#149  met Princess

    The 149th chapter met Princess

    A bunch of useless.

    If not to take care of the Qin dust present, strong to abuse.

    They want to trick the Qin dust, you this group of bastard but in the ball dropped.

    However, you also dare not speed up again.

    Then speed down, the group's estimate of their are left behind, at that time, idiot can see is not normal.

    "Well, come to the Imperial City, we walk slowly."

    Intentionally coughed and strong to slow down, let's have a rest, depressed heart was vomiting blood, a face are green.

    "Hey hey."

    Qin dust behind secretly laugh, he can't see how strong this play what abacus, although not understand why there is such a strong attitude, but want to leave him, ha ha, even if this strong level speed of the day broke out, he will not be rid of.

    Positive thinking, a magnificent, but appears to be luxurious, but some elegant carriage, suddenly from the side of the street exit.

    In the carriage around, accompanied by a team of the praetorian guard, body armor and Ganglie like them.

    "Kang's team."

    They should take the "Wu Tao Kang palace Princess Zhao Lingshan."

    "Unexpectedly met."

    Several strong men behind, could not help but speak.

    They saw Wu Tao, Wu Tao also saw them.

    Yo, this is not a strong side guide? You go to Xicheng District, how to get here so quickly? Oh, that's a good place to Xicheng District, and send you in the past, you know this is noble."

    Wu Tao is a middle-aged man cheekbones, some white complexion, see a strong, is mystifying said.

    "Well, you'd better yourself."

    Strong looking ugly.

    He and Wu Tao are the Praetorian Guard vice commander, but always do not deal with, and also some conflict.

    The blood pool players this time, they were the guards of each deputy head was responsible for the results, Wu Tao was sent to the palace to meet Zhao Lingshan Kang, the princess, and strong but was sent to the slums of Xicheng District, to pick up the dust of qin.

    Two a comparison, immediately from the high.

    Originally in the palace when the strong have been Wu Tao to ridicule for a long time, did not expect just wanted let Qin dust stop gaffes, speed up, and even met Wu Tao.

    "It 's bad luck."

    A strong heart, can not help but to Qin dust more dissatisfied, if not Qin dust, how they will be ridiculed as Wu Tao.

    "We go!"

    Low head, strong endure uncomfortable, to and from the side.

    "Strong, my side but Princess Zhao Lingshan, you dare to super, courage is too big?" Wu Tao looked at, could not help but laugh.


    At this moment, a strong looking ugly, is also not, no retreat.

    "Zhao Lingshan, you have this too cool? There was a carriage ride."

    At this moment, a sudden voice, see Qin dust out from the crowd, to Zhao Lingshan's carriage.

    The same is to enter the blood pool of players, their run with what Zhao Lingshan, the booing, actually have such a comfortable carriage ride, is really exasperating than people.

    No, I have to ride.

    "Stop, dare to disturb the spirit of bold fanatics, Alexandra you still haven't called me back."

    Qiang Qiang qiang!

    From Qin dust near, suddenly a sword unsheathing sounded, a praetorian guard, have drawn swords, pointing to the Qin dust.

    Qin dust stopped and frowned.

    "Qin dust, come back, this is the spirit of Wang Fu Kang Alexandra, you can not afford to offend."

    In seeing this, immediately be frightened and change color.

    If the collision of the spirit of Qin dust Alexandra, then trouble.

    Even if there is no collision, if they hurt him by Wu Tao, but also make no difference.

    "Rest assured, my spirit and Alexandra understanding, you are off."

    Qin dust to some of the Praetorian Guard him.

    "And the spirit of Alexandra?"

    This group of guards almost did not laugh out loud.

    They are ordinary guards, must stay in the palace, no chance to come out, so what happened to the kings of things, than ordinary people to understand less.

    Although know dust is this time the Qin star school exams at the end of the year champion, but his other identity, but don't know much.

    But from each other and live in Xicheng District, wearing clothes so simple, is not what the identity of the person.

    The so-called knowledge, but is also a school of Zhao Lingshan and princess, played.

    "Understanding, understanding great? You know Zhao Lingshan princess, but they may not know you, quickly back, otherwise we don't blame you, do not know where the wild boy, just dare to harass the princess."

    Several guards, mocking said, looking at a face of disdain Qin dust.

    Don't piss yourself see what virtue, find the spirit of Alexandra, also like you can contact the toad? Don't think you have some martial arts talent, there is great.

    This time is your grace, let this star college students have the opportunity to change the blood pool, as before, with newly graduated this strength, what qualifications to the blood pool.

    "What do you say?"

    All the cold bloom, Qin dust was a change.

    Called his wild boy, you.

    Yo, still don't, don't seem to give you some color to see see, really when I was somebody?"

    A few guards one Leng, immediately fly, carrying a knife to come forward.

    "Wu Tao, don't let your hands stop, let Wu Ling know you broke up the blood pool player." Strong face change, quickly step forward.

    "You, you in such a hurry to do what? You just get the boy down the road, so quickly, as others dogs?"

    Wu Tao as the Praetorian Guard vice commander, or know a lot of things.

    The dust is the Qin Qin Jia family, and was expelled from the house of the Qin Dynasty, and between Qin and grudges, also have some understanding.

    But what does this have to do with him?

    As long as it can let in embarrassment, this show is worth watching.

    As for the injury to the Qin dust? He has his own sense of propriety, once appear what accident, he will be the first time to act to stop.


    Strong red complexion, trembling with anger.


    On both sides of gunpowder is very strong, when will the outbreak of the conflict, a clear voice suddenly sounded.

    The carriage shutter open, a pair of legs, walked down from the cart.

    I saw a girl wearing a dress of silk thread, from the cart out of the waist hanging leisurely, a sword, looks beautiful, a beautiful, valiant and heroic in bearing feel Pumianerlai, let a person look bright.

    It is Zhao Lingshan.

    Half a month does not see, Zhao Lingshan's temperament is more than ever, for a more profound, visible this half month retreat, so she has a lot of change.
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