#151  talented

    The 151st chapter talented

    Zhao Lingshan hated teeth itch, but do not know what to say.

    The front of the father, but clearly said, to take a good relationship, Zhao Lingshan is very clear, in order to lay a good father and Qin dust, how many things to do, how much to pay the price.

    What's more, master master Liang Yu of Qin dust, also very care about, so she must meet.


    Thought of here, Zhao Lingshan would not say what.

    "Doing what, sit!"

    Qin dust comfortable stretch, see Zhao Lingshan stood still in the carriage, even a shot soft bed, said.


    Zhao Lingshan turned red with anger, you are so lying here, also let me sit, if seen by outsiders, but also do not know what happened, you do not consider the girl's reputation?

    "You...... Don't worry about is what I do?"

    See Zhao Lingshan's appearance, Qin dust also responded to come over, Speechless said: "you rest assured that I am not interested in you!"


    Make a fist, Zhao Lingshan teeth friction, was going to explode.

    She's one of the four beauties in a large, actually not interested in her, for a girl, which is even higher than the strength to doubt her anger.

    "I'm afraid you can't!"

    Sitting on the couch, Zhao Lingshan sneer at in the heart.

    Wait a moment, think what would be Qin dust, for a long time, a little movement are not.

    "How to speak?"

    Turned and saw Qin dust lying on the bed, had whirring asleep.

    These days, Qin dust has been for a penance, although Wu for several days without rest will not have what, but with the strength, will not feel tired, will only become more spiritual.

    But so much of the world, had not slept a good sleep Qin dust, suddenly lying on such a soft bed, sleeping up immediately.

    Zhao Lingshan is stunned, and then Speechless.

    Who knows where his dust unexpectedly make blind and disorderly conjectures, Qin did not put on the heart, directly fell asleep, this......

    Looking at the sleeping in the dust of Qin, Qin Zhao Lingshan gaze dust face, heart suddenly a kind of inexplicable feelings.

    Is this boy, in just a month's time, the king stirred up a great storm, but did not realize that he is just a boy.

    From a known as waste youth, in one fell swoop to grow into the star school exams first, is in the capital bear so much in such a tattle and prate, thin body, it contains how terrorist forces.

    Zhao Lingshan's gentle, a red swept her face, very beautiful.

    There is a strong and Wu Tao leading the way, the carriage road can run in both directions unblockedly soon came to the palace,.

    The palace courtyard, three boys and girls have gathered here.

    In addition, there are a group of powerful praetorian guard around.

    "Four prince, not many days, your Highness for the increasingly deep, now once again in the war, I'm afraid not under your Highness the enemy moves, really makes us ashamed ah."

    The hall, a man wearing a robe luxurious Wu deep face, youth, is wearing a robe embroidered with gold and silver, gold Python chest cairica handsome youth smile.

    "A small Hou Ye you are too modest, not many days, you for a break through to the level of late, this time the blood pool for breakthrough day, point the day and await for it."

    Wearing jinmang throw cairica handsome youth with a faint smile.

    "Your Highness call me small Hou ye, it was in the heart under fear ah, after the name of Zhang Yi can refer to his highness, and Zhang Yi, although the breakthrough level period, but compared with his highness, or too far, such as the firefly and the moon, ashamed, ashamed ah."

    This young man named Zhang Yi, very modest, not said.

    This person is in the south when the son of Zhang Shaojun, one of the eight genius into this blood pool.

    South Zhang Shaojun, the illustrious, is one of the few Hou Ye Qi's most prestigious, it is a remarkable feat.

    But these years, when being squeezed in the South Dynasty, the status is not stable, so that Zhang Yi also need to lay a good relationship in the father.


    When a cold hum came, a shapely woman looks beautiful, hissing looked at Zhang Yi, mouth revealing a faint disdain: "Mahone, this man who ah, too flattering it, actually put yourself and your firefly and compared to Jiaoyue, he is one of my big family this a five big players, if so, would not say I picked out the genius, are a group of Oregon as well? If this is the case, I am afraid to say that my father and I, this player should not change a qi."

    "Purple and the princess......"

    Zhang Yi sweating forehead, very embarrassed.

    The six sister, are you talking about." The four prince in the Speechless shook his head: "a small Hou Ye is only modest."

    "Modesty?" Purple with a faint smile, but not in disdain, but he did not hide.

    The princess looked purple smoke corner, suddenly said: "the two of you is this session of the star of genius?"

    "I smoked in front of Purple Princess, and he called a genius!"

    Li Qingfeng hurriedly stood up and respectful way.

    He is arrogant, in front of Wei et al really overbearing, but in front of the Purple Princess he smoked, I should have the slightest disrespect.

    Purple Princess is smoked, Qi Zhao Jing majesty most love the princess, and a huge talent, only nineteen years old, is already late at the master level, are said to be roughly the same for the prince, and four, is the most famous for the heroine.

    One of the Purple Princess also smoked Qi country four big beauty, and in the four beauties, ranking first.

    One side, Wang Qiming also quickly stood up.

    He is a civilian, although the heart unruly, but for the first time in the palace was a little nervous and uneasy.

    These are the big prince, princess, in the past, as long as a word, they can make these civilians, the destruction.

    "You are Wuan Hou home?"

    "Yes, back to the Zixun princess, in Wuan is the son of Li Qingfeng hou."

    Li Qingfeng a happy heart, did not think the Purple Princess actually heard you smoked.

    "It is a flatterer, no wonder the exam this time at the end of the year, I heard you got second."

    Purple smoke Princess shook his head, Li Qingfeng was excited, instantly collapse, very embarrassed.

    "And you, a commoner, even if some of the talent, but also the only prefecture level early peak Wu, I Qi genius, a grasp of a lot for high than you, I really do not understand why my father wants to make you a few, in the blood spirit of Chi Xili."

    "Six sister." The four Prince frowned: "don't say it, it is your father's decision, I can jump on the."

    "Four prince, Princess violet smoked down in words, feel very reasonable, like these wastes, weekdays in an extraordinary king also just, unexpectedly also gained access to the blood pool opportunity, if let other countries see the genius of northwest, I thought the days are rubbish the goods."

    At this moment, a loud sharp voice came.

    They turned, saw wearing a blue robe of the extraordinary momentum of the young Wu, walked into the courtyard.
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