#25  outbreak

    The twenty-fifth chapter outbreak

    Qin Fen had said that adding the trimmings, again, a hat on the head of Qin dust, finally said: "if this is not how we Qin dust, Qin Jia Yu Liang offend master, lead us home Qin lost so much treasure, I'm afraid we Qinjia if things go on like this, want to go to the temple for work it will be difficult!"

    Qin dust standing in the hall, feeling from all sides to shoot the eyes, as well as performing Qin Fen, sneer at in the heart.

    "Those things, even the black stone, Yao Ming, but also the loss of seventy thousand silver coins, the Qin family is just a drop in the bucket, but it seems to be his bankrupt as ridiculous."

    One of the elders said coldly: "Qin dust, what do you have to say!"

    This is the home of the Qin Dynasty two elders is Qin Farglory uncle figure, Qin mother had to dust when the princess, he could be in the news for some official appointment Dangdang, but now because of the Qin Yuechi elopement, stay at home, it is hated them nianglia.

    Qin dust say what, light way: "I have nothing to say."

    "Well, now, you little beast, even a bit of repentance is no sign, in your eyes there is no Qin home!" An elder takes a table, the Qin Farglory angrily: "the master of the house, I propose that little beast out of the Qin, Qin Jia to protect me more evil."

    "The master of the house, I agree."

    "This little beast is not out of my control, Qin home sooner or later have to suffer a great deal."

    "Keep not baiwenhang!"

    Some of the elders of the house of Qin, the steward, have complete drink recommendations together.

    Zhao Feng's heart Yin Yin smile, the elders and the steward of her early on by gas, this time is to give out the mother Qin Jia family, to see their mother can get through the customs.

    "By the elders, the wrong." Qin Yuanzhi face a change, even said: "from the family, this is big, at least have so he came back to say."

    "Well, he is now the border of Qin Polygala, garrison, and Zhao war, not three years five years, never come back, so he came back, that we have to wait until what time."

    "That is, teshiteban, Qin dust little beast at a young age, can offend Liang master, before I heard also angered Qi Wang, after two years, not even the emperor was he offended."

    "I Qinjia out of such a scum, it is immoral, destruction of morality."

    Several of Qin Yuanzhi's elder uncle cold voice cried, a few people a lot older, gray beard, his face covered with wrinkles, but looking at the eyes of cold dust Qin Li as the blade, full of cold color, not a Qin children as she watched, but an enemy of qin.

    Qin Yuanzhi's wry smile, looked at Qin Yuanxiong, said: "big brother......"

    Qin Yuanxiong waved, and then looked at a way: "Qin Qin dust, dust, no rules, no Cheng Fangyuan, I have been able to rise in the Qin Qi, because of strict rules, but after all, you are my nephew, I'll give you one last chance to explain it."

    "The master of the house?"

    "Let him explain what."

    "In fact, directly out well, anyway he was not naturalized, not even my family qin."

    "My home for so many years he Qin Baichibaihe, have worthy of him."

    The name of the elders and the steward have openings, did not think the master of the house also let the little beast explain, what a good explanation.

    Look at these anxious to eat their own eyes, Qin dust indifferent to smile: "since so you want me to leave the Qin home, so I left on the line, why do these empty, when I really care?"

    "Qin dust." Qin Yuanzhi drank a sound, eyes anxious, hurried to see Qin Yuechi.

    But see Qin Yuechi stubborn face, with a bleak look, all watching in the hall.

    Zhao Feng was like to find something like jumping up, pointing to the Qin dust, and screamed: "you have heard the elders, you see, this little beast is how to say, we have eyes of Qin Jia yao!"

    "Ha ha ha, you also said that, since I am not Qin family, why should we take care of your thoughts!" Qin dust with a sneer, disdain to say: "Qin, I bah, I have never been Qin children, did not think of to become the Qin family, you don't wishful thinking on me."

    "You...... Bold!"

    Many elders by Qin dust gas almost have a faint, pale, trembling body angry.

    "I am bold? Haha, how dare I ah! You are the big Qin home with a great reputation, I am so humble, how dare wanton in front of you! For so many years, you Qin Jia, from top to bottom, ten years, who really take our mother of two people when people see?"

    "My mother is Qin's daughter, your loved one, you can see so many years, how about her? Who bullied her, also forget that, you can even bullied her, bullying a weak woman, don't you feel blush, don't feel ashamed?!"

    "Say you Zhao Feng, usually in everywhere of my mother, the other day I was seriously wounded, dying mother, in order to give me for a Huichundan, kneeling in front of Zhao Feng you that night, or, you should also let her go to flatter Qi wang!"

    "Zhao Qirui the rats, don't you know his virtue? The beast like things, let my mother to see him, it is clear you put my mother pushed into the pit of fire!"

    Qin dust roar of the echoing hall, such as knife sword, great teaching, full of anger, thorn all body shaking, heart shock!

    In the hall, a silence, but I just got back yesterday Qin Yuanzhi did not know, all the elders and deacons face is very ugly, because they know that dust Qin said, is true.

    "Huichundan, a mere two of goods and immortality, my mother is big Miss Qin, Qin Jia big miss ah! Is your sister, aunt, niece, kiss kiss niece, your loved one! But you let her as a Huichundan by Zhao Feng, this shameless woman who had create all sorts of obstacles, you? Have looked down upon us?"

    "And now here I mention what Qin children, I bah, I wasn't born Qin family, you also don't want to come to my home rule with Qin sanctions!"

    Qin dust cold voice, in the midst of the hall echoed, the sharp voice, full of murderous eyes, shook everyone for a long time can not be disconcerted, speech.

    "You...... You...... You look at this little beast, lawless and unruly!" Zhao Feng screamed, hysteria, eyes like snake venom.

    "Brother, what happened?" Qin Yuanzhi looked at Qin Yuanxiong, asked sternly, he was responsible for the Qin family in Qi around the business, often not at home of the Qin dynasty. Otherwise, he also does not know this thing.
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