#166  will form a knife

    The 166th chapter will form a knife

    "The knife, knife."

    When someone shocked out loud, staring at Wang Qiming.

    "This should comprehend the meaning of knife."

    "He looks only sixteen to seven?"

    "This is not possible!"

    They were all shocked and terrified.

    The knife, blade is perceived to an extreme, terrible mood will have.

    Once you have a knife, the knife on behalf of understanding, have reached a common people can not reach the point where.

    Generally speaking, even from a strong level, it may not be able to comprehend the meaning of knife.


    A star just from the school, only sixteen to seven years old, he learned Italian knife.

    Such a ratio.

    These people, it is an age of all live dogs.

    "This...... It should only be considered a prototype knife, knife distance, there are still some distance, but is not far away."

    Next, Qin dust eyes bright.

    Wang Qiming had the knife mood, is not the real meaning knife shape, knife, even so, a sixteen seven year old boy, actually be able to comprehend the meaning knife prototype, has also been very terrible.

    Not far away, Qin accidentally glanced at Wang Qiming.

    This guy did not expect, in these days actually comprehend the meaning form of knife.

    But as long as it is not the real knife, not what good care.


    The center of the field, Wang Qiming put the sword into the sheath, cold stood expressionless.

    "You have to continue to challenge the who?" Xiao asked war light.

    In perfect silence。

    All the time no one to each other at a loss about what to do.


    When Xiao warfare open again, wearing a light grey robe young Wu teeth came out.

    His hair bristling Mouguang, malicious fierce, face also has a scar, very fierce.

    "Jiang Zhong!"

    "Jiang Zhongxiu has reached a level of middle distance level peak, later, only one step away."

    "It looks like he is not willing to give up."

    "In his practice, you can win a place."

    The crowd seems to have shaken.

    Jiang Zhong's strength is worse than the case of strong, they are a group of people, the strongest.

    "Do you want to challenge?" Her eyes narrowed and.

    "He challenges."

    The young man named Jiang Zhong, Qin eyes swept dust several people, finally in sight on Qin dust stop, pointing to.


    Qin dust stunned, touched the nose, some people actually challenge yourself.

    "This is the grandson of the Qin king should dust?"

    "Jiang Zhong dare to challenge him?"

    "Hear this person is this session of the star at the end of the exam, the champion, strength is certainly not before Wang Qiming weak!"

    "The key is my king Qi army in the army of God, Jiang Zhong also want to get the army, meritorious service?"

    These people, although in the mountains but the demon progenitor training, but not on the source message block, Qin they are quite familiar with the dust.

    See Jiang Qin clock to challenge the dust, all quite stunned.

    "Yes, I heard the Qin Qin Jia dust has been expelled, and has no relationship between the Qin family what."

    "And I heard that two person lay waste to the Qin house at the end of the exam Qin Fen, Qin Qin provoked wrath, from the border back, about his life and death battle, but he did not dare to fight, and now the two sides have been falling."

    "It is possible, you pay attention to not, they arrive at the barracks from now, and the same as the Qin Qin Qin dust children, didn't go together, even haven't said a word, even a look is not exchange, hearsay is likely to be true."

    "If this is true, this challenge is not Qin dust, what consequences."

    There are well-informed people to communicate with each other, one suddenly, secretly admire.

    Jiang Zhong is too clever, should think of the challenges of Qin dust.

    In addition to Qin and Qin from the dust has a relationship, he is also the most young, for is the weakest.

    What's more, the star of the end of exams, is almost a month ago, from the transfer to the news, before Wang Qiming also did not hear understand meaning is clearly comprehend the knife shape, at the end of the year after the exam.

    As a result, the so-called end of exams is not the answer ranking.

    After all.

    It is a thing of the past.

    "It will come."

    Touched the nose, Qin dust go to the center of the open space.

    "You be careful."

    Groaned, Jiang Zhong was suddenly rising fury qi.


    As there is a spirit of smoke from him straight up, down the true force, vibration crowd.

    "Quite Wang BA boxing!"

    Explodes to drink a, Jiang Zhong was really surging, like a tank, rumbling rush.

    His fingers clenched, punched out like thunder like roar resounded through the bombing, a deafening thunder sounded in the woods.

    Everyone can feel the blow, which contains power, enough to a tree to detonation.

    "It is quite low level Xuan Wang BA."

    Boxing is like thunder, this is quite Wang Ba boxing reached fourth weight only."

    "What time clock Jiang Ba boxing actually broke the barbarian king."

    They were all shocked, an uproar.

    Four pretty king of boxing, enough to level the late strong detonation into severely wounded, no wonder so confident before Jiang zhong.

    But the outcry when the four Prince et al., but was strange looking at Jiang Zhong, a face of mercy.

    This guy, actually and Qin dust boxing fight?

    Some people see the eye is unable to restrain the emotions and claw Qingying with its claws with a few days, Zhang Yi had some white face.

    Even Zhang Yi was instantly defeated in a fist of Qin dust under the clock Zaiqiang, Jiang and Zhang Yi, too strong?

    Sure enough.

    If they expected that a clock arrived in Chiang fist moment, Qin dust moved suddenly.

    How he did not ready, so dull, punched out.


    Iron fist collision in the sky, such as thunder exploding.

    Then he heard a scream.

    Jiang Zhong, how come, how to fly out, lying on the ground, face the pain.

    How is that possible?

    See this scene, the presence of many young warriors, all terrified, one eye off the floor.

    What's wrong with you??

    A knife before Wang Qiming, really, a knife beat Zong Qiang, enough of it.

    A Qin dust, the same blow will actually fly out clock Jiang bang.

    Smooth and clean, not sloppy.

    Is this a star, candidates are evildoer?

    Advance to many young geniuses demon a progenitor of the mountains, going crazy, heart suffered great frustration.

    The young, they than Qin dust they five or six years older, and strength, but the poor so much, God is not long eyes?

    One tears, almost cried.

    "All of you who want to challenge?" Xiao asked war.
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