#70  spirit soaring

    The seventieth chapter spirit soaring

    If the idea is to hear other Wu will be depressed, want to beat up the Qin dust meal, people post peak with thirty horsepower power, almost three times the ordinary warrior, was still not enough.

    Stand up, Qin dust came to the window.

    A bright moon hanging in the sky, the faint moonlight through the window, in the dust on the body of qin.

    Qin dust suddenly fell into a realm of the mystery of mysteries.

    In my mind, the mysterious ancient books with him through the back.

    The ancient book, quietly suspended in the Qin dust mind, as if through millions of years of sedimentation, flowing with a trace of years.

    "This ancient book what story?"

    Qin dust heart doubts, to gaze perception of ancient books.

    Under the moonlight, they suddenly exudes a faint light, half a font, slowly from the ancient books on blank pages, exudes a mysterious light.

    "What is this?"

    Qin dust startled, to see, to distinguish clearly, but the font is very vague, Qin dust exhausted, only to see a vague shadow, don't tell the handwriting.

    Suddenly, a light from the sky on half a font.


    The strong light moment in Qin dust bombardment of the soul of the sea.

    "Ah!" Qin dust burst feeling mind, this terrible pain even Qin dust so tough will not bear.

    The road is like thousands of white needle, toward the Qin mind mercilessly pierced into dust.

    The soul of the sea for a moment to be almost a detonation.

    Under the thousands of white needles, Qin dust shuddered, almost knelt down, the pain was twisted.

    Severe pain makes him penetrate out lots of sweat, sweat oozing just body, instantly evaporated into water vapor, rising.

    "What the hell is this?"

    Qin desperately against dust, tightly adhere to the teeth, he knew that if his consciousness has a slightly relaxed, this light will be blown to residue.

    Not easy to regenerate back, how can easily die here?


    Qin dust the soul of the sea non-stop concussion, surge, such as heavy rain under the sea, in the light under continuous splitting.

    As the soul of the sea will be a sudden explosion.

    Zizi zi!

    The dust in the body suddenly emerged Qin a mysterious force, the soul of the sea, suddenly filled with countless lightning, lightning like snake general walk, repair his broken soul, constantly healing sea.

    It is the blood of thunder Qin dust.

    In thunder light under the help of Qin dust in the soul of the sea slowly formed a vortex, constantly devouring the mysterious ancient books bloom white.

    The remnants of a trace of dust will still keep the soul of the sea, his heart was born strong doubts, what is this mysterious ancient books? What is his lightning blood vessels, could repair the soul of the sea, too unbelievable.

    His life seen too much blood, but can repair the soul, is one of the few.

    Whatevs, blood magic, it is more powerful.

    Qin dust pushed the sink in the heart, blood and soul force, crazy absorb the white light.


    Originally such as needle general white light into the soul of the sea whirlpool, as calm, without a trace off like a clay ox entering the sea, waves disappeared.

    Qin feel those white dust, although disappeared, but his soul force has expanded somewhat, which is filled with a surging soul force.

    Spiritual perception, soaring in a moment.

    Strong soul force and spiritual force, feedback to the whole body, make the body meridians and body more strong, a lot of impurities is squeezed out, Qin dust body quickly end on a layer of black mud, and then quickly dried up scarred, rustling fall, with white skin, like hair cut pulp generally.

    I do not know how long, the ancient book seemed to run out of power, suddenly dimmed, half a font disappeared, and then sank into the dust of the soul of the sea qin.


    Exhaled a long breath, Qin dust opened his eyes, the scene suddenly become very clear.

    In the night, all clearly presented, like daytime general.

    After Qin dust shocked to discover that their spiritual force in white baptism, than the original strong several times.

    "What's the matter, my spirit force how suddenly strong so much."

    The original spirit of Qin dust, a distance of order for some distance, but now turned suddenly to a distance of two order order later, only one step away, this is too exaggerated.

    You know, the spirit of self-discipline, hard than we build too much, otherwise the refining division, the world Lian pharmacists and blood division would not be so, as Liang Yu called Qi's top tried to genius, but now the spirit will be raised to two order interim force.

    Qin dust a night of practice, he is equal to ten years of hard work.

    This speed, Qin also extremely shocked dust.


    Suddenly, the dust like what is sensitive to Qin, the eyebrows is tiny tiny a wrinkly.

    After the spirit break first, Qin dust clear perceptions of the many powerful, alert feeling outside, there are some strange, as if what people slowly close to.

    After Qin dust meditation, quietly drilled the room, like a cat body carefully into the courtyard, outside a corner off.

    Acts, he will order a spiritual force later pushed to the extreme, spiritual force wrapped around his body, like a ghost, quietly, others simply cannot be aware of.

    At this time, in the darkness of Qin dust in the fall.

    A few all black, with a black turban, lurking in the.

    Lead a eyes fierce, fierce eyes emit a murderous stare at the Qin dust house is Qin yong.

    "Remember, Qin and Qin Yuechi dust mother lived in this mansion, will you listen to my orders, I once sent a message, immediately shot, be sure to kill two people, no prisoners, did not understand."

    "Listen to understand."

    Several black people today whispered.

    "Well, some of you from behind outflank you guys, from the left and right attack, as for you, follow me."

    Qin Yong's eyes emit a glimmer of light, Yin grieved smile.

    Sou sou sou!

    At present, nearly ten people, have carried on the roof, like ghosts sneak to the front.

    In the dark.

    A figure suddenly emerged from these people behind the eyes, Qin dust bloomed in the beholder, the previous leader of the voice, he was familiar with, Qin yong.

    Qin Jia Hao very heart, even to him and his mother.

    Qin dust anger burning, how can not calm.

    He just quietly swept the spirit again, eight people with each other a total of four prefecture level cities, three cities early, mid and late Qin Yong the peak level.

    Every person with a strong murderous, as experienced numerous fight.
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