#36  have a breakthrough

    The thirty-sixth chapter have a breakthrough

    "Fen." To see people, Zhao Feng smiled: "how do you practice these days?"

    Qin Fen hideous smile, said: "mother, you can rest assured that the child has broken through to the human level late peak level, distance is only one step away, against Qin dust that kid, is more than sufficient, he can move waste."

    Zhao Feng face a glimmer of comfort, exclaimed: "well, you can't Fen, but in the eyes of the Qin dust body, hope you can learn mother brother you to become king, most of the top talent."

    "Mother, you want me to learn the old brother, brother what gift, how can I compare with him." Qin Fen depressed road.

    He is the first genius brother Qin, Qin Jia, is the pride of Zhao Feng.

    Qin was showing a very amazing talent, as early as a few years ago, it has exceeded the level set, follow the king in the battlefield, and several major work, is now the first army captain, the general distance is only one step away.

    Qin Fen can be said to be living under the shadow of big brother grew up.

    It has been for him at the bottom of the Qin dust.

    "Hey, my good brother, you'd better pray tomorrow, don't wake the blood." Think of tomorrow's college exams, Qin Fen mouth slightly a hook, face a little ferocious sneer.

    At this time, Wuan Hou fu!

    Here a group of senior class star academy students, all are children of the nobility in the home of the king.

    "Congratulations small Hou ye, a small Hou ye, broke through the level, tomorrow will be able from the star school, then follow the Wuan Hou toward the officer, in the battlefield, from Wang Baixiang, be nothing difficult."

    In the courtyard, the princes and children, surrounded by a pale, eyes gentle boy, have a compliment.

    "Oh." Feminine teenagers wearing a beautiful Chinese robe, lion foot cloud boots, although in the winter time, but with a paper fan, graceful bearing, "that for all the kindness."

    "Small Hou Ye welcome, after the small Hou Ye don't forget you successful in the official career, ah."

    "Yeah, yeah!"

    "Small Hou Ye was only seventeen years old, is already a strong level, the king so many children of the nobility, and a few compared to the small Hou ye."

    A group of people's extremely skilled.

    In the crowd, Wei Zhen gloomy face, watching the unhappy feminine boy.

    He and Li Qingfeng are door disciple, usually a good relationship, with many, but also secretly competing with each other, neither would.

    Now Li Qingfeng breakthrough level, but he was still struggling people late peak, these days not only for no progress. But there are some setbacks.

    He had a kind of feeling, his reason for this, and the foot of Qin had dust kicking yourself in the Dantian definitely has a great relationship.

    He also talked to some doctors and pharmacists, but after all he said no diagnosis no problem, which makes him extremely irritable heart, Qin dust has become increasingly resentful.

    "Li Xiong!"

    After staying around a little, Wei Zhen immediately went forward.

    "Oh? Brother wei!" Li Qingfeng smiled and patted the fan palm, looked at Wei Zhen, a superior look reveals the eyes, mouth also outline a smile a faint smile on one's face: "this time as your brother first breakthrough level, Wei Xiongke to refuel, not neglect ah, also want to wait for the brother brother Wei after the break, learn from each other a compete."

    "Li Xiong assured, Wei Li won't let Xiongjiu etc.!" Wei Zhen suppressed the unhappy, proudly said, and then the wind around, "Wei Moujin day before, there is a phase!"


    "The college exam tomorrow, I hope I learned a person Xiongbang li." Wei Zhen said his teeth.

    "Who?" Li Qingfeng looked surprised, a person really can not love people, Wei and he would teach who also need to ask yourself?

    "Qin dust!" Wei's eyes narrowed eyes, every single word or phrase, hate out of eyes.

    Li Qingfeng frowned, "which Qin dust?"

    "What is the dust, Qin you know."


    Li Qingfeng paused, Qin dust too much fame, but not in the family called God Qin furniture children, and is the star school since the first may be due to the awakening of blood, out by students, so Qin dust although only junior class students, but he also heard the other name.

    Just a guy, it can easily solve Wei himself, why let yourself out?

    Li Qingfeng was puzzled eyes to stare, Wei really seems to know each other's misgivings, grind teeth a way: "this person is not you think so simple."

    "Oh? Say to listen to."

    Li Qingfeng came in.

    Wei Zhen had to say what sequence of events on Li Qingfeng's face, the excitement is strong, he disdains to look at Wei seems to really, he was a waste beat and some disdain, lightly: "Oh, a little mean, I promise."

    Anyway, he has exceeded the level after the exams, can from the star school, learned about the Qin dust, nobody him.

    Kang Wang, LianWu market.

    "The star!"

    Zhao Lingshan holds a handle star sword, sword, the sky seemed to appear numerous stars, dense, inevitable.


    The clear gold iron ring to Ge, three guards back again and again, has been out of nearly ten paces before he stopped, they appear in the chest, a few tears touched the inside of the sword cuts, in a.

    "The princess for high, I feel inferior." A few guards hanging sword sighs.


    Prince Kang Zhao Jing stood, hands slapping, smiling, against the side of Liang Yu said gratefully: "thank you for the master Liang's teachings, let the little girl for a thousand li a day, just a month, broke through the level, tomorrow will be able from the Star College graduation."

    Liang Yu said: "Prince Kang flattering light, it is because of her talent, awakening is three blood, spirit of talent to orange, so I can practice the spirit of arcane effort, can break through the level in a month."

    Prince Kang smiled: "anyway, all this is the master of your credit, the little girl graduated from Star Academy, the king hope she can follow the master Liang learning, strive to become a real refining division."

    Liang Yudao: "I made her breakthrough as soon as possible from the star level, graduated from college, and this is precisely what."

    "Ha ha." Prince Kang laughed: "tomorrow is the day star college years ago exams, I do not know the master Liang is not interested, look at the little girl exam tomorrow?"

    Liang Yu mind suddenly emerge a remarkable figure, spit way: "that is a must."

    Liang Yu and Prince Kang smiled and left Zhao Lingshan to continue practicing martial arts field.
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