#35  God blood

    The thirty-fifth chapter God blood

    "Impossible, general practitioners to improve the blood, only through the absorption of blood and blood blood beast force crystal body, or through blood division promotion, can be improved, but the thunder of my blood......"

    One can grow blood?

    The dust was shocked for his discovery.

    There's blood, in addition to the one to do, also, where King Xuan, three level.

    This is because the garbage can pass the blood, blood division promotion, or the absorption of blood, improve.

    But different blood vessels at different levels have different possibilities and ultimately grow.

    Where is the highest level of blood, that can only grow into three common blood blood.

    This blood, only the highest up to three, is the most common.

    Xuan, is the highest that can ascend to six of the blood products.

    As for the king, is to grow to nine blood.

    According to legend, the king level on blood, there is a god of blood, the blood does not need blood and blood through the crystal absorption blood beast, can with Wu repair upgrade, to enhance the product order.

    Only the blood always exists only in legend, Qin dust past just heard the news, but had never seen.

    "Is my blood of thunder is the legendary god of blood?"

    Qin dust it felt hot, sweaty palms.

    Although he did not know how terrible the blood level of God, but through the literature that God blood growth and power beyond the king level blood, history has a god blood genius, as long as it does not fall, the final achievements are remarkable, is strong, the peak.

    Whether or not the God of blood, a pressing matter of the moment is to enhance their practice, I too far behind, time waits for no man, I must be at the school before the final exam, to enhance the level of late."

    Qin dust long breathed, eyes shining.

    The next few days, he stay at home, into retreat.

    Nine God Jue doing one Sunday in his body.

    After every Sunday, Qin in twelve meridians in the dust will enhance it.

    At this time, nine powerful God Emperor Jue is manifested.

    The general method, after running over dozens of Sunday, the human body meridian qi can not bear impact, caused minor damage, warriors often need to rest for a period of time, in order to continue practicing.

    But in practice the tactic nine God at the same time, will nourish the meridians, repair, is endless practice continues, and will not cause damage to the meridians.

    After practice, Qin dust in vivo is becoming increasingly strong.

    Finally the day before school exams coming.


    The dust in the pubic region, suddenly issued a muffled, whole body trembled a little.

    The late stage!

    The gas pool capacity, immediately expanded ten times, the original basin the size of gas pool, immediately become one meter square, which contains a lot of pure Qi, such as filling water, surging surging.

    "Finally a breakthrough level later, the next goal is to be able to break through to the prefecture level cities, in a month time, otherwise, this practice too slow."

    If the other person heard Wu Qin dust heart, to not be depressed.

    A month of time, from early to late stage breakthrough stage, almost comparable to some of the talented teenager a year of practice, still too slow.

    It is not justice.

    "No matter what, to the late stage after that, I want to see a joke in the school exams, I am afraid to be disappointed."

    Qin dust cold smile, mind sinister expression to Zhao Feng.

    "Now I don't know what the power to reach the point of it?"

    Qin dust stood up and came to the garden.

    It was midday, home empty, Qin Yuechi generally do not come back at noon.

    Qin dust staring at a half man in the yard high dark stone steps, micro fault, legs with a pedal, "ran out of the bass".


    Qin standing where the previous dust, tile immediately burst, such as the spider web like spread, his whole person such as a lightning, instantly came to stone front, with the legs driving force to drive the waist, waist and back, shoulder, the power in my right hand, a boxing in the stone above.


    A terrible noise, the whole stone is punch force throughout, suddenly split into pieces, fist size stones, crush a.

    "This one's strength, should be around twenty horsepower!" Qin dust satisfied nodded.

    The early stage of ordinary people Wu, owning a horse power, one level mid Wu, has five force, people later martial, with ten horse power.

    Qin dust just broke people later have twenty horse power, is already quite good, with his strength will certainly enhance the repair, more powerful.

    "Have a rest, tomorrow the school exams."

    Qin dust change a clean clothes, sleeping in the room.

    Qin fu.

    Zhao Feng lived in the courtyard.

    "Qin Yong, tomorrow is the day star school exams, how I let you do things?" Zhao Fengzuo in a chaise chair, said Yin eyes grieved.

    "Back to the lady, everything has been done, just......" Qin Yonggong body, slightly said.

    "What is it?"

    "The man suspected she gave too little, also want to add twenty thousand."

    "Well, give him."

    Zhao Feng squinted: "just let the young animal through the star school exams, a mere twenty thousand of what."

    "." Qin Yong nodded, some said: "finally about to speak, but saying nothing, madam, for such a boy, we spend so much energy, worth it? If the star of people know that we bought their assessment of teachers, the star of our school wrath, Qin family is very dangerous."

    "Well, you know what?" Zhao Feng squinted: "Qin dust and then how is the old man's blood, although Liang Yu. This time, they will be out mother Qin Fu, but the old man had a cross, so will their mother to take back the house, but if the boy failed the star school exams be out of college it is different, even if the old man again Xinyoubugan, also It doesn't help the situation."

    "What I want is the Qin Yuechi mother, this life can not return to the home of the Qin dynasty." Zhao Fengli said, a.

    Qin Yong suddenly: "madam, belong to understand."

    Zhao Feng nodded: "do you have time to communicate about, money is not a problem, I hope that this would not have any mistake, if the boy passed the college exam, then trouble!"

    "Mother, what do you worry about this, the school exams, all grade students will attend, I assure you, even if the dust Qin awakened the blood, I will be in the following examination he spent."

    Open the door, Qin Fen confidence came in.
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