#150  is riding in a car

    The 150th chapter is riding in a car

    "The spirit of Alexandra, just this kid said to know you, want to crash your carriage, we do not listen to discourage, unruly."

    A praetorian guard could not help but take credit, a face of disdain at Qin dust, the heart can already imagine Zhao Lingshan at the scene of Qin dust princess.

    "I know him!"

    Zhao Lingshan looked at the Qin dust, cheeky surprise.

    She thought I will fix for this period of time, the consolidation of the level of early peak, is a fast promotion.

    But did not expect, Qin dust on the breath, than when the exam at the end of the year, there were more horrible change.

    Although not see Qin dust in order to what extent, but Zhao Lingshan's keen sense of the strength of Qin dust, more terrible.

    "Ling shan...... County...... Princess, you really know him?"

    Several guards heard the words of Zhao Lingshan, suddenly face a change.

    Dare to say this directly in front of them, confirm the general spirit of Alexandra Qin and the dust, the relationship is good.

    However, rumors of Ling Alexandra has been rather cold, how could such a poor boy, so a benign countenance.

    "The spirit of Alexandra, hope that you are well, the left vertical guide thing, thanks to Prince Kang." Qin dust touched the nose.

    The original Qin Yong shadowstrike mansion, thanks to Prince Kang sent left Li, that they survived.

    So for Prince Kang, Qin dust heart was quite grateful.

    "Trifle, not worth mentioning, but I heard that you will guide the left vertical ills cured, and let the left vertical guide broke through the day, I am very curious, how did you do that? The left vertical guide body seriously, so many years has been imprisoned in the prefecture level peak period, many kings of elixir masters, it is hard to cure, but are you one this is cured......" Zhao Lingshan wonders open, curious.

    This time though she had not seen the Qin dust, but dust movement has been the concern of qin.

    What killed Qin Yong, Zhao Lingshan knows what Qin challenges, very clear.

    One of the most shocked her, or the left vertical guide Qin dust cure injury.

    The left vertical guide body injury, father all these years to try to cure, the purpose is to let the left vertical guide, completely over, but these years, never find what way.

    Who knows the left and didn't realize the number of days of Qin dust, immediately came to heal the wound left upright, broke through the day level news that Prince Kang, were shocked to see.

    After that day, Prince Kang again solemnly warned Zhao Lingshan, in the blood pool in the middle row, and Qin must dust lay a good relationship, the future, limitless.

    Zhao Lingshan's arrogant, although at the end of exams by Qin dust defeated, but deep down, in fact, is not convinced, always thinking after the Qin Qin beyond some day in the future to dust, dust.

    This is a thing which kings of what happened, but let Zhao Lingshan of Qin dust, more curious.

    "Oh, a little, don't worry."

    Qin dust embarrassed smile.

    Prince Kang was helping yourself, you still pry others corner, it is not too good.

    "Don't want to say it." Zhao Lingshan shook his head.

    Listen to Qin dust and Zhao Lingshan dialogue, the side of the soft, complexion change, sudden contraction of pupil.

    He was puzzled.

    Why only one west city guard deputy commander, repair was so high, worse than him, but so respectful to a teenager.

    He thought this, Qin Li left to dust with what magic potion, now listen to, isn't the.

    The left vertical guide, before suffering from years of practice Anji, never leave, even the prince Kang are at a loss what to do but was this boy, a cure, that of the young so respectfully.

    The "s!"

    Thought of here, giving him a strong twitch, gasped.

    No wonder before the city guard Vice Commander heard Qin dust return, so excited.

    Who can heal each other since Anji, let him later broke through to the peak level from day level early peak, it also has the ability to let him from the days of early stage peak, in one fell swoop into the day mid grade level.

    The middle class day!

    Strong heart beating up, hot and sweaty palms.

    If you can break from day to day mid grade level at the beginning of his guards, in the military position, will be completely different, after Wu Tao also dare to talk to her like that?

    For a time, in looking at Qin dust, just feel scalp, even mouth parched and tongue scorched, anxious to give yourself a few hard slap in the face.

    Strong ah strong, you are a pig head!

    There is such a master, you do not want to curry favor with the way, but also disgruntled, ready to let the other.

    Fortunately, the other strength profound, have never been Sunzhao to harm to yourself, otherwise......

    Strong light is to think, not by heart bursts of fear.

    Later, you can have long points in mind, otherwise even do not know how to die.

    In the hearts of violent ups and downs, before Qin dust is a look at the fiery carriage, shining eyes: "Zhao Lingshan, you are so big that the carriage, inside the space is very."

    Zhao Lingshan one leng.

    "It's okay." Zhao Lingshan hesitated.

    "Well, I get tired, so you can just sit carriage, we, uh, Prince Kang let me not pointing to you, is just a chance."

    Qin dust said, before Zhao Lingshan also promised, straight forward.

    "Qin dust, my carriage......"

    Zhao Lingshan face a red, hurried to talk, just wait for her to finish the Qin dust, has been on the wagon.


    Zhao Lingshan bit his lip, simply going nuts, they haven't agreed to that girl, you have such a son?

    "The spirit of Alexandra, want to evict him for you under."

    Wu Tao said ablaze with anger.

    His body infuriating cohesion, only Zhao Lingshan order, will be shot.

    This kid, don't piss look, even though he knew the spirit of Alexandra, a good relationship, but the ride is a carriage, casually can? Came to the spirit, Alexandra also beyond what people?

    Wu Tao had never heard of anyone, and Ling Alexandra ride a carriage.

    However, before he rushed to Zhao Lingshan shook her head and said: "well, Wu Tao over, or quickly go."

    Then, Zhao Lingshan was red, also entered the carriage.

    The carriage, Wu Tao felt terrified, a sudden collapse of world outlook.

    "Zhao Lingshan, you this is also too comfortable?"

    The carriage, Qin dust see in front of the scene, Speechless road up Zhao Lingshan.

    I saw in the eyes of Wang, is a white bed, covered with a layer of white fur, surrounded by pink curtains, it is no wonder that from the outside looks so big.

    Which is what is simply a horse carriage, bed.

    "Luxury, too extravagant."

    Qin dust shook his head, said, while it is sat on the top of the bed exudes elegant aroma, a slight moan.

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