#67  regeneration Dan

    The sixty-seventh chapter regeneration Dan

    Qin Yuechi surprised look at Qin dust, do not know what to do in the Qin dust, let Liang Yu have this attitude, before Qin Fen said the dust against Liang Yu, it is a rumor?

    "It is the young hero less dust, Zhao admire." One side, Prince Kang submissively laughed, "if there is a chance, please also less dust and more points out the little girl."

    Then, Zhao Jing turned to Zhao Lingshan behind: "coral, after you walk more and less dust, make less dust pointing to you, and you are the same age as two, there should be a lot of common language, ha ha ha."

    Zhao Jing smiled.

    Zhao Lingshan listen to father said so naked, could not help but low head, face rosy, biting her lips: "is the father!"

    Zhao Jing Qin said: "Miss, I heard you have moved out of the Qin palace, now living in the west, where the environment is noisy, security is not very good, if you don't mind, I have a house in the East Palace Kang Kang courtyard, not far from the palace, if you don't mind, Zhao could lend large courtyard Qin miss and less dust living."

    "This......" Qin Yuechi hesitated, said: "thanks to Prince Kang's kindness, but Qinmou cannot accept."

    Miss Qin without misunderstanding, Zhao proposed, only taking into account the two security."

    "Good thanks to Prince Kang Qinmou, thank you very much, but Qinmou cannot accept." Qin Yuechi shook his head.

    Zhao Jing sighed: "so, Zhao did not insist, but if Miss Qin changed your mind, you can always find Zhao, the courtyard, Zhao always keep two."

    A few people talking, left school square.

    Qin fu.

    On a golden bed, Qin Fen wrapped in gauze, face such as the gold paper lying there, eyes of a dead.

    One side, two, pharmacists wiped the sweat, wiped his forehead with a sigh: "Mrs. Zhao, forgive my incompetence, two son body injury, after I after treatment is harmless, will soon heal, but the two son in gas pool, has completely dispersed, I was incapable of action."

    "No, mother, I don't want to be a good child doesn't want to be a wreck."

    Wenyan, Qin Fen desperate cries.

    Zhao Feng's heart pain such as knife, said: "the two masters, do a bit of hope Fen son body injury really is not?"

    Two pharmacists smile: "if there's no hope at all, it is not at all, according to the knowledge, there is a six regeneration gas cell regeneration, Dan, can make two son regain their strength, in addition, there are some other six product Dan medicine, can cure two childe is this problem, Dan, I can forgive me for refining, two people incapable of action."

    Six regeneration Dan?

    Zhao Feng was a desperate, the top of the big cauldron of Qi but also four products, six products of immortality, searching through the entire northwest five are hard to find.

    "Zhao see, rouge, go to the cashier node account, send out two masters." Zhao Fengqiang said she angry.

    "Yes, madam." Answer: "rouge respectful two masters please come with me."

    Stay two pharmacists left, Zhao Feng's face suddenly clouded over, eyes from the light such as snakes, hissed: "Qin dust!"


    Just then, the door was opened suddenly, Qin Yong came in.

    He was injured after treatment, has no big deal.

    "That bitch what happened then?" Zhao Fenghan asked.

    "Mrs.." Qin Yong's face was a incredible color, said: "men heard, Qin dust...... Qin he dust......"

    "What's wrong with him?" Zhao Fengnu road.

    "He defeated Wuan Hou Shizi Li Qingfeng, won the first test at the end of the year."

    "What?" Zhao Feng was in the hands of Bess crushing: "you are not wrong, that bitch can get the first?"

    Qin Yong was bitter, "I'm that got it wrong, but under asking several people, Qin dust...... He, he did get the exam at the end of the first, and, after half a month from the royal family took to the demon blood progenitor mountains, Spirit baptism pool."

    "Impossible, the base, on the base......" Zhao Feng look shocked, almost could not believe my ears, and screamed: "Damn, we are the little bitch to cheat, this damn little bitch."

    "Mother, you must be for the child to child revenge, revenge, he must be intentionally Qin dust!" Qin Fen resentment shouted, his face full of ferocious and crazy.

    "Qin Yong, I want that bitch die, do you hear me, can't let that bitch to half a month later." Zhao Feng cried hysterically.

    "But Hou ye......"

    "Forget the Hou ye, that bitch must die." Zhao Feng nail deep into the palm of the hand, roar road.

    "." Qin Yong, head down, eyes to float, cold track: "men go to do."

    "This time, never mess up again." Zhao Fengchui head, such as ghosts general eyes ferocious stare at Qin Yong, "if you mess up again, will you put your head."

    "Please rest assured Mrs., under will do right." Qin Yong kneeling on the ground, they said.

    "Well, just do this thing, I can let you go home, enjoy the rest of your life after you go."


    Qin Yong stood up and walked to the door, the back has been in a cold sweat.

    "Qin dust and Qin Yuechi, you will die." Said Qin Yong gritted his teeth and ferocious eyes.

    At the end of the first Qin dust was big news, such as a gust of wind, quickly spread to the entire city, attracted a sensation.

    Wu Qin army set the day nicknamed Ares, under the control of the army is the most prominent of the half of the country, the big Qi Wu xun.

    A few years ago, Qin home out of a fourteen year old boy genius Qingfeng, joined the army after the breakthrough level, Li repeated military exploits, from the start of a soldier, has now become the first army captain, will probably become large in the history of the youngest general in the army, a young man called the first.

    Today, Qin Jia and a dust qin.

    Such a prominent family, attracted the king shook, Qin Jia momentum, it is too insane.

    Fortunately, today the Qin and Qin Fen against dust, also make people understand, Qin Jia seems to have is not monolithic, have got a secret battle.

    Qin and dust, has also been gradually out of the Qin home.

    Of course, many people doubted that, Qin and Qin Fen dust hostile, Qin Jia is deliberately arrangement, the purpose is to let Qin Jiatai have attention, wood show in the forest.

    After all, the genius of Qin dust, which family will not? The protection was not, it will rush out?

    When the speculation of the There were many discussions.

    One came from the star of shocking news, completely detonated the king.

    The star, after investigation, confirmed by Xu Qin Jia Gou bought, let Qin dust in the assessment of guobuleguan, want him to be expelled from the school news.

    Gou Xu also acknowledged that, Qin and Qin Fen dust grips, he arranged.

    Wrath of the star academy, directly away Xu Gou repair, deprived of his mentor title to the army.

    At the same time, the star college directly petitioned the royal family, the royal family of the requirements of Qin Jia star in a school examination, punishment.
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