#22  don't mess with me

    The twenty-second chapter don't mess with me

    "You...... What do you want?"

    Wei Zhen face big change, but see Qin dust suddenly raising his hand, a slap in his face to Fan Wei, really the heart was shocked, even want to resist, but Qin dust slap too fast, even before he lifted his hand, with Qi has hard slap in his face.


    Crisp exploding, Wei Qin is a really direct slap dust flew out, blood mixed with teeth splash in the air, the whole people like a rag doll, plumped down, half face swelling, a purple color, painful screams.

    To see this amazing scene, so that the side of the Wei Zhen scared legs felt weak, getting cold, just ran out of the house. But Qin dust standing position, obstructs his escape from the road.

    "Little bastard, you know who I am, so I dare to play, you're dead, you know, you're dead......"

    Wei Zhen difficult to hold up the body, angry roar, his eyes red and clinking, the whole person like a wounded after mad beast, face twisted terror, a cold.

    Anger, rage, anger hitherto unknown!

    What time is it from small to large, Wei people so humiliated? Strong meaning full of humiliation of his chest, blurred his sight, that he could not kill Qin dust on the spot.

    In response to his, but Qin dust flying leg kick.


    Wei Zhen chin, directly kick off a mortar, blood mixed with saliva all really, Wei Dong of a fall, headache, body violent convulsions.

    "You really call Wei? I warn you, don't mess with me, this gives you a chance, if the next time, I promise, I'll kill you."

    Qin Wei really came to the dust side, with superior eyes overlooking the Wei really, systemic cohesion manner in his eyes toward the Wei really shot past.


    Wei Zhen felt his brain suddenly blank, a huge shadow of death instantly enveloped him, Qin dust eyes, like the two sword, stabbed in his heart beat.


    Wei Zhen uttered a scream of terror stricken, heart rises a hitherto unknown fear, at this moment, he seemed to be nine and hell, endless torment.

    A trace of water instantly appear in Wei really pants, the sticky feeling he woke up, he was such a stare Qin dust, pees, which always thinks highly of Wei Zhen, than simply kill him to shame.


    A kick in the Wei's pubic region, Wei really screams, suddenly lost consciousness in the past.

    The side of the Wei Zhen, had been scared silly.

    He was pale, know something, then also did not consider what, crazy in Qin side door rushed to dust.

    At the moment he had only one idea, that is to get out of here, escape from the devil.

    "Now want to escape? Too late!" Qin dust eyes cold, punched out, bang, Wei Zhen no suspense shocked back to the past, the heavy fall in the ground.

    Da! Da! Da!

    Such as the death of general footsteps, Wei Zhen gradually approaching, Wei earthquake did not all pain, hurried up, kneeling on the ground, looked frightened Qin dust, repeatedly begged: "Qin dust...... No, no...... Less dust...... I beg you to dust...... Let me go, I won't do it again, I won't do it again, I am a beast, you let me go!"

    "Wrong, you are not even brute." Qin dust eyes cold, a hard kick out.

    Wei Zhengen could not resist, he was kicked in the Dantian Qin dust, the whole people fly out, followed by the big bang of a body fell to the ground, two eyes in a same hunsi past.

    Qin dust smiled grimly, although he did not kill two people, but two people have been Qin Qi Dantian dust to the wounded, two people wake up, do not have what feeling, but this life is no longer "for further.

    The dust came to Lin Qin day and Zhang Ying side, two people up, and in two people massage a few.

    Lin and Zhang Ying day suddenly felt a warm circulation in the body, had no pain in the body had a comfortable many, some places are also a lot of swelling and redness.

    "Less dust, you really are......"

    Two people terrified, they see the whole process, by means of Qin dust thoroughly to rip off, just feel very shocking, somewhat dazed, at a loss.

    "You go back out, these two guys should not dare to trouble." Qin dust lightly.

    His heart to the two people slightly guilty, if not him, Lin day and Zhang Ying will be Wei Zhending.

    "We are fine, but less dust you put two of them, I'm afraid......" Lin and Zhang Ying are worried about Tao day.

    This time, they are still worried about Qin dust.

    Wei Zhen was the two son of Wei Hou, Wei Zhen, Wei Hou mansion is now heir, Wei Zhen Qin dust lessons so badly, once found the Wei Hou Hou Anping, Qin dust situation will be very dangerous.

    "I'm fine, you rest assured two."

    Qin dust heart slightly warm, who said there are wicked people, past the wind dust Qin Shao Yu injury to the heart, can not help some warm.

    "I have two formulas, you can practice your back." Look at the dust Qin two people repair, stuck in the human mind, the early stage peak, taught two people a pithy formula.

    "Less dust you are?"

    "You go to practice you know."

    Qin dust heart dark sigh a, even past the wind little feather betrayal, in this world, he still believe in friendship, I hope this time, I don't see an eye.

    This is a formula, he handy thing, Qin dust, is not at all what is precious.

    Off day Lin and Zhang Ying, Qin dust all the way back to a mansion, thinking of things.

    He did not consider the influence of Wei and Wei was wounded after the earthquake, which to him is not a thing, he thought, is the practice of the future.

    Re build the meridians to success, Qin dust started to enter the formal practice.

    However, martial arts need to consume a lot of resources, especially the cultivation of nine God Jue Qin dust, every stage of required resources are ordinary Wu several times or even ten times.

    This is a very large number.

    Is the so-called money is not everything, but a warrior without money, is absolutely not.

    Qin now faced with dust, the lack of money.

    Before his martial arts funding from Qin Yuechi, but Qin Yuechi in Qin home situation is not good, so they can give his support, is not much.

    "We must think of a way to earn money."

    In thinking about how to make money, imperceptibly come to dust Qin Qin Jia mansion.

    "Dust master."

    In front of the two guards to see Qin dust, immediately greeted him respectfully, but the eyes are showing a trace of strange eyes, seems to be what happened in general.

    Qin dust heart slightly surprised, but he did not think, into the mansion.

    It did not take long, suddenly a sweet wind, wearing a red dress, tall girl suddenly appeared in front of the Qin dust.

    I saw this girl eighteen around the age of nine, although not very old, but very beautiful, long black hair scattered, bright eyes are sharp Qiong nose, red lips, blow play can be broken white skin, give a person a kind of youthful atmosphere.
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