Chapter 3 Zhao Furen

    The third chapter of Zhao Furen

    "Little bastard, you dare to yell at me!"

    Rouge face quickly climbed up a layer of angry angry blush, trembling all over, even the "little bastard" called out.

    In the house, many servants servants privately discussed when Qin dust, called him a bastard, but in the face of Qin dust, is basically nobody dares to call.

    How to say, Qin Yuechi is king's daughter, Qin's daughter.

    Rouge rage, but what did not, her fingers with Qin dust, a mocking face to say: "call you a dust master, when he was really young, I bah!"

    Qin Yuechi was white, a dark, angry at the way: "rouge rouge, what you call the dust? Remember your identity, just a girl!"

    "Well, miss, I had to put up spectrum?" Rouge watch Yuechi Qin, the secure to rely on laugh at: "Miss, you don't jump out, madam knew you would not keep the promise, left to start, to give people ah, I will miss to the living room, don't let the guests wait and mrs.."


    Rouge Carter, the door was suddenly kicked, two strong Qin home guard came in through the door, quickly came to the front of the Qin Yuechi.

    "Miss, come with us."

    The two guards carry head, cold eyed Qin Yuechi, eyes by a greedy Italy, said, to pull Qin Yuechi.

    Qin Yuechi Qingguoqingcheng, a born beauty, although these years have not, but it looks stunning is more fresh and refined, Qin Jia man talked about big miss, not the heart was unable to hide greeds.

    In this case, a little advantage, it seems that no one can see it?

    "I see who dare to move my mother."

    Qin dust quickly from the wall with a sword.


    The sword unsheathing.

    He took a step, standing in front of the Qin Yuechi sword, slanting eyes, fired two cold knife like cold long grass, fell on the two body guards.

    A sense of momentum, and from the dust shine.

    Two guards only felt a cold, death seems to be pegged to the general, a chill from the ghost vertebrae straight towering spirit cover body inexplicable provoked a layer of goose bumps, breathing feel difficult, hand movements is also one of the lag.

    What's going on?

    Two guards at a glance, feel incredible, the Qin dust, appearance and flavor are the same, but let them rise a sense of fear.

    If, once listen to his words, they will encounter a nightmare.

    Two people can not help but look to the rouge.

    "The two of you waste, a dust Qin will keep you scared? Don't forget, the family who is in charge, but also will not miss to the living room to blame the lady down, will you afford?"

    Natural gas is not one to play these two guys, how to do, should be the bastard Qin dust to scare.

    Two guards also feel shame, he actually was Qin dust to frighten him, Qin dust although young, but the status of theory, even an ordinary housekeeper are less than one, and act always timid, even dare to kill a chicken, if it spread out, they later also how in Qin Fu?

    Think of this, a security guard immediately cold to hum a, one step cold track: "dust master, you self-respect, I was in Mrs. Zhao to take lady went to the living room, if the dust master dare to stop words, Hugh Johnson, two of us is not polite."

    However, Qin dust are motionless, sword in front of him, eyes cold, every single word or phrase tunnel: "if you don't move my mother try desperately!"

    His voice is like jumping out of the nine quiet in the hell, let two guards footsteps, again as one of the lag.

    Qin dust and looked at the rouge, sighs: "and you, gouzhangrenshi, arrogant and domineering, arrogant in front of mother to me, I believe you will become exiled 3000, courtesans, unable to turn over a lifetime."

    Rouge face stiff.

    If you really make up, Mrs. Zhao or nothing, but their slaves, guards, it is absolutely no good.

    "Oh, who is in exile who?"

    A shrill voice suddenly sounded, immediately, from the door to a series of footsteps.

    Dressed in robes of servants, first entered the room, stand on both sides, then in a palace, is graceful and elegant middle-aged woman came in from the crowd.

    This person was wearing a gold rimmed cloud gown, wearing a red coral agate jade hairpin, above ten slender fingers, wearing four or five ring, wearing gold and silver, very rich.

    On the side, still follow a wretched appearance, bloated, wear is very rich middle-aged man came in, eyes fell in the Qin Yuechi body, flirting eyes straight gululu, not only from the mouth of saliva.


    See Rouge person, previously arrogant face suddenly convergence, pale, frightened eyes some stands down.

    This person is Zhao Feng, Zhao Qin home, mrs..

    Around her, is the king of Qi - Qi Wang One's reputation was a byword. merry Zhao Qirui.

    Mrs. Zhao Rouge cold to see one eye, cold hum: "little things are done well, I used to teach you how to?"

    Rouge frighten hurriedly kneeling on the ground, said: "I was very incompetent, please punish mrs.."

    "First go back side, disgrace."

    "Yes, madam." Rouge hurried back side, trembling, looking at Qin poison dust, but the hearts of sneer: "hum, little beast, now lady came to see how you arrogant?"

    Mrs. Zhao looked at with a sword of Qin dust, cold voice said: "unexpectedly, my nephew was unconscious for a few days, has become so have the courage, not only dare to life, but I will put people in 3000, as courtesans, ha ha, is really a long ambition ah, do not know the people. I thought the opening is Qin Fu's eldest son."
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