#66  blood pool

    The sixty-sixth chapter blood pool

    Xuan Gong for some lower level dignitaries although not uncommon, but the royal family martial arts room in the martial arts, is the most recognized the best, there are many powerful families no treasure, can choose a martial arts, enough to make everyone.

    The second awards, is attracted all the whispers.

    Even Li Qingfeng's Wuan Hou heir, want toward the officer, only from an ordinary praetorian guard up, now can be directly served as vice captain, enough to make a lot of people on the road was more relaxed.

    Only five to eight of the reward has been so generous, one to four prize will be what?

    But listen to the spirit of King Xiao Zhan continued: "as for one to four prize, is to enter the blood pool the baptism of the opportunity, after half a month, someone will lead you in the palace collection, to accept the blood demon ancestral mountains, Ling Chi baptism, you seize the opportunity, strive for as far as possible to lift you the repair, in order to be able to absorb more blood liquid."

    Qin dust immediately, the atmosphere in the field becomes different, the audience raised a frenzied atmosphere, Li Qingfeng's breathing, aggravate up instantly.

    "The blood pool, even blood pool, oh!"

    "How can this be? The royal family how willing to give up the precious places, giving them fifteen Qin dust six or seven years old?"

    "According to the Convention, has been elected to the royal blood pool, basically in late twenty to level twenty-three, and is expected to be a short period of time in the day of world-class talent, how this time......"

    "After the blood pool baptism, is five contest, each session of the spirit into the blood pool places are basically ready to contest the next five, five contest on session, two of us Qi country broke into the top ten, won the eight places, Qin dust they soon occupied four, this......"

    The atmosphere on the field, suddenly become crazy, all people are shocked, crazy talk.

    Qin dust eyebrows ruffled, quickly search the memory in mind, what exactly is this blood pool? Why would let everyone become so excited?

    Suddenly, he turned out to be a memory.

    "It is a demon in the ancestral mountains, the blood pool can enhance the military talents and repair?" Qin dust eyes.


    Around the Northwest has a magnificent five mountains, known as the demon ancestral mountains, inside the blood beast rampant, dangerous.

    Every year, there are numerous arms into the demon beast demon hunting blood progenitor mountains, mountains progenitor mortality rate is high, many practitioners in, never to come back.

    But the blood pool, is a demon in the depths of the mountains is a magical progenitor blood pool.

    Hundreds of years ago, in the northwest five Wei Guo Li, a band of adventurers accidentally discovered the blood pool, and entered the accidental discovery, accepted the baptism of their blood pool, physical strength and repair have been rapidly.

    The adventure team wants to hide the message, tread on air, but I do not know why the news leaked out by other adventurers that, immediately triggered a fierce fight.

    In that war, countless adventurers.

    Wait until he gets the message, immediately sent troops to occupy the blood pool, want to block the news, exclusive blood pool, at this time the message reached four in the northwest.

    Immediately, the other four countries to act quickly, and to the northwest five blood pool in the mountains, the demon progenitor launched a bloody war for nearly ten years.

    In that war, northwest five master who also suffered heavy casualties, who can not do, and teach in Xuemo northwest five high-level meeting, look at fiercely as a tiger does, eventually made an agreement.

    The blood pool once every five years to open, and the northwest five is held every five years a large test, by the age of twenty-four young talent, according to the number of the top ten, get a different blood pool number respectively.

    A place, you will get four places into the pool of blood.

    On the northwest five Qi country in the top ten contest, a total of two people, won the eight places.

    In general, the eight will be the next big players, because they enter the blood pool, repair will get some improvement, and strive to be able to break into the top ten.

    Now, the four places even directly to the Qin dust only sixteen these seven year olds, immediately triggered public shocked.

    Because no matter how high their Qin dust talent, after all, still too young, even been baptized, nor in the northwest five competition broke into the top ten, the four places to give them, it is a waste.

    In the continuation of the nearly hundred years ended in the pool of blood, this situation has never happened today.

    They doubt shocked, but for Li Qingfeng and Zhao Lingshan, Wang Qiming, was ecstatic.

    Just accept the baptism of blood pool, their future will be bright, at least a day class of strong, an easy job to do.

    Qin dust at this time are also the blood pool produced a curious blood pool can enhance the military talent, power and repair? I little interesting。

    "Qin dust, let you get a win, that is because of my blood force control is not very good, after the blood pool baptism, I will beat you."

    Li Qingfeng said grimly.

    The pool of blood baptism, higher cultivation, the promotion is more also, Li Qingfeng believe that once you accept baptism, will be an easy job to do things against Qin dust.

    At this moment, he regained confidence.

    "Is it?" Qin dust light glanced at him, not to say yes or no.

    Rebirth after he has been introduced, all attackierte people want to catch up with his pace, is unlikely to, let alone beyond him.

    "Hum!" Li Qingfeng lingheng.

    "Qin dust, I will not lose to you." Zhao Lingshan said, biting her lips, looking at Qin Mou in splendor and dust.

    Although Wang Qiming did not speak, but his eyes to it all, will be the same as their goal of Qin dust, beyond the target.

    "I'm waiting for you." Qin dust swept three people, with a faint smile.

    See them, he thought of his own once, young is the capital, isn't it?

    Since then, the star of the year exam ended, all people have left the square, was still with excitement.


    Qin Qin Yuechi came to dust before, smiled: "I said, I will not let her down."

    "The dust." Qin Yuechi excitedly hugged Qin dust, "I know, my son must be the best dust."

    "Congratulations, less dust, congratulations to miss qin." Liang Yu and Prince Kang came together with Zhao Lingshan.

    Qin Yuechi hurriedly loosen Qin dust on Liang Yudao: "I would like to thank the master Liang previously to help children."

    Miss Qin "don't mention it, less dust have grace and I can, for less dust output, is a beam sb's honor, after Qin miss if you need to find the house, can beam someone, as long as they can help, never refuse someone beam." Liang Yu hastily.
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