#1107  seed disciple

    Zhuji's natural increasingly ugly, but he was continuous lesson two times, if things return Citylink, he also can see?

    Looking or not to go, a sword Valley disciple, has been burst, it came out, he is a joke in the valley of the sword.

    He hates a fist, livid livid.

    From small to large, he has never received such an insult.

    However, only with Qin played a dust, he realizes that they are far not Qin dust opponents, even up to several times, are life lessons.

    "Well, because of their strong repair, no wonder so secure to rely on without you, how could I be so humiliated this kid?"

    Looking mad, Zhuji hard slap, Zhuji at this time where dare to fight, just bite the way: "Xu Wang brother, I do not know the strength is so strong, let's forget it?"

    Zhuji is really was out of fear. "Well?" Looking eyes of fire, "this little has been so humiliated, can forget it, because of their great strength? The demon sword City, he's not an outsider to Yishouzhetian place, can teach him, it is not, after all this demon sword City, or the land of Yao Jianzong.


    "This is your big brother looking to find Yao Jianzong's friends?"

    Zhuji eyes suddenly bright, even looking brother are not Qin dust opponents, he is downhearted, but heard Xu Wang said the demon sword Pope, he was in fine Fig.

    Yao Jianzong is a radius of dozens of forces, the only king of class forces, any demon inside pupil sword Pope in the weak are not looking to find a big brother, can teach the kid's master, but simple.

    "Well, you can be snookered." Xu Wang resentment said, eyes full of cold mountain: "light to find my friends, my friends is not enough, although strong, but also strong, and the demon sword rules were harsh, they just inside the door disciple, did not dare to wanton trouble."

    The "looking brother you mean?" "This time I come here, in addition to the demon sword inheritance, the second is to catch the demon sword in seed disciple Han Li, on behalf of the sword Valley to support him for a son, now Han disciples have promised my seed, is equal to the Han seed disciple's followers, Han adult will for me revenge


    The "seed disciple Han Li?"

    Zhuji great surprise.

    In the case of demon sword, disciples handyman disciples, door disciple disciples and disciple, Neimen seed.

    The door disciple, is the demon sword Zong very Niubi forces in the city, to the demon sword go sideways, as long as the future achievement, almost can be Yao Jianzong the Deacon and the door if the elders, a number of good luck, can even become elders.

    The seeds of disciples, but also in the position above the door disciple.

    What is the seed, seed, seed? That is the core of the demon sword in a few disciples.

    These disciples, are taken from the door disciple of top talent, the strength of the amazing unique identity.

    In general, the demon sword Pope every seed as disciples are only a few people, at least 32 people, more than five people, no more.

    These seeds disciples, enjoy the best munekado resources, all in accordance with the specifications of the cultivation of Zong Zi, and Zong Zi, is the demon sword Pope future in his title.

    That is to say, the so-called seed disciple, once the talent shows itself can become Yao Jianzong, Zong Zi, and in a few decades later, after the former suzerain, become a new term of the sovereign.

    Even the failure of competition can become sons, become a elders is an easy job to do in the future.

    This is what position?

    Yao Jianzong is the Imperial forces level only a radius of dozens of forces, Yao Jianzong can become a suzerain, this is what identity?

    Although he is one of Zhuji Liancheng wind heir, but want to take on the demon sword were seed disciples, it is impossible, only looking sword Valley disciples like this, only then may a.

    After all, the sword in the valley surrounding dozens of King level forces, is also ranked in the forefront, should not be underestimated.

    "Xu Wang brother, you go to see Han adults, not with me, I would also like to support the wind Lian Cheng, Han Li." Zhuji scrape up, can seed node on the disciple demon sword of the city, the future's eldest son, after the city's demon sword dare to him?


    Looking directly kick the past, but this guy, he will now end, also want to let him take the introduction of Han adults, fond dream.

    Don't piss to see their own virtue.

    He slammed the sleeves and turned away, the hatred, he must report!

    "Xu Wang brother, brother Xu wang!" Zhuji after a few steps, but was thrown farther and farther, can only be stopped, only to be disappointed to stop.

    However, the thought of looking brother will take vengeance, and Qin Han adults were dust lessons and exciting scenes, the heart.

    It seems that he must always pay attention to, then you can watch the show.

    Looking all the way, soon came to the Han mansion, with token passing.

    The seed does not necessarily have to live in his door inside, you can also open up in the mansion, after all, the demon sword Pope disciple seed entrance examination is comprehensive ability, so basically every seed in a disciple, will live in residence.

    But the sword Valley promised to support Han Li, Han Li also gave Xu Wang access token, something you can come at any time to see.

    The people under the leadership of Xu Wang soon came to the living room.

    "Xu Wang, Han Adults in entertain guests, but since you have something, Han Li's orders me take you in."

    The following is a youth, a practice in the seven order early, Yao Jianzong is a disciple of neimen.

    Between the demon sword Pope, forces perplexing disciple,, is not monolithic, but they support each other's disciple seed.

    "Thank you for Han Adults love."

    Looking a happy heart, Han adults when guests see, would see him, this is obviously highly of him, willing to introduce themselves to the adult guest.

    He was just wondering, can be called the Han adult guests, what is it?

    Thought of here, he slowed down, look also become yours.

    "Sword Valley Xu Wang, see Han adults."

    Once inside, looking directly down on one knee, hand salute. Although he is a sword Valley disciple, but the sword Valley, he is not a genius, there are many people who want to ban his position, he want to stabilize the disciple's identity, we must closely follow the Han Li, as long as he received the support of Yao Jianzong, let alone a disciple, even when the head of the sword valley. When he is not


    So for this gift, do not feel ashamed.

    "Oh, looking, you are the sword Valley disciple, why should the line of this gift, come on, come on." Han Li is his youth, with uncommon temperament, the hearts of the Xu Wang performance extremely satisfied, the mouth but also modest said with satisfaction.
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