#106  is addictive

    The 106th chapter is addictive

    "This is the end?"

    Qin dust froze, what is this?

    The waiter what is going on? Come to eat gunpowder, looks not much older, should not go to menopause.

    Qin dust heart depressed, "well, I see."

    To the waiter and nonsense, went to the counter, before Qin Dan swept the dust.

    Here the immortality, the vast majority are placed in the bottle, but there are also some samples, directly placed on the counter plate, Qin dust gently picked up carefully.

    "Well, it was barely return is moderate, traitional surface roughness, resistance at around 70% degrees of fusion...... Should be a build up the pharmacist and his refining, refining techniques, there are a lot of mistakes, the general level of."

    "This is a rain Dan's good, but the heat is not in place, most can only play the efficacy of early 70%, and can also be regarded as medium."

    "This one......"

    Random sweep, all kinds of information in front of many drug will instantly be Qin dust observation, even up the pharmacist level of dust as well as to reckon about qin.

    Huang Yuling was looking to pick up a gold dust Qin Dan look, heart suddenly smile again and again.

    Installed, continue to install.

    This young watch was sixteen seven years old, even each Dan call what name do not necessarily know what to see.

    Today how so unlucky, I encountered such a drunby guy, wasted yourself a lot of time, also let oneself lose a chance to millionaire.

    "Oh, I understand!"

    My mind suddenly flashes, a thought suddenly emerge, topaz eyes disdain color, finally understand why you should have been installed in front of their own.

    Certainly feel pretty deliberately in front of their conversation, this kind of person, own much.

    Don't look at yourself in the mirror of the virtue, wear so ordinary, will come from a poor boy, toad to eat swan meat, day dreaming.

    Thought of here, Huang Yuling raised the head more proud.

    "No wonder this master's Qi, Lian pharmacists not strength, the overall strength of a country is not."

    The hall in a traitional and two product Dan finished, Qin dust have basic understanding the strength of the large Guodan pavilion.

    Weak, is too weak.

    The thought that Dan Ge is directly under the body of the Vedanta, even if the general level inside the cauldron, will not be too bad, now it seems that he is thinking too much.

    Each kind of Dan medicine, have at least more than 10 kinds of mistakes in place, whether it is from the material, or cooking techniques and other aspects, and Wu domain far, not in a level.

    Although the product is not only one or two Dan, Dan Ge top up the pharmacist refining, but which, from these low middle Lian pharmacists who will be able to see how the dust, Qin Qi Ge Guodan level.

    Shook his head, Qin dust with a sigh, no wonder like building treasure treasure Pavilion and Dan dare to challenge the court.

    See Qin dust while watching the side, also shook his head and sighed, in front of the drug are not satisfied with the look, Huang Yu Ling's heart just want to laugh.

    Lol, this guy is also addictive.

    In front of him are two immortality, immortality, and even those who are not a product of elixir masters. He, a poor boy little, also want to evaluate?

    Don't wait, two step forward, Huang Yuling slightly sarcastic: "Sir consider purchasing what Dan medicine yet?"

    Today I did not buy the medicine."

    Qin dust shook his head, since Dan Ge level know that it should do.

    "What? Not to buy drug that you are, for me?!"

    Huang Yuling almost shouted, you open yourself so, their waste so much time, even the poor, have to buy a one or two immortality meaning, a Dan medicine do not buy, this is too much.

    "If you do not buy medicine, please leave, I want to take care of other customers." Huang Yuling to say nonsense, turned around to leave.

    "Wait a minute." Qin dust frowned, his words haven't finished, what's the rush rush this guy.

    "What do you have?"

    Huang Yuling turned back, arms raised high, two huge meatballs by her extrusion, gas bursting lungs.

    Seen shameless, not seen so shameless, don't buy immortality, actually also shameless shout oneself.

    "You, where is the Lord? Take me over to see him, I find he has something to discuss." Qin said the dust directly.

    This business to talk about yourself, very large, even if the general clerk did not qualified to talk about, only to find the Qi Guodan court gezhu.

    "Gezhu, do you still want to see our gezhu?"

    Huang Yuling almost didn't laughed out loud, this boy doesn't see what their own identity, wanting to see gezhu gezhu adults, adults are so good to see?

    "I don't know you have no reservation, we gezhu adults Riliwanji, without reservation, is to see gezhu adults."

    Said Huang Yuling impatiently.

    "Make an appointment? Is there no other way? Please help me to inform you, he said......"

    Qin dust also want to say what, but Huang Yuling interrupted, she couldn't take it anymore, "I said you listen to this people do not understand it, we gezhu noble, busy, not meet anyone will be able to see, if any, we are worthless to see gezhu, the US Pavilion the Lord is not all day without work? We want to see the direct gezhu? Can you, is up the pharmacist? We also want to see not up the pharmacist gezhu, you may feel you!"

    Huang Yuling like machine guns as said, disgusted color.

    Want to have some foam myself in my head!

    "Don't you want to see the main Pavilion, it not only up the pharmacist?" Qin dust face is not happy.

    This woman is O.K., how to eat gunpowder?

    "Do you think?" Huang Yuling has to say, quipped: "we gezhu what identity, not even Wang Dou, who up the pharmacist, Hou Ye businessmen, high officials and noble lords, have to line up an appointment. When in a good mood, maybe ten days or half a month will give the opportunity to meet, the mood is not good, just waiting for a year, half a year is normal, even has not seen is not possible, so you don't have an appointment, but also want to see us gezhu?"

    "What became the cauldron!"

    Hear the words of Huang Yuling, Qin dust also instantly understood to come over.

    He had also refined pharmacist, knew of Dan Ge, as its in Qi in the center, Dan court gezhu identity is extraordinary, not everyone can see.

    Even some princes, have to wait in line, waiting for an appointment.

    "It seems really troublesome, they want to see Dan court gezhu, had to first test a cauldron." Qin dust shook his head.

    But up the pharmacist's identity, he is sure to get the.

    As one of its top continental forces, with terrible resources, after his walk, Lian pharmacists identity also will bring a lot of convenience.

    Since sooner or later, as the direct examination hand to say today.
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