#101  have a breakthrough

    The 101st chapter have a breakthrough

    I saw the dust exposed as the Qin smile, said: "I am here, what is there to worry about, just work hard not only, for me, by order of the two of you are king, that is to say the corresponding exercises, the best day is the work, I have here thirteen for your work, you want what kind of work?"

    "Ten...... Thirteen......"

    Lin day and Zhang Ying stare eyes popped down.

    But the work day.

    The end of the end, less dust will not be mad.

    This day, Huang Xuan, four rank, the best method for the whole nation, but also the mysterious superior level, Qin Chenruo said he can come up with a mysterious level method, two people may be to believe, but the dust Qin said all of a sudden on the day of class exercises.

    This is the legend of the Empire and the large door may not have the power.

    "Dust...... Less dust...... You, okay?"

    Lin and Zhang Ying said the tense day.

    "You have something!"

    Looked at two people nervous appearance, Qin dust no smile, said: "well, I still choose it for you."

    The ghost Jue Yin emperor? No, this method is too evil, especially the practice to the end, the need to absorb a lot of pure Yin force, it is easy to practice person, ghost.

    Pluto treasures? No, this method is not evil, but the meridians damage is too large, but also need to practice in the process of a large number of treasures, the difficulty is very high.

    Wan Ying day? It is very fit for forest day constitution, this set of exercises even in many days in class exercises, also with a great reputation, called metamorphosis, this is divided into nine, three is not high in front of the difficulty, more to the back of the higher the degree of difficulty, but once successfully practicing, its power is no ordinary power than intended.

    Practicing this set of exercises, Lin reached the top six heavy day in the future is still very confident, but can not practice to the last nine days, to see the forest own opportunity.

    "The forest day, you can practice good book Wan Ying, this is one of the strongest of all the power in the power law system, the practice to the extreme, to incarnate million, while the hidden breath, also very terrible."

    "I now teach the first three formula and the heart to you, for the next few pithy heart heavy, you before three training is completed, then I tell you, you listen carefully......"

    The dust Qin formulas, the heart of the book to teach the WAN Ying Lin day, this set of exercises is not obscure, jiazhilin days gifted, soon to remember.

    Carefully read silently, Lin day suddenly shocked, although the heart shadow million days formula may seem simple, but careful reading, all work is far more than he had ever seen, and he compared before practicing Qigong, it is a much stronger.

    Just follow the heart inside the micro operation twist in a true, true boiling could not suppress the feeling, even in vivo blood circulation will force up.

    Before the three day meditation is completed, Lin face shockingly, it also started practice, in vivo there is actually a growth, once the self-discipline that terrible?

    This world that is so terrible power?

    It really as less dust that is not a day class exercises.

    "The forest day, you can try practicing it now, how this set of exercises."

    Qin road dust.


    Qin Chengang said, Lin has rushed up practicing cross legged day.

    "Less dust, then I? I practice what works? Forest day practice is wan Ying book, seems like cattle, I will certainly be more than him?"

    Zhang Ying early in one side can scarcely wait, although he said the day of Qin dust level exercises some doubt, but through these days, he is already extremely convincing dust of the Qin Dynasty, this time to see the forest day began to exercise up to dust Qin Gong, his heart suddenly anxious, like millions of ants in the climb, no itching.

    Your blood is not Petrochemical blood, the blood is very terrible, known as Wu day's top, hidden blood of the blood, fit the power law, the truth is not much, but here I just have a very terrible, called chaos undead tactic, you practice this."

    The immortal chaos tactic? Strong?" Zhang Ying immediately asked excitedly, "listen to the name, like Lin Wan Ying day day also awesome?"

    Of course, not chaos tactic than Wan Ying days not inferior, it is the practice to be roughly the same, but finally, what more chip, or to see your personal practice and self repair strength." Qin dust smiled: "if you don't try, certainly more than the forest day."

    Hear the words of Zhang Ying Qin dust, a face is the way: "less dust, you underestimate me Zhang Ying, I love playing other jokes, careless, but in practice, it is half are not sloppy, you look good."

    Qin dust smile.

    He knows, Zhang Ying is not a casual person, Zhang Ying perverse character, some frivolous manner, but the practice is very hard.

    Just because he wanted to improve the status of family in qi.

    "Less dust, you say I practice this immortal chaos has no hope of becoming a tactic, a strong level from the future?"

    Strong level of day......

    If the founder of undead chaos tactic know, Zhang Ying's ambition of "great", so I will climb out of the coffin to die again.

    "The days of strong level?" Qin dust is very Speechless, I'm afraid it won't be long, Zhang Ying will find that his dream is ridiculous.

    In his immortal blood Petrochemical talent, coupled with the undead chaos tactic terrible, even if he only wanted to stability in the days of class state, it is also impossible, powerful talent will push him forward, and finally reached a point of metamorphosis.

    The method and formula of chaos Jue told Zhang Ying dies, Zhang Ying also quickly in this awakening room Panxi cultivation up.

    Two people on the volatility of Qi, Qi is like countless moment between heaven and earth tide, the influx of two in the human body.

    Two people repair, unexpectedly with visible speed slowly lifting.

    Look at the changes in two people, with a sigh Qin dust.

    In fact, not to teach two days class exercises, Qin dust heart still experienced a struggle.

    The wind past a small plume of betrayal, let his heart has always been a thorn in the so-called brotherhood, full of fear.

    But these days, Zhang Ying and Lin days to get along, but let Qin dust thoroughly believe that two people's character.

    Little feather wind past, Shangguan is Xi son, you have to start, and make yourself affected.

    But Lin and Zhang Ying, is in his humiliation, with the kind of friendship, brothers go through fire and water, the wind is not able to match the little feather.

    And through a world of betrayal, Qin dust for seeing people are more cautious, by this time, he believed that the forest day and Zhang Ying is definitely not a betrayal of his brother.

    What's more, Qin Lin and Zhang Ying to help the dust days, and also to develop their own forces, better wind little feather and Shangguan Xi son.
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