#73  after combo kill

    The seventy-third chapter after combo kill


    Qin dust on that puzzled the killer explodes to drink a, eyes cold, waist suddenly sword scabbard, the past thousand million hammer refining knife skills suddenly broke out, black Sabre is like a black lightning, it wiped the level of early killer throat.

    Plop, blood like fountains splash out instantly.

    The level of the killer tightly clutching his neck, but could not stop spitting blood, staring terrified eyes, eyes gradually dim, a head lying on the ground.

    But at this time.

    Qin Yong three people have rushed into the room three Qin dust, the horror of the knife gas gushing out, split in the room of Qin dust on my bed.

    Ka boom!

    Air knife swept under the bed is split into dust.

    "People are not in!"

    "Where is the boy?"

    Qin Yong and others to see the empty bed, suddenly one leng.

    After a slight three Zheng, hurried back to the yard.

    Courtyard of quiet, in addition to the three of them, in an ambush in the other places Wu, not even a whisper, as if the general silence.

    Where is the rest of the people go?

    All the hearts of a cold.

    "Sir, look there are people!"

    A smell of the blood with the breeze wafted over, suddenly a killer low rumble, pointing to the corner of the yard.

    A corpse lying there, red with blood on the ground, it is before the killer Qin knife throat of dust.

    "Is the shadow of six!"

    "Damn, who is under the hand?"

    Three people had a severe contraction of the pupil.

    "We are in an ambush?"

    Qin Yong three people gasped, few men own even in silence was killed, the other is from a class does exist?

    But according to the survey, in addition to Qin Qin Jia Yuechi mother outside, no other people, which is a strong level of day will protect them?

    Next to the remaining two killers to see this scene, suddenly terrified somewhat, rushed into the room before Qin dust, they vaguely see the shadow of six also rushed out, who knows so little time, six have been killed, a sound are not, the other is how to do it?

    Three people slowly retreated together, looked up the sky near alert.

    "What people lie in here, there is out of sight!"

    Qin Yong thundered, glanced around, but it was quiet and no movement.

    The courtyard, occasionally Chongming rang, sight there were three people, but Qin Yong was a terrible feeling of being stared at, the three of them stood staring.

    See Qin Yong three people without any action, Qin dust nothing, just quietly waiting for.

    Just here to create such a big movement, will be around to hear it, the city attracted guards will only be unlucky they Qin yong.

    Qin dust now the only worry is the mother, don't come out of the house, I do not know whether to hear the prayers of Qin Qin dust, Yuechi house quietly, without the slightest movement.


    A second time in the past, Qin Yong angry low growl, and then drag to him is very adverse, immediately shouted: "go to the low Yuechi Qin room look, if not, we go."

    Qin Yong's surprise very much, do not know how they know Qin dust they will come to the assassination of today, if this time can not kill the Yuechi Qin and Qin dust, Qin Yong has not imagine big lady how to punish her, think of the great lady fierce, Qin Yong couldn't help trembling a bit.

    Sou sou sou!

    The three figure into the room where the Qin Yuechi.

    "No good!" Qin dust heart sank, if Qin Yong three people rushed into the room, the mother is in danger.

    The crisis, Qin did not hide the dust figure, were rushed out from the dark.

    "Adult careful room ambush!"

    His voice sounded hoarse, covered in blood, Qin Yong rushed to the three people, in the voice of a panic endless, seemed to see what terrible things in general.

    "Is the shadow of seven."

    "Shadow seven, what happened?"

    The rest of the two killers around Qin Yong is surprised, to see people, even relieved, hastily exclaimed opening.

    "The house is an ambush, we are......" Qin said the dust side, and close to three people, eyes locked in Qi Qin Yong, pushed to the extreme moment.

    As long as you kill Qin Yong, two is not enough to go upon the rest of the killer.

    However, Qin Yong carefully, see Qin rushed to dust, frowned, swept back body instinct, like what is immediately found, surprised angrily: "be careful!"

    "To be found!" Qin dust eyes flashed a sudden storm swept and cold long grass, stature, and waist sword suddenly at the prefecture level middle scabbard, killer off.

    This time from the mid level Qin dust killer only a few meters, sudden blow up, fast.

    In the Qin dust shot instantly, the remaining three people contracted pupil.

    "You're not the shadow of seven!"

    Two shadow hearts a surprised, someone posing as the shadow is not seven, Qin Yong reminded him also did not find.

    "Dead!" Qin dust eyes narrowed, shot a Ling lie kill, cut out a sword as a black lightning, split to two head.

    Shadow two cold to hum a, was suddenly blooming debut Tao Qi and cold, hands sword arm out of a knife, the knife light flashing countless void, into the Pentium wave flow, pouring out, want to attack Qin lattice dust stop down, also want to take the offensive.

    Two as a middle level shadow killer, a veteran in battle, combat experience is extremely rich, in this case comes at a crucial moment, he can make such a reaction is quite fast.

    Unfortunately, his attack is not the ordinary people, but rebirth back to Qin dust!

    Sabreplay no shadow two dazzling confusing to the Qin dust, when the sound of the Qin swords in the shadow of dust just split two blade is the weakest place, twenty horsepower power and instant fury, such as spiral force of earthquake hit, a shadow 25 mA, are back.


    I do not know when a cold from the dust left flying out, was actually a dagger, with shadow two back, if you hit, "they" sound, the dagger moment pierced throat two shadow, never to handle.

    The influence of two pupil instant collapse, he really do not want to understand why the other side of the knife would be shot so accurately, if not his own back, the other side of the dagger will only rubbed his head over, can not hurt him, there is such a person in the world, he considered quasi. Mark.

    Only then will the dust in the twinkling of an eye, Qin another kill.

    The field only Qin Yong and another level of early five shadow killer.

    On the strength of shadow two is not so but Qin dust has past cannot withstand a single blow, too much combat experience, see the shadow two shot every flaw, is analyzed all two shadow reaction, the prophet of ignorance, two did not react, it has been the Qin dust attack succeeded, blow to kill!
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