#28  of the blood chamber

    The twenty-eighth chapter of the blood chamber

    Holy blood, rentouzandong, Qin dust eyes gently at a glance, but see the blood shrine hall, a row of two teams.

    One of the teams is the adult warriors, these people are generally of holy blood blood or blood upgrade, repair.

    In the blood after awakening, with the military strength to enhance the upgrade, in addition, blood division can also use some external materials to enhance the Wu's blood vessels, improve the strength of wuhan.

    While the other team is led by many parents of teenagers, is waiting for the baptism of the Holy Land awakening blood blood division.

    "The sir, you are awakening to the blood? Your parents, did not accompany you to come over?"

    A pleasant voice sounded suddenly in Qin dust ear, then came a fragrance gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind a body, white dress, tall and graceful girl, smiled and said to Qin dust.

    Lin xinrou is the blood of holy land has been left to see the waiter, Qin dust came in, and could not resist to ask.


    Qin dust touched the nose, it really is special, he went past blood shrine headquarters Wu domain, which is not the waiter for his reverent and respectful heard the call, at first glance, there is a very strange feeling.

    Lin xinrou a sweet smile: "your age is smaller than my brother, don't call you little sir, don't call your little brother?"

    Lin Xinrou face smile blossoming, the waiter job rare to see a dull as ditch water, no parents to accompany young Lin xinrou also relaxed some, slightly teases.

    "Well, give me a room to arrange a separate blood." Qin dust eyes still in the hall around, light said.

    "Sir, if you want to awaken the blood, only need to register, then you can row after the side of the team, the host of today's awakening is the Holy Blood master Chen Fan, wait your turn, you follow the people in front, do not need separate blood room." The Qin dust like adults tone, let Lin xinrou heart smile.

    "I come not to my awakening of blood, but there are other things, you only need to arrange for me a room can be blood!" Qin dust know each other misunderstood my meaning, light way.

    Lin xinrou one Leng, look at Qin dust, blood, blood taking division may be used when awakening ceremony held in the room, there are some equipment, only to use blood division.

    The young do not want to give yourself the awakening of blood?

    "Sir, if you want to wake up blood, it is best to find your blood division to awaken, awakening the blood of the ceremony is very complex, one not careful will cause a great impact on their own blood, even life-threatening, if you want to study the awakening ceremony, but also the best with his mentor." Lin Xinrou is a serious expression.

    Holy blood history is not happened, there is a blood division apprentice privately to awaken the blood, causing irreparable effects to each other, resulting in the teenager almost die, eventually the blood division apprentice was fired on the spot, and also by the Holy sanctions.

    "You trust, I just want to look at the ceremony awakening of blood, not what other dangerous, don't you worry." Qin dust waved, indifferent tone, a means to release oil and allow all doubt.

    Lin xinrou heart one Lin, at the previous all gone.

    The general came to the blood of holy man, people are often very respectful and humble demeanor, but the tone of previous Qin, dust, but did not dare to let her have a feeling she refused, in the heart has made Qin dust blood division apprentice label.

    "So, you come with me." Lin Xinrou took the Qin dust came to the front desk registration: "blood room rental fee is one hour five hundred silver coins, also please sign here."

    "Well, here is 500 silver." Qin took the silver dust 500, signed under the name, but the hearts of a wry smile, the rental cost is expensive, the cost of an awakening is 100 coins, but their rented room is full of precious blood, 5 times.

    It seems that, after the exams, have to think of a way to get some money.

    At this time, in the blood of holy blood chamber area.

    A fine room, wearing a robe of middle-aged deacon, pointing to the blood instrument room, on the side of a steward who looks like sink a track: "Liu steward, this batch of blood analyzer, is president of adults from the superior blood shrine to come personally, is the blood on the market the most advanced instrument. It is said that Wu domain blood masters, are also used in the blood analyzer, but the instrument used is very complex, even the guildmaster is also exploring, we segment, in addition to guildmaster, any other persons are not allowed to use this instrument in the blood, including blood of other divisions as you are responsible for the blood chamber work, once out of any problem, I take you are asked, do you understand?"

    "Yes, Lee deacon, you can rest assured that I speak down, guarantee a mosquito does not fly in." Liu steward paizhexiongfu said.

    "Well, then I was relieved, guildmaster there have some things, I go first."

    After Lee left many deacons, amazed at Liu instrument steward in the room, "blood on the market the most advanced instrument was a long way, gee, this instrument is said to even 1/1000 of the blood concentration can be detected, it is ah, hey, let's division, had a baby."

    The steward is Liu shining eyes, amazed when a worried voice suddenly came from outside: "Liu Liu steward, steward in?"

    "I'm here, what happened?" The blood out of the room to see Liu steward, who is the holy land of Chen master's assistant, frowned, should know is what happened.

    "Liu steward, who master Chen blood giving the awakening of the instrument suddenly broke down, you go and see."

    "What? There is such a thing!"

    Liu takes care of a surprise, who is the master Chen presided over the ceremony today awakening master, today all holy blood awakening of youth, he held by the awakening ceremony, if what's wrong, it is a big thing, and even affect the reputation of the Holy blood.

    "Take me in the past."

    Scaredly, Liu steward not care too much, hurriedly follow each other and ran over to Chen Fan's blood chamber, sometimes even just told Li deacons are forgotten.

    Liu steward just leave soon, Lin xinrou took the blood into the dust Qin room area.

    "Here is our room where the blood of holy blood, every room here, are you the awakening of blood instrument, in this room."

    Lin Xinrou open a blood chamber, Qin said to dust.

    "Well." Qin dust nodded, just ready to go, suddenly glance to the side of the room, tiny footsteps.
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