#48  dumbfounded

    The forty-eighth chapter dumbfounded

    All shocked, Qin dust lightly clapped her hands, as if only a not worth mentioning things, then looked at sneer at not far from the previous "Zhou Nan, said the lesson I, you have one? Let me see, you have what kind of strength, dare it teach me."

    People have to see Zhou Nan, they all thought that Zhou and Li Ping had previously said to do together, the lessons of Qin dust.

    Zhounan face, pharynx pharynx slobber, composure: "well, you thought I was Li Ping the waste? Wish I was Li Wei, you have the wrong man, I advise you not to oneself."

    "Ha ha, since the mistake?" Qin dust cannot help laughing bitterly: "you found me, then I didn't find you, what is oneself, ha ha, you really are to their face, cut the crap, I can take a punch die, I also give you a dog."


    Voice down, Qin dust stature into a mirage, suddenly at zhounan.


    A roar resounded through the square, such as vibration jiuxiao, the roaring dragons and tigers, Qin dust, as a head of the tiger down the mountain, and the king of beasts, dew no doubt.

    The strong power, make Zhounan face change, scalp tingling, subconsciously to retreat.

    "No, if I back, I will become a laughingstock of the kings, are suppressed in this life to. Li Ping is the boy beat, is not fully exhausted, careless, so until it was a result of my Zhounan, as long as serious, they would not be afraid of him? What's more, than my defense, than Li Pingqiang is not a tiny bit."

    Eyeball a turn, Zhounan thoughts revolve in the head, finally determined, with a fierce drink.

    "At work!"

    It pushed to the extreme in Zhounan, a loud hum, even with a layer of light grey brown nothingness in him linger, as the body, coat a nihilistic clothes.

    The door is yellow level Zhounan martial arts in college concentrated practice good defensive martial arts - iron work.

    "Iron" body, Zhounan confident, eye ferocious gas, fists fiercely and forward a pound.

    "Quite Wang BA boxing!"


    Two terrible boxing swept forward, in front of the air was an instant detonation, as if the two air bomb exploding out of thin air, gas and amazing storm swept the dust to qin.

    The same is the martial arts yellow level good, quite Wang Ba boxing, such as the Barbarian King to dominate the world, the terrible air shrouded Qin dust, as if to detonation of a hill.

    Jin Qin gas terror, dust impassive eyes swept the front airflow, hands suddenly a claw, suddenly into boxing, then to both sides of A.

    Click "boom!"

    "La sting!"

    The terrorist fist Jin Qin dust caught into pieces, One divides into two., Zhounan in horrified eyes, his body was exposed.

    "No good......" Zhounan face change, body suddenly and violently back, trying to escape the attack Qin dust.

    But what Qin dust will give him the chance, at the foot of a micro force, speed rise, suddenly appeared in front of Zhounan, so straight into a fist, flung out.

    "Basic boxing -- Taizu changquan!"

    Plain fist Shirupozhu, sweeping.

    Such Zhounan react, Qin dust has his right fist in the iron on detonation qi.


    The iron infuriating cohesion fragile moment split strong, cannot withstand a single blow, boxing shook Zhounan the viscera are upside down, hardly wished to live.

    Iron fist boom broken Qi shield after castration reduced, accompanied by the sound into the roaring dragons and tigers, Zhounan chest.

    "I will give you a fight!" Zhounan a loud roar, did not know the crisis does not avoid the flash, he, in spite of Qin dust on their hands, fists surrounded by eyes, crazy to Qin head dust detonation.

    This is for injury to injury, jade and stone burned together.

    "Well, funny!"

    Qin dust eyes flashed a hissing, right fist Jin Meng spit.

    "Bang bang!"

    A dull roar resounded through the square, accompanied by crisp sound of ear bone, chest muscle Zhounan sunken directly one inch, wow blood poured from the whole person, such as a broken kite cast fly out.

    But this time, his desperate attack from Qin head and a dust feet.

    "This punch speed and I would also like to jade and stone burned together? Too slow." Such as nine quiet voice in my mind, Zhou Nan also did not wait until their falling on the ground, the remaining light at a shadow like a sword shot to catch up with the inverted himself, a gust of wind swept him to his back.


    Zhounan frightened shout, when his heart was filled with regret, only one thought in mind, that is why they want to provoke the dust of Qin star, why the beginning not running?


    The next moment, a giant in his back severely kick on his body like a broken bag, instantly rushed on the high in the sky, and then many fall down.


    In order all scalp voice, Zhounan heavy hit in the side of Li Ping, also fainted.


    The dust gently exhaled, when he was in middle level, people can experience is the peak stage of late Wei really, now after the breakthrough late Li Ping and Zhou the two ordinary people in the late stage of students, how is his opponent? If it is not considered here is the star of the end of exams, Qin dust spent a long time ago the two of them.


    All students at No. eight in the circle, all fear is separated from the back, have shocked at Qin dust, seemed to see a monster.

    Even the teacher also are all even terrified.

    "Li Ping and Zhou Nan will not be killed?"

    I do not know who is suddenly shocked to say a sentence.

    "No good!"

    The square of the tutor this just return to God, so, so two instructors quickly came to Li Ping and south side, two people up, the exploration breath after it was relieved.

    Li Ping and Zhou although look miserable, but fortunately there is no danger.

    Soon, two people will be the Star College Tutor down treatment.

    The square that broke out a terrible noise.

    "Two senior class students, he was not an enemy of what moves, when Qin dust became so badly?"

    "If I'm not mistaken, more than a month ago, Qin dust still fighting on the stage is the primary school, class to beat Wei Zhen, almost dead, how is this only a month gone, his fix for ascension so fast?"

    "While this Qin dust shall not be, before the awakening of blood was astounding, did not expect that now......"

    "Gee, it seems that after in the college, nobody can casually abuse him."

    All the students all face the shock, There were many discussions. And if the change is done to others, they will never be so surprised, but the other has not awakened blood, was almost expelled from school of Qin dust, all that is not the same.
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