#1105 .

    At the moment, looking only to feel the contraction of the heart, cold all over the body, let alone continue to sell, is to stand up and become a glimmer of hope, can open the Qin dust, had used up all his strength and will, in addition, no move.

    He had to hack out bile, how can there be such a terrible person?

    Although he is not a disciple of Yao Jianzong, but is at least seven order initial peak of the king, the first genius sword Valley, Yao Jianzong than ordinary door disciple, there is also a battle force.

    In front of the Qin dust, even one is defeated, now it is in stock and will put, my hands are not, what is the difference?

    "This is your pride of confidence and strength? Cannot withstand a single blow!" The cold dust swept him, kicked him to kick into the ground: "the less this does not want to cause trouble, An An just want to quietly practice, but you must one at my head on, think to bully me?"

    Qin Chenlai here, just want to quietly spend a month, most want to know about the way that can make him what is the practice acceleration force, who know these guys, a boundless arrogant, opinionated what genius, have come to.

    This time he will even let out of the practice room, the result?

    A lesson is not, and now run out of second guys.

    How not to let Qin dust fire?

    There are three clay figurines of anger, not to mention him?

    "You are very crazy, to fulfill your promise, take the real stone to eat."

    The hand appeared a real stone, suddenly into the dust Qin Xu Wang mouth, a enough, burst, Qin dust and continuous plug several of the pain, suddenly looking cry howl, bloody mouth.

    "No, this is not fun."

    Qin dust kicked Xu Wang head stepped into the tiles, looking at your pouted butt, hands again a real stone, moving the fingers again and again.


    A real stone like shot out of bullets, a fly into the backyard looking.


    Looking at Shi Ke is not really crazy, beads, there are four edges, and each one has litchi size, so abruptly stabbed into the backyard, that kind of pain is piercing.


    When the last one really Shi Fei entered, looking suddenly issued extremely brutal screams, he burst a lot of ass, can be so burst or time, but also the real stone so hard thing.

    Zhuji on the watch face is green, really stone in his mouth, he could not bear the pain, can now see the dust under the Qin bow, the real stone so hard stuff wasn't looking into the backyard, he could not help but also a chrysanthemum tight, the chilly, carefully back.

    "Don't run, and you!" The Zhuji Qin dust caught back: "you don't let you go, looking for smoke, smoke a didn't learn, it seems last haven't let your fun, well, the less you do!"


    A real stone, all in Zhuji's backyard.


    Zhuji is looking worse than, I saw two people kneeling on the ground, high kicking ass, blood shot out from behind the wind, too badly.

    Qin dust cold smile, to deal with these people, you need to use this method, make them feel afraid.

    After all this, Qin that clap the dust, turned away from the door of the inn.

    "This boy is exactly what the forces of genius, so terrible?"

    "Cry, was really burst into the chrysanthemum stone, really scary thought."

    "Looking too hard, this is planted, but this so arrogant, not afraid of the sword Valley to seek revenge?"

    "Forget it, none of our business, we don't get hurt on the line."

    A group of passers-by turned pale, is horrified, but although not them, but this posture, look at the pain ah.

    After Qin dust left a dream of future generations, came to the core city of the demon sword.

    I saw in the distance, a sword type tower towering stands at that, before the first met when Qin dust did not feel what, now look, feel this sword tower that he exudes extre mely subtle, palpitation and breath.

    What a terrible sword type tower.

    Qin dust was dark, what his eyes, at the moment, so building, is not this demon sword to build city people.

    In fact, not only is the Qin dust, even the demon sword in person, but also do not know how this tower, a sword type tower, rumors in the ancient times, it has been standing in this city is the demon sword, was very mundane.

    This city is a demon sword, the king forces, two thousand years ago, not even called the demon sword called the ancient city, and Xuancheng, and the demon sword, just an ordinary King forces here.

    But two thousand years ago, one day, when Yao Jianzong suzerain, inadvertently entering this sword tower, accidentally opened the demon sword inheritance, the strength by leaps and bounds, have entered the realm of Emperor Wu in one fell swoop.

    Since then, the demon sword were soaring, developed rapidly, the demon sword zongzong main even Yao Jianzong's headquarters here, the sword tower called the forbidden area, and established the demon sword city.

    After two thousand years of development, has become a city of demon sword North Tianyu territory, a king of class forces more famous, has the huge influence.

    Two thousand years, the demon sword Pope has been trying to figure out the origin of the sword type tower, but has no results, but the demon sword inheritance law is open, they gradually worked in control, become the demon sword disciples inheritance opportunity. At the beginning, the demon sword demon sword Pope inheritance only accept disciple, later news, attracted many imperial forces surrounding level coveted, even with the strong guards came to the north region, trying to explore this sword tower, although eventually dropped, but also set rules, demon sword inheritance, is the northern region

    Once the event swordsman, other forces also have the opportunity to enter the disciples.

    This will calm down. But, for thousands of years, although the inheritance of demon sword to Yao Jianzong to train a lot of Kendo genius, some of them later, has entered the realm of Wu Huang, become the demon sword Pope retired elders and suzerain, but the real demon sword inheritance why in the end, what is the purpose, but still no one to explore knowledge, the

    A mystery.

    The demon sword inheritance of each session, many Kendo genius, but to accept the trial of inheritance, but also in search of the demon sword inheritance secret.

    The dust was ready to find Yao Jianzong at enrollment, what is the demon sword inheritance, after here was found in the original demon sword does not need inheritance registration, anyone can come to.

    It is anyone can participate, not only the power limit, no limit for, but also not investigated, even if be hostile to the demon sword city of genius to come can be secretly incognito, inheritance.

    Qin dust by surprise. This is Yao Jianzong's demon sword inheritance? It is that anyone can participate in the activities.
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