#1106  leaves the ring

    In addition to identity, even the repair will not limit.

    Even the five order six order of Wu, Wu Zun, as long as you are willing to, can also come to the demon sword inheritance, not what people say.

    This makes Qin dust more Speechless later, after asking to know, although the demon sword inheritance forces and repair are not restricted, but not anyone can enter.

    After the demon sword inheritance will open, for independent testing, only after testing, can be passed the qualification, otherwise, will be excluded, even without the chance to enter inheritance.

    That's more like it.

    This suddenly Qin dust.

    To inquire into the demon sword inheritance after three days after opening, Qin dust is preparing to return to the inn, a surprise voice suddenly rang.

    "Less dust, you also to inquire about the news of the demon sword inheritance?"

    That sounds very familiar, it is met at the gate of the city, the.

    The so-called hand not smiling man, Qin dust nodded.

    "No, it is you said before the Qin dust?"

    Suddenly, a faint voice, very sharp, the voice echoed in the ears, as if a sword, close to the skin through a with hair standing on end.

    Qin dust to see the past, can see, standing next to an extraordinary momentum of youth.

    The temperament of uninhibited, wearing ordinary linen grey robe, waist hanging a simple sword, the man just stood there, as a sword scabbard, a choking sensation.

    "This strong!"

    Qin dust eyes condensate, soul force sweep, this found that the age of less than thirty, and even himself, is the seven middle order peak of the king, but the body of the atmosphere is extremely introverted.

    If not strong dust Qin soul, the same level of Wu, I'm afraid not to judge his practice.

    Not in this demon sword of the city, there is such a swordsman.

    Qin dust feeling, light is the temperament, even in the Wu area, can also be called a genius, just do not know how real combat.

    "Yes, this is my brother, said before the Qin dust, in the gate of Fu Chenyun Junjie lessons. Less dust, this is my brother, leaves the ring." Like, two said.

    "Alex? Because he started for Fu Chenyun at the gate? Oh, if it is something else, perhaps can barely count, but the house take enforcement ass, I think it may not." Linen young light way.

    "Big brother." Look, a change immediately rushed to the dust, Qin explained: "less dust, my brother would not speak, not intentional, you don't mind."

    Qin dust indifferent smile: "rest assured, I will not tell him of the same level, so the evaluation of others, nor what kind of hero."


    Ye Wuming frowned, suddenly seems cold. Suddenly, the noise all around, the noise seemed suddenly disappeared in silence, leaves the ring hard eyed, eyes like a sword, straight linen, giving a sharp sword moment overbearing, the whole people will like a drawn sword, into the sky, let a person do not

    Dare to despise.

    "What a terrible sword!"

    A lot of people around to feel the breath, are aghast view, dilated pupils, motionless.

    "Who is this person?"

    "How are we going to the city of demon sword out of such a monster, Yao Jianzong looks like a swordsman."

    "It is another place in the demon sword inheritance?"

    The crowd a shockingly, only that some can't breathe in this breath under.

    "Oh, am I wrong?"

    Qin dust with a faint smile, in the leaves of the nameless Jianqi not changed color, waved his hand and said: "goodbye."

    "But less dust." Hurriedly shout, Qin dust.

    "What I do for you?" Qin dust turned over.

    , said: "I heard a rumor that Fu Jia family magic ancestors Fu Yingjie because Fu Chenyun things have come to the city and the demon sword, have put Fu Chenyun out, now Fu Chenyun is snooping into your message, you want revenge, you take care of yourself."

    "Thanks, but no, he wanted to let him come." Qin dust waved his hand, turned to leave, do not see any worries.

    Stay away, Qin dust, complain at leaf ring: "eldest brother, how can you say that."

    "Oh, brother back his words, the boy, interesting."

    Leaf ring mouth suddenly sketching a smile.

    Under his breath the same calm Jianqi boy, he is the first time to see, suddenly curious.

    Look at the big brother mouth thin smile, instead, he was shocked, first from the big mouth to hear that can let him say evaluation, interesting people, no ordinary people can do, even if it is the demon sword Pope seed disciple, is not it?

    In the words of Qin after the dust left, looking almost unconscious and rushed to Zhuji found a corner stone, really crazy to pull the mouth.

    A moment later, stone mouth all pull out of the mouth, can be really good pull in chrysanthemum stone, stone is really couldn't get out.

    It is between the Qin dust play hand work force, really a little, really stone completely stuck in the gut, move the pain cold sweat.

    Two people have no way, only to find a medical museum.

    These days many around the genius have gathered, against each other also meet the eye everywhere every day there are many people wounded, in the study, in order to prevent the demon sword inheritance a few days after the delay, have to cure medicine center, leading to overcrowding in medical library.

    But two people couldn't wait, all eyes anxious to be struck dumb, let the doctors heal.

    Doctors see two people really embarrassed, but also did not refuse to face the simple treatment after dressing, Xu Wang and Zhuji does not go, pulling doctors go inside drill, said there is a disease.

    Now business is so busy, doctors are naturally reluctant to let two people speak directly, where there is disease, can two people how to open the mouth? Just took a doctor go inside, immediately attracted other people's dissatisfaction.

    The doctor was also unhappy, a refusal of two people, there is no way, no pain, and then another medical center, I'm afraid hunsi are likely on the way, can only speak directly to the problem, immediately attracted the people set the whole room roaring with laughter.

    This watch is not too big, people have about two people eat melon is how to really impact there, one depicting the hit off finally summed up the two words, will play!

    Listen to Xu Wang and Zhuji wanted to find a way to crack into.

    After the two treatment, which have the face to stay here, in the laughter can not wait to leave the medical center. Then, two people looking for a place to put on new clothes, it began to appear.
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