#71  first

    The seventy-first chapter first

    "A little bit difficult!" Qin dust frowned, if only the early and middle level, it is better, but the peak level of late Qin Yong strong, it is a little tricky.

    But if someone hurt mother, big trouble.

    "Now, looking for rescue was too late, Qin Yong while some trouble, but also have no way to deal with, not to mention the other has been scattered, first solve the mother's killer."

    Qin dust eyes flash, make a decision immediately, are quietly followed up.

    A late order spirit in Qin dust control, like a layer of film, covering his body, hidden in the darkness, it was impossible to detect.

    He was the first to keep up with the two touch to the Qin Yuechi room.

    The two, a middle level, a level of early action is very careful, as the cat walk at night, quietly.

    Qin near the dark dust quickly.

    "What's the matter?" The killer of the middle level year to carry out assassinations, so very keen perception, walking suddenly feel a little strange around, like what a strange thing is to spy on him, immediately stopped suddenly, look to the rear.

    The empty behind the dark, without any movement.

    But his mind was on the feeling, but how also linger.

    That kind of feeling is very pale, lingering in his mind, but simply can't distinguish between sources.

    "How, three shadow?" On the other side of a killer he stopped, could not help but doubt asked.

    "If someone around here."

    Shadow three muttered, looking like a sword, to sweep around the night, eyes bright as stars.

    "No, here but us who else?!" Another killer was frightened, hurriedly in the perception of spread, trying to find what, just around the empty, what are not: "you won't feel wrong?"

    "I feel it really is wrong?"

    Shadow three frowned, because he found the feeling suddenly disappeared again, but he is not assured, with cold eyes, cold glance around the dark, perception of diffuse, swept around one inch.

    "This guy is really keen perception, should be aware of the abnormality, it should be occupation."

    Qin dust heart anger even more, in order to deal with the Qin family they Niangliang, unexpectedly found the occupation of the killer, he cast arcane spirit, hidden in the darkness.

    Invisible spirit, and he will be the night together, the perception of the three shadow once swept from his body, but is swept over the air, what are not found.

    "I might want more!" What are not found around three shadow relief.

    He recovered if not stop perception, perception scanning, triggered by the breath will easily disturb others in the night, if the two game let Qin Yong want to deal with the escape, not only to get his commission, there will be trouble.

    "Shadow in seven, I from there into you, from here, waiting for orders, if after the shot, the other from your side to escape, must be stopped, do not miss!" 32 people came near Yuechi Qin room, slightly said.

    "Don't worry, here is me." Seven shadow chuckled, he knew that the goal of the trip, a feeble weak woman, what can.

    After the shadow three finished, to the side of the house to sweep, Qin Yuechi buy inside a few species of large trees, after three of the body's shadow flickered, disappeared in the night.

    That is the shadow killer seven rushed, lounged on an old tree, attention is tightly concentrated in the Qin Yuechi house, waiting for a message to Qin yong.

    See the separate two people in front of the dust, Qin heart suddenly a happy and good opportunity!

    Before two people together, he has no chance, once the first time he killed a second person, a action, alerting the others, Qin Yong with all the people rushed in, he will be in danger.

    If the individual of a word, there is no suspense, even if the other side is also the same level of wuhan.

    Body form in a flash, Qin dust like ghosts, quietly beside the trees to sneak past seven.

    "What's the matter?" Old, shadow seven stared at the Qin Yuechi room, suddenly felt a strange smell, he frowned and looked around puzzled.

    The darkness of the night, in addition to a breeze blowing leaves rustle, empty.

    Dim moonlight, leaves shone in the moonlight, the formation of the mottled shadow, like a figure like shaking.

    I won't be suspicious of it? Seven. He smiled, the night which a little strange, he turned his head and continued to stare at the Qin Yuechi room.


    Suddenly, suddenly a shadow seven Jiling, all his muscles tense moment.

    He is a killer and shadow Wednesday, perceived very sensitive, a mistake that is excusable, can be said to be a nervous breakdown is too tight, which two are wrong?

    There are people around here!

    This idea was raised, seven shadow suddenly feel a murderous shuran locked himself, a sense of crisis into his vest, with a surprised, right hand fiercely draped over the waist sword, do not hesitate to draw the sword toward the rear, suddenly zhanla.


    Black sword like lightning, with a gust of wind.

    As the shadow killer, seven swords are coated with a layer of black paint, waving when cut out without any reflection of light, like a black lightning, a be caught off guard.

    But this knife hit after suddenly empty, what did not hit, behind the empty, nothing.

    "What the hell is going on?" Seven. He obviously felt a chill, the beholder, why not turn, what is?

    When the seven shadow on his head stupidly, trunk, a figure suddenly slipped down, just listen to "poof", a light flashed in the night, his neck over seven.

    Seven of the impact on the neck was cut a bloodstain, not bad blood spray out, seven shadow stare big startled eyes, mouth open, what it had said, eyes slowly faded, the body unable to fall.

    Seven shadow to death did not understand, he in the end what was attacked, since he did not practice, the assassination of 100 have dozens, but have never encountered such attacks.

    But he would not have a chance to understand.

    Quickly hold the shadow seven body, don't let him down the sound, Qin dust in the dark figure emerged, fell on the ground.

    "The first."

    After a strike succeeded, no dust in the eyes of Qin proud, cold as he quickly xuanbing, take off their clothes, cover in his body, dressed as a shadow in seven.
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