Chapter 2 mother

    Chapter 2 mother

    "That's good." The beauty of a woman face gentle looking at Qin dust, as if only the eyes, his son.

    "Dust son, how can you tell your mother, and the son of Wei Hou duel, is not someone you deliberately framed......"

    Qin Yuechi cumei looked at Qin dust, face concern.

    "No, I want to and he is a child of the duel." Qin bow road dust.

    Look, it is very cold.

    The fact is that Wei Zhen in the school he was a bastard abuse, scold his mother is a bitch, he came up with a duel.

    Now it seems that this should be a conspiracy against him.

    Because Wei Zhenyi took office, just under 1.

    If he told the truth to the mother, the mother character, will find the Wei Hou desperately, but now our situation is very difficult.

    When Qin Yuechi young, known as the first beauty, is the object of numerous kings Duke childe dark mu, with a gift for the matchmaker wear out the threshold, and even the emperor, have heard of Qin Yuechi beauty to satisfied her princess.

    But Qin Yuechi at this time, suddenly ran away from home, the world disappears in the limelight.

    Three years later, Qin Yuechi came back, with the newly born Qin dust, back to the Qin family.

    This matter has caused a sensation throughout the city.

    Not to marry and have children, which in the whole day, Wu, is a taboo to shame, to keep her, in some remote rural place, more is to immerse pig cage.

    At the time of the Qin, the gas almost didn't kill Qin is Yuechi, King Qin Batian, is also the grandfather of Qin Qin to dust back home blood in the name of Qin and Qin Yuechi dust.

    But the whole Wu palace people of Qin and Qin Yuechi dust are slighted, that is the Yuechi Qin Qin's shame.

    So Yuechi in Qin Qin Jia days, had a very bad.

    Otherwise, the dust will not Qin unconscious for three days and three nights, but not what doctors came to see.

    "The dust, although you are not this time of awakening the blood, but it does not matter, there is still a chance, do not impulse, will fight with others. Even if you can't become a strong, that wasn't what, mother will always protect you."

    Qin Yuechi looked at the bed weak Qin dust, slightly sigh, the nose is sour.

    The dust so strong character, if can't untie this knot, I'm afraid it will happen.

    "No blood awakening?"

    Qin dust through the integration of these body memory, instantly understand some things.

    The original owner of the body, has a good martial arts talent, with excellent performance, was admitted to the first big Qi Star College school.

    Just awakening in the school several times blood ceremony, he did not wake the blood, a few days ago, and had a blood awakening to the students, Qin dust still have not awakened blood.

    Wu day, the blood of respect, no awakening of blood, can not become a real strong.

    Before this body master after hearing the news by the blow, he wanted to become strong, in order to change the situation in the palace and his mother, did not think of God, and even he made such a joke.

    Against, he was gloomy, sullen day muddle along without any aim.

    So Yuechi will think that the Qin Qin and Wei Zhen dust duel, because there is no awakening of blood, the mood is not good.

    "Mother, you can rest assured that such setbacks, not defeat the haier."

    Qin Qin Yuechi dust feel concern, eyes softened, smiled.

    He is not in the comfort of Qin Yuechi.

    No awakening of blood, eight order blood to his previous imperial division, what.

    Qin dust that brilliant smile, let Qin Yuechi a warm heart, wide heart: "so, the mother can rest assured."

    Qin Yuechi was just going to say what, suddenly --

    Bang Bang bang.

    There is a knock at the door, and the sound is very large, almost playing with their feet.

    Qin Yuechi hurried to open the door.

    A little girl wearing ermine coat, entered the room.

    "Miss, how to open the door for a long time?" The girl said with a frown, while shouting big miss, but not at all polite appearance.

    "Rouge, the dust he just woke up, the body is still very weak, you sound a little bit, do not disturb the dust." Qin Yuechi said.

    Carmine heard this, it accidentally glanced at the bed of the Qin dust mouth becomes a sardonic smile.

    "It is dust master woke up, it was."

    Her mouth say congratulations, face without the slightest smile, eyes cold, dust like Qin owed her money.

    This girl named rouge, is one of the close Yahuan dust aunt Mrs. Zhao qin.

    Qin Jia gate's ancestors generations are generals, for Qi in the battlefield, made a splendid achievements.

    To the Qin dust grandfather Qin day of this generation, the momentum reached its peak, was king for Wu Qi, establishing government.

    Qin day son, Qin uncle Qin Yuanhong is dust, moncho on yam, was given a king Qi Hou Anping, set in Wu palace.

    Therefore, Qin dust big aunt, also became the mistress of the palace now set wu.


    Qin dust great aunt Mrs. Zhao, Qin and Qin Yuechi always loathed the dust, two people think they defiled the fixed Wu palace fame, tried to push them out.

    "What are you doing here?" Qin dust watch Rouge road.

    "Dust master, don't flatter yourself, I can not find you."

    Rouge surprised look at the dust before Qin, Qin dust can't and she say, then how this saved a life, so have the courage?

    "Miss, you guess my lady in the dust master here, indeed, you should not forget and his wife agreed between?"

    Qin Yuechi body one Zhan, fundus by a humiliation, like a pale complexion.

    She glanced at the Qin dust covered him with silk quilt, stood up and said softly, "dust son, mother to go out, you have a good rest."

    He turned to go out.

    How to see the natural dust Qin vision, Qin Yuechi that moment of trembling, heart felt a little bad, frowned: "mother, where are you going? I go with you."

    Qin Yuechi footsteps meal, turned, warm hands touch the Qin dust face, with a smile: "silly child, the mother would not go out in the palace, and you are afraid of mother in the palace, not to be bullied, you just wake up, don't catch a cold, take good care of the body go back to the mother."

    Qin dust frowned: "no, you tell me your mother, and Mrs. Zhao agreed what."

    On the face of Qin Yuechi, hesitating a color, do not know how to speak.

    One side.

    Rouge impatient: "a half-dead person, ask so much what I tell you now, your mother agreed to our lady, and Qi Wang met today, Wang Qi now has come to the living room, as she passed."

    "What, Zhao Qirui?! Zhao Fengni made this Bitch, mother to see the sex acts!"

    The men who don't know, Zhao Qirui is one of the most absurd big Qi Wang, perennial linger romantic, concubines, palace is full of Diva dancer, all day by unbearable, dubbed 'romantic.

    Zhao Qirui has been the mother of beauty, several door, was mother rebuffed, who knows, Zhao Feng was invited to this old rogue home, it That's going too far.

    Qin dust mercilessly stares at the rouge, eyes fired two light, angrily: "you are this mean slave girl, get out."

    "What do you say?"

    Rouge trembling with rage, pointing to the Qin dust, but dust the eyes of Qin zhe live, afraid to speak, but to the Qin Yuechi angrily: "Miss, you are so Godson? And you and Wang Qi thing, but when you first promised, you don't want to go back to?"

    "The mother promised?"

    Qin dust startled, looked at his mother.

    How is it possible?

    Remember, mother very dislike of Zhao Qirui, on his quest is very upset.

    How could the promised to see him?

    He wanted to hear a negative answer from the mother mouth, but see Qin Yuechi body an earthquake, not language.

    "The dust, you just wake up, take a break, do not hurt the body, that is not good, the mother just to see how he saw, not."

    Finally, Qin said Yuechi difficult.

    Qin Qin Yuechi looked incredible dust, anxious way: "mother, why? Zhao Qirui this guy and you know, you go to see him, eiden is equal to."

    "Why? Dust master, you have the face to ask why?" A look at the face Rouge taunt Qin dust: "you and Sidou, remain unconscious, see live, you are a good mother kneeling on the night in Our Lady of the door, asking her to give Huichundan, Mrs. Zhao promised mercy, miss request, you actually have the face to ask why, if I you have to die here."

    "You give me shut up."

    Qin Yuechi suddenly looked rouge, angrily: "Mrs. Zhao was promised me not to say this thing out, you dare to talk rubbish!"

    Looked at the angry mother Qin dust, the heart is a pain, he finally realized that the original mother promised Zhao Fengjian Zhao Qirui, is in order to save his huichundan!


    But is two product Dan medicine, but the value of thousands of coins.

    But for this one can niangqin Huichundan, give up their dignity.

    Qin dust heart startled, with tears in her eyes.

    He got out of bed, grabbed Qin Yuechi ready to go, bite the way: "mother, we're here, no one to see, you can rest assured that from today, I will not let you eat any bitter niangqin, but will not let you go to see Zhao Qirui the bastard lecherous old bastard!"

    Qin Yuechi, the body is one earthquake, tears sparkling in the beautiful Mou looking at Qin dust.

    Qin dust look cold, cold look at his eyes like rouge, a knife, cold track: "as for you, get out now!"
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