#141  of Xiao Ya's horror

    The 141st chapter of Xiao Ya's horror

    Since Qin dust has been suppressed by a breakthrough level, is to temper their own flesh and blood to fight in the pool broke through.

    Never thought of, because these days of continuous practice, has made his flesh reached an extreme.

    After taking twenty-seven gold plus three Dan medicine, strong efficacy, the twelve meridians Qin dust body, to achieve the ultimate in previous moment.

    Moreover, the twenty-seven grades of immortality, although both are training body immortality, but it also contains extremely horrible infuriating, these infuriating, enough to make a level from Wu to breakthrough, not to mention Qin dust so personal level peak Wu.

    All this together, making the Qin dust practice in immortal body weight when a breakthrough, reached a peak.

    At the moment of breakthrough, has been suppressed for the repair, also will break, no control, the whole process of natural, without any obstacles.

    "I just want to suppress the repair, when entering the blood pool, maximizing their physical strength, and now even the immortal body first have been made, it shows my body, in fact, have reached the limit of people in Wuhan, even into the blood pool, will not increase."

    Don't destroy the Eucharist, is a kind of body exercises the most terrible Qin Lian dust known.

    The past, Qin dust won many days of refining body exercises, including a nine, eight or nine Xuan power, nine turn, supreme gold diamond body not bad body, etc.......

    Any one of these, are the most refined top Wu domain body exercises.

    But this one, don't destroy the Eucharist, is recognized as one of the highest degree of difficulty.

    The immortal body is divided into nine, each cut a weight, need to consume a large amount of resources, to overcome the great pain, to be successful.

    Other exercises, though the difficulty is very high, but Wu domain there are still some people in practice to the eighth layer, Ninth layer even.

    But don't destroy the Eucharist, one of the most talented Wu in the domain of the past, it is only reached seventh.

    It is an accepted domain, Wu refining body first person in refining the body, no one can be the enemy.

    So this world in the choice of refining the body exercises, to resolutely chose not to destroy the eucharist.

    Now, for a breakthrough, Qin dust although unexpected, but soon calm down.

    "Since the flesh to limit and breakthrough is also logical, not what a pity, but the blood pool, heard that the body is strong, efficiency is higher, perhaps my breakthrough after entering the effect will be stronger."

    Seated on the practice room, Qin dust no longer immediately shut up practicing worry about personal gains and losses.

    Shout shout!

    A large number of worldzhen Qi into his body, into a more pure level of Qi, the Qi into his body, filling his body meridians.

    For after hours, Qin dust in vivo to reach a limit, stop the practice.

    "Try the power."

    Stand up, Qin suddenly split a dust forward.

    Bang bang!

    The palm edge wind burst volume, terror wind into a hurricane, crashing in splitting force cultivation room column, a shaking the whole force column boom, almost from the ground up.

    "What a terrible body strength, is worthy of eternal communion."

    Qin dust secretly shocked, with joy.

    Just casually blow, nearly fifty horsepower power, but he did not play any infuriating, relies on purely physical force.

    "The power of fifty horsepower, the general level of late strong peak can not have it, have a strong level of day will likely reach."

    Qin dust speechless, you even be surprised.

    This is not his best shot, once full shot, not even to have a strong level of the strength he pressed?

    "The immortal body is simply too sick, no wonder the previous time, so many Wudi strong, has not been able to practice to turn six."

    To make the initial level Wu, rolling in the flesh day class Wu, this method if the practice to the ultimate ninth, is a result of what?

    I'm afraid the ordinary nine days with the emperor, can be rolled.

    "Xi son, Shangguan wind little feather, you wait, I Qin dust is a step back, you see me that day, will let you be startled at the."

    Qin dust sneer, and murderous bloom.

    Outdoor practice.

    Xiao Ya and Liu Guang two people no matter what to do, almost a day.

    "Gezhu adults, less dust he really prepared to practice to what time, this fast day, also do not come out, not what happened?"

    See Qin from morning into the practice room after the dust, it has not come out, Liu Guang could not help but look at Xiao Ya.

    During the day, Liu Guang clearly heard a forcedmelancholy roars of voice training room.

    You know that it is the exclusive practice room master Xiao accord, sound insulation effect is almost the best one Ge Dan, but the pain was able to penetrate a roar, which shows the Qin dust roar, how terrible.

    If not Xiao Liu thought accord the main block, rushed to the early light.

    Later the roar, gradually subsided.

    This is the entire integer subsided, an hour later, seeing it all night, but also without the slightest movement.

    Liu Guang was frantic.

    Fuck, if what was wrong with Qin dust in the practice room, Dan died on the court, it is a great problem.

    Qin dust behind the wrath of the expert Dan Ge down, they can afford?

    "Xiao accord, cannot wait, if really out of the accident, is in trouble."

    Hear the words of Liu Guang Xiao Ya, his face slightly hesitant, she promised Qin dust, won't have anyone to disturb him, but now the situation has no room, she hesitated.


    When Xiao Ya nodded, ready to open training room.


    Practice room suddenly open, a blood drenched man walk out from the inside.

    "You...... You are......"

    Liu Guanghe Xiao Ya was frightened, a cheeky shockingly of color.

    This is what people ah? How was completely covered with blood, and without a good place?

    The blood clots covered on the surface of the body, like a red armor, two eye pain! The thick smell and the smell of blood, let Xiao Ya and Liu light in the stomach a surge, almost on the spot vomiting.

    The clothes tattered, like a few years without a shower.

    "Prepare a suit for me."

    Until the Qin dust clear voice came, Xiao Ya and Liu Guangcai came back.

    "Less dust, how do you become like this?"

    Liu Guang was frightened, when the day in a graceful bearing or youth, how come out at night has become a beggar?


    And when his eyes saw dust behind the practice room after the Qin Dynasty, it is a cry of surprise was dull stood there.
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