood.

    "In the middle of the dining room, you can at any time in the past."

    See Qin dust from the tent out of a patrol of soldiers remind said.

    This genius, daily penance, day and night, so camp meals are available twenty-four hours a day.

    Qin dust nodded, stepped forward.

    In the night, the moon hanging in the sky.

    The distant mountains, dangerous gully, mountain heavy, occasional blood beast growl came not to live.

    Suddenly, Qin dust heard the distant mountains, spreading waves roaring sound.

    "Well, there are people in practice with the knife, and the knife sound......"

    Qin dust one Leng, mother came to the white mountains.

    I saw the moonlight, a teenager, is waving swords, his body stand as a javelin, sword grip in the body side, a sword and a.

    His moves, is very simple, only the sword and sword.

    Every time a knife, the blade and the air has a sharp edge Ming ming.

    It is Wang Qiming.

    The sword and knife, very boring, any one person, just need to practice thousands of times, will endure.

    It was tough, Wang Qiming, a knife, without the slightest impatience, every time a knife will jingqishen condensation to the extreme.

    "You practice, even if it is a practice for one year, may not be able to comprehend the meaning of knife." Qin dust suddenly shook his head.


    Boy woke up, suddenly turned.

    His eyes like a sword, cold shot, body form in a flash, came to the Qin dust in front of the body and through this terror, as from the sword, to cut down all the time.

    "You...... Qin dust?"

    See Qin dust, Wang Qiming frowned, "what are you doing here? Also, you will understand the knife?"

    Wang Qiming is very clear, Qin dust is the strongest in his sword and fist, is also on the knife?

    A warrior, can do to the extreme in one direction, enough of it, how could in other ways, also has such a horrible accomplishments?

    "Understand one or two."

    Faint dust Qin said: "now you understand the meaning of the knife, now only floating surface, before defeating the cases that one should only be strong, meaning the real distance knife knife shape, Italy, far worse, if I'm not mistaken, you just should be kept to capture this stock knife Italy prototype try to know the knife, unfortunately, like this, you understand the meaning of the knife, will go astray."

    "Talk nonsense."

    Wang Qiming looked unhappy.

    He was quite in favor of Qin dust, dust, now hear Qin, suddenly dissatisfied.

    He is a sword, know what is the knife?

    It is really ridiculous!
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