#39  cold sweat

    The thirty-ninth chapter cold sweat

    "Eight brother, what are you doing here?" Prince Kang Zhao Jing looked at Zhao Qirui frowning.

    Zhao Jinghe Zhao Qirui with some natural origin, a kinsman of the emperor, but the two people of the realm is too far, Zhao Qirui for this day only know the corrupt Royal reputation lead a gay life, the prince, Zhao Jing has always been very despised.

    "Oh, brother, the star school exams, also is a big event in my big brother Wang Qi, I came to visit, but also to see knowledge knowledge."

    Zhao Qirui to Prince Kang's disdain not take it seriously, eyes fell upon Liang Yu, smiled and said: "this is the temple should be master Liang Yu? Before I heard the master Liang and Wu Palace are some misunderstanding? This is me when the Anping lady Zhao Feng, and the master Liang is my big Qi Hou Anping elite, have what misunderstanding opened is good, can do is keep in mind, lest hurt."

    "Master Liang Yu, did not expect to meet you here, it is beyond all expectations."

    Zhao Feng quickly seize the opportunity to cross the first two steps forward said: "before I got some master Qin Jia and misunderstanding, but it is a family of children who do not understand things, if have, also hope to master Liang Haihan, son Qin Fen, has also been taught."

    "Mrs. Zhao joked, you Qin family thing, and I need to beam to beam a explain."

    "Zhao Feng has been on the dust and malevolent Qin, Qin want to climb dust, how close to her." Liang Yu's heart sneers.

    Zhao Fengjian Liang Yu unmoved, added: "in order to express our apologies for the Qin Fu, not long ago I have offended you unfilial children master Qin dust, together with his mother Yuechi together out of the Qin Qin family, they have not considered the Qin family i."

    "So can Liang Yu to express heartfelt, re draw Liang Yu; secondly, even if he wanted to come back to the Qin Yuechi mother, this thing has got" well known, he considered the Qin's reputation will make concessions." Zhao Fengxin cycles, the mouth could not help but lift up.

    The side of the prince Kang heard the name of Qin Mouguang dust, a bright, suddenly a great gaze over.


    Hearing this Liang Yu look suddenly changed, forehead sweat day, "you said Qin dust is in conflict with it because I was driven out of the Qin home,?"

    "It is." Zhao Feng eyes a bright, since that was Liang Yu's identity, with the tunnel: "Qin dust waste, dare offend your master Liang, I just drove him out of the Qin home, has been regarded as the great mercy. I have to say, this person should be directly removed the limbs, and then knelt at the entrance to the temple for ten days and ten nights, you can master the solution of hate."

    Zhao Feng said the look of excitement, Liang Yu's heart is cold sweat.

    "If so, it would not kick myself, dust Qin, Qin home this is trying to kill him." Liang Yu's anger!

    For a time Liang Yu body cold, cold sweat behind.

    "The master Liang, are you okay?" See Zhao Jing Liang seem wrong, can not help.

    "I'm fine." Liang Yumeng woke up, his heart sank, I can only think a way to catch up.

    Liang Yu hates to look at it is off the reel of Zhao Feng, even her want to split live have a heart, cold hum: "you Qin family things, Liang did not want to listen, Mrs. Zhao still ahead!"

    Liang Yu waved up has poor tone.

    Zhao Feng face a stiff smile, don't know what happened, but soon again with turn over, said: "the master Liang, I was determined to want to master and so, if you compromise, you told me where the master Qin home has not satisfied, although say, as long as I can do. Will not refuse."

    "Oh." Liang Yu sneered, cheeky quips: "Zhao Furen joked, Liang and you can't climb Qin Jia Liang, and Prince Kang also have to negotiate, please leave now. Mrs.."

    Liang Yu turned his head and looked grave, no longer see Zhao Fengyi eyes.

    Zhao Feng's face becomes extremely ugly, a time to go is not, nor stay.

    At this time he Qi Zhao Qirui smiled and said: "the master liang......"

    He also wants to center and look, but do not want to Liang Yu did not give his face, before he said, directly interrupted: "Wang Qi, Liang you like and unfamiliar, it will not leave."

    The anger of Liang Yu dark, "Zhao Qirui want to play Qin Yuechi idea, do not look at their own virtue, if let Qin see their dust with the person to be together, not to be misunderstood?"

    Thought of here, he couldn't help but sneer: "Qi Wang as a kinsman of the emperor, and sometimes also note the effect is good, and a married woman with all day together, I am afraid of being seen by others, thought two what are the munkey business."

    "You......" Zhao Qirui said he was blue in the face, trembling with anger.

    "Eight brother, the master Liang said yes, with peers, have to note the discretion, not what people do not care, then lost the Royal majesty." Zhao Jing glanced at Zhao Qirui said coldly.

    Zhao Qirui Zhao Jing began in the royal status, can be higher than him too much, he can only suppress depressed Road: "yes, my brother."

    Two people went away immediately.

    "Madam, how to master and beam to talk about?" Zhao Fenggang returned to his seat grandstand, Qin Yong went up to her and said.

    Zhao Feng is blue in the face, eyes a hideous Italy, angrily: "hum, a two product refining division, ye what ye, that is oneself is the main temple temple?"

    Zhao Qirui also looks pale, cold hum: "this Liang Yu also There is no such a rule!, arrogant."

    Qin Yong see two people flustered appearance, you know two people just must eat shriveled, hurried back in one side, did not dare to touch the two people in trouble.

    "The master Liang, you calm down, he always Qi Wang asshole, don't be such a popular bad body." Zhao Feng had just left, Zhao Jingbian said to Liang Yu relief.

    Liang Yu nodded, did not speak, but the brow wrinkled, how can the mind dispel their bad impression, in the Qin dust heart ah, this is Zhao Feng, can cause infinite harm to people.

    Zhao Jing looked at Liang Yu frowning, eyes staring thoughtfully, slightly to the Qin dust place, this is what people can even make a master Liang Yu for him against Qin Jia and Wang Qi?

    After all, how to say, Qin Jia is Qi leading giants, although Liang Yu tried to division of the temple, do not have to care about the family's face, but like the Qin family rich, can not offend, nature or not to offend as well.

    Interesting, really interesting.

    Zhao Jing looked at the Qin dust, eyes narrowed, with a smile means.
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