#1091  demon sword City

    See Qin look dignified expression of dust, Zhuo breeze they also know what's happening.

    After all, although did not say what Qin dust, but they are not idiots, Qin dust is in the enforcement of people leave the house directly after follow up, if not what killed, they will not believe.

    And when they went on the dust in the Qin dynasty.

    At the moment in the distance of Qin line tens of thousands of miles of dust void, a shock, Akaneri Senko and others have been dropped out from the void.

    In practice they head Red Fairy, beautiful woman Ji red suspended in the figure has become very transparent, ready to drift.

    "My lord."

    Red practice fairy run hurried respectful salute.

    "Chi practice, the emperor and events in the body, temporarily unable to come, you immediately notify the misty palace division, joint law enforcement forces near the temple, blockade, thorough investigation of strange strong, must be the two person to find out the emperor."

    Ji red eyes look cold, cold said.

    "My Lord, that's will find that two people, let them know the fate of the temple law enforcement against me."

    Red practice fairy leaned said, the eyes of all the anger of the color, and burning anger.

    Misty palace, now actually ruled the world, there are people who dare in their house misty head trouble, almost done.

    This is a great shame, if not the misty palace dignity back, she was practicing every fairy are to blame.

    "Well, the emperor is waiting for your good news, when necessary, can command the major forces in the north region, the emperor would like to see, this world is not my house now, ethereal world."

    Voice down, the red figure Ji energy completely disappeared, bang into nothingness.

    Akaneri Senko's breath all superficial, but the eyes of the injured, but hitherto unknown anger, one began to build a communication matrix, notice the house of many strong law enforcement forces began to blockade, north of the region.

    They do not know the nature of Qin dust on everything, only speed up speed.

    Along the way, Qin dust has closely studied the scrolls, just let Qin dust how to research, have failed to see that the scroll of the special, finally had to close up.

    Perhaps, as he guesses that, only when the thunder of the sea, to see the special real right scroll.

    The next month, Qin dust they didn't have a rest, but always on.

    On the road, have encountered some danger, but near misses, and even suffered a two level power mad king war.

    Look far, at least on thousands of strong congestion fighting, shaking momentum.

    Fortunately, they found the Qin dust in a timely manner, let the dragon carved on it in a timely manner, to escape the war.

    Otherwise, once spread in Qin Zhuo ignore natural dust, they will inevitably encounter dangerous wind.

    A month later。

    Qin et al. Dust before finally emerged in a towering big city.

    North Tianyu Huang level power, the demon sword city!

    The whole city is like a sword, standing on the desert plains, and the appearance of a countless array lines emitting, protection of the ancient city.

    Any king of class forces, has the strong in Wu Huang, and Wu Huang to master some strategies strong strong, heavy arcane cloth.

    Thousands of years, the whole city defense increasing, one is as strong as iron, to deter others, second, but also to prevent other Imperial forces attack stage.

    Don't look at the imperial level of forces in the eyes of 100 toward et al is terror, but in the north region, but it is not what, just a just north of many imperial forces of the horizon level.

    The Emperor Qin forces into the class, they naturally can not ride the dust fly directly into the Dragon carving, do not say first defense here is heavy, the Dragon carving root fly into a king of class forces, it is impossible to make the birds to enter, it is contempt for the imperial power level.

    So they will be in the early Qin dust demon sword outside the city fell, with the crowd into the city.

    Is this demon sword city do not know what happened, the whole team from miles, I'm afraid half the effort can get into the city.

    "It is too much?"

    Nangong is some shock to see to the demon sword, light is such a long stretches into the team, how long it is, although the imperial level forces, but not so busy?

    "Hey, you are also to several city demon sword of luck?"

    At this moment, a laughing voice, a boy came to the Qin dust beside them, Zilai Shu asked.

    This young twenty head, can be a repair, but actually has reached seven order early, impressively is a young king.

    See from the eyes of Nangong straight twitch.


    He is now almost more than 50, hard, seven middle order peak was a breakthrough, there is not only help in Qin dust, and after the adventure of fam.

    This boy is, to just over twenty, even is the seven order early king, king of class of genius in power so abnormal?

    If this is not a long fam outbreak, the 100 at afraid can not find such a genius.

    "What luck, luck?"

    "Brother, we are all sensible, kind ah, do you dare to say that you are not to take the heritage of the demon sword?" The boy looked at the quiet snow waist sword, a pair of you can't fool me.

    "The demon sword inheritance?" Qin dust frown.

    They are also confused and thousands of snow.

    The young man looked like they did Qin dust do not know the way, suddenly terrified: "it is not, I think the two of you young, repair is not weak, do you not to take the heritage of the demon sword?"

    "Hum! It is the demon sword you can inherit these worthless seized."

    At this moment, cold hum to pass by several young to go over.

    The young, the extraordinary momentum, the body flavor actually all reached seven order of Wu state, looking at Qin et al. Dust disdain.

    "Because they do not know which corner ran out of the guy, which leads to the demon sword city every day there are so many people into the city, waste of time man."

    "Also, these guys is probably from beneath the king level ones, do not look at their own virtue, demon sword inheritance is that they can get?"

    "The country bumpkin, do not know, think a little talent, went in luck, ridiculous."

    The smell of a few people, extraordinary, superior said, a domineering appearance.

    Nangong is a little dizzy.

    What is it, really have such a big difference? In the imperial class forces, it is the level of the genius of King Wu of Chinese cabbage? Everywhere there is a tree?

    You say who nituizi?"

    The boy was suddenly displeased, cold as several young people.

    Haha, this guy is not willing to admit, you guys, even the demon sword inheritance do not know what is coming, the demon sword, it is not in luck is what? Man, that is you." One young man laughs.
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