Chapter 4 kill

    Chapter 4 kill

    Qin Yuechi's face changed, hastily: "madam, the dust he is young, just on impulse, outspoken, please do not mind mrs.."

    Mrs. Zhao cold tunnel: "young? If I'm not mistaken, he Qin dust this year nearly sixteen of it, that awakening ceremony in the star, not long ago, still have not awakened blood, as Qin sons in the house, he did not know Qinxue good, my glory for the Qin, but private fights in the college with the person, I will destroy the Wu palace a sound, more here sharing it, bullying people, Qin in violation of house rules and HEZUI?"

    Qin Yuechi body form in a flash, pale, Mrs. Zhao is set to dust the crime!

    "HEZUI people, should be you?" Qin dust eyes cold, looked up at Zhao Feng, in the face of heavy Qin authority Mrs. Zhao contented to not fear, cold track: "your body is Qin home, people indulge, bully family disciples, this is your so-called Qin house rules?"

    "You......" Mrs. Zhao Qin did not think to dust could not help fly back.

    But she has not had time to speak, listen to Qin dust then thundered: "you as a woman, and King Zhao Qirui was notorious, extravagant together, the three hook up four, this is your woman?"

    One side would have looked good, his eyes staring at the Yuechi flirting Qin Zhao Qirui eyes suddenly snapped, rose red face.

    "The little beast, how I got scolded." Zhao Qirui said in the heart of anger.

    "You......" Mrs. Zhao pointed Qin dust, angry Bob jitter, angrily: "Zhao Qirui is my brother."

    Mrs. Zhao ancestors, and the royal family had some origins, expensive for the prince, Zhao Feng called Zhao Qirui a brother, was not arrogate.

    "Well, you as a brother and sister, privately tryst, is a mess - Lun move, more unbearable, you are given a court lady, do the world woman, acting dignified, if it came out, and how in Qin Jia Qi foundation."

    Qin dust again and again roar, eyes suddenly bloom.

    "You...... You little bastard, can I have him talk rubbish." Mrs. Zhao can not endure, to the two guards' roar.

    She was shaking with anger, dust Qin said, if she really came to the Qin, the Qin home, and where to continue to stay in the face of the king.

    Two guards heard Mrs. Zhao's command, immediately shouted angrily toward Qin dust rushed up, left and right, the clamp in the center.

    Qin Yuechi exclamation, in front of the dust blocking Qin regardless of personal danger, angrily: "who dare to move my dust."

    A security guard looked a cold, cold track: "Miss, sorry."

    He said, a big push to open the Yuechi qin.


    Before his hand on the shoulder of Qin Yuechi.

    Suddenly, a sharp light passing, only people feel in front of the flower, the air in a room for one of the cold.

    Then, pow, blood light Zhaxian, the guard issued a shrill scream, half arm had been cut off dust Qin sword, blood on the ground.

    He is under pain, body violence can retreat, Qin swords are dust, such as swiftly, followed up the escort, how to dodge, cannot escape, watched with blood sword, piercing his heart, eyes full of endless fear.

    A sword, sword.

    Make smooth reading!


    A stream of blood from the chest and a splash guard, straight out two meters high.

    The guards tried to confound, hand over the wound, can the blood, but as the fountain, to cover also not cover, finally, with fear the eyes of his eyes, a soft body, fell down.

    I said, "who dare to move my mother, I'm going to whose life!"

    Qin Tao dust every single word or phrase.

    He is armed with swords, like a statue of deicide general, glanced down the guard of one eye, like a cold voice from the nine quiet hell.

    The tip of the blood, slowly dripping, dripping blood in the room in perfect silence on the ground, only the voice echoed.

    Mrs. Zhao this group of vicious guy, all froze on the spot, like a duck neck was grabbed at a loss.

    Far outside the crowd of servants, a face of panic, rouge more blanched at heart, trembling, trembling: "this little creature, actually dare to murder!"

    As another guard, only to feel the forehead cold, a cold sweat, body stiff, dare not move.

    He think of it.

    The dust Qin master, although there is no awakening but blood, indeed, real ability to enter the King Star School, only fifteen years old, is already a celebrity - Wu zhe.

    Wu day, Wu, who are divided into nine stages.

    One day, grade level, grade, grade, grade, Zong Xuan Wang, Huang Zun, and Emperor level.

    Each level is divided into three levels early, middle and late.

    A layer of practice, looks like a heavy day.

    In person before, but this one pulse period coagulation state, the so-called coagulation vein phase is open, the body meridians, only to get through the seven meridians, in order to unite the people in Qi, level.

    Therefore, he is a real warrior.

    They are the guardians of the most common, also is the basic level of the people in the late.

    So he was killed by the sword of Qin dust.

    After a brief God, Mrs. Zhao first went back to God, her face flushed, eyes from light to incredible brutality.

    She really did not expect, always timid, submissive to the Qin dust dry out in public to murder.

    Not only is she.

    Even the Qin Yuechi also shocked, shocked at the same time with a heavy heart.

    "Qin dust, you crazy, dare to give public attack, and I get him, disposal, as an example." Mrs. Zhao Li shouted ferocious, like thunder.


    Another guard, immediately back to god.


    The waist is used he pulled out a pair of eyes, staring at the wolf like Qin gave the head up dust.

    I saw his feet on the ground with a foot, whoosh, shaped like a cheetah, hand swords turned into a cold long grass, toward the Qin dust arm cut off.

    He is this knife, Qin Jia Huang class "dragon knife with a great reputation in the blade" trick, called "dragon spit"!

    In the day, Wu, martial arts exercises rank from high to low is divided into four stages: the day, black and yellow!

    And every such order, and divided into three, twelve is divided into four steps.

    Although only the yellow dragon knife blade, but the higher the Yellow Knife, the Dragon spit letter is the most insidious, like the Dragon Saber spewing smog hunt, vicious shot, abnormal isspicy.

    It decided that, to tie a hole in the dust of Qin hands, for the dead brother out of breath.

    Anyway, Mrs. Zhao is under the command, as long as it does not kill Qin dust, his most suffer punishment.
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