#1081  Tianlong Wu Huang

    Imperceptibly, Qin dust they left in the land of 100 in a month.

    This month, a few people concentrate on Qin dust, was not boring.

    Especially the dust from the road after the Qin Dynasty, and he was penance, motionless, as if everything in the world is not attracted to him.

    Not only is the Qin quiet snow dust, too, on the road, then close your eyes to see the wind and penance, Zhuo Nangong is amazing, admire.

    No wonder they do less dust so terrible, to enhance the strength of this fast, you know, on the strength, less dust has now duly completed in the first hundred people, no one can compare with him.

    While the last emperor and at the level between the forces, although far apart for three months, but not without any intermediate forces.

    Like the way toward 100 king will pass a lot of power.

    Normally, the first from 100 dynasties, with less dust and quiet snow age, the external forces should be very curious, the passing of time can not wait to play a.

    But two people, will close to practice, first from 100 to Nangong from the original in ready to heart, also can calm down, good practice.

    At the same time, the heart can not help but admiration, less dust can reach this height, it is not accidental, this does not let go of any opportunity to practice a practice, which most people do?

    Time is like water.

    This is a dazzling, and a month later.

    During the period in smooth water the slightest thing did not happen.

    Most people travel, may be dangerous, but they take the Qin dust Dragon carving, leader is in the mid seven order blood beast.

    Not only the flight at high speed is comparable to the above seven order peak of the late king, in the vast majority are king level forces, even without the Wu Royal barrens, is still quite safe.

    This day, sunny, appeared in front of a huge lake, glittering, as if lying on this earth monster.

    In the day, Wu, how much risk in Sichuan, but like a huge lake, extremely rare.

    Above the lake, water vapor, fog lingering, gives people a sense of magnificent.

    The Zhuo breeze and Nangong from the eyes of colors, greatly.

    This trip to the north region, Qin dust only three people, one is a Zhuo breeze, is from Nangong, there is a deep snow.

    The Zhuo breeze, nature is back to the north area of Dan Pavilion, looking for his master Yao Wang sylphy.

    When he was expelled from the northern horizon, master Yao Wang said Sylphy in this life, if we can break through Wu realm, can return to the North region.

    Now the wind not only broke the Zhuo Wang, even reached seven middle order peak, as for alchemy attainments, also entered the king realm, if not before because no chance, already can't wait.

    As for Nangong, then just Williams Dynasty ordinary blood division, after a large domain can master South blood passing through, pointing him a few days before leaving Nangong, told from the future, if the king entered the blood, attainments can reach six order peak, you can go to the South China region to find him.

    Now in the Qin dust help, Nangong is not only for up to seven order mid peak blood attainments, also entered the seven order, naturally he want to find the master domain of South china.

    In the South China region, cross domain transfer will take place in the north region of core large array, so he is not to be the northern horizon.

    As for other people, Qin also determined to bring their dust, especially Wang Qiming et al, in such a place at 100, because of poor resources, continue to stay, will certainly have some impact on the future.

    But the first time for the north area, Qin dust do not know what the situation, it can only make them stay in 100 dynasties, etc. after all, they settled in Dan Zhuo breeze Pavilion, then they will bring out Wang Qiming.

    Passing over the lake, has two months of Qin finally opened his eyes to dust.

    "Oh, less dust, you finally stop practicing, the lake is named Dragon Lake, north is said to be in the top three of the Great Lakes region."

    Zhuo breeze and Nangong Qi Qi breathed a sigh of relief, penance for two months still, if this Tianlonghu cannot attract Qin dust stop practice, they even think Qin is a freak in the dust.

    One side, quiet snow also opened his eyes, looked at the glittering lake, beautiful eyes again and again.

    As a disciple of five, she was the first time to see such a large lake, really...... Beautiful。

    "Speaking of the Dragon Lake, there is a story, rumors in the thousands of years ago, there has been the birth of a strong emperor has dragon blood, Dawu, a practice in the northern region, reach the peak of perfection, are unmatched."

    "The young, traveling the world, many challenges North Tianyu strong, no losses, even after playing on the Wu domain, trying to challenge the Master Wu domain, and got to the enemy was seriously wounded, only to return here, established the imperial level forces of Tianlong village."

    "At that time the Tianlong village in the northern region, is the most level Imperial forces, but the origin of Wu Huang because of injury, less than 100 years, it eventually dies, before dying, said into the Dragon Lake, Dragon Lake Town Lake has become the spirit of peace, the guardian here."

    "But the dragon village are from the decline down, less than a thousand years, the king fell class forces, and I also like the village curse, in the future no longer appeared Wu Huang Jiwu, has only a king level forces."

    This is the northern horizon breeze Zhuo Lian pharmacists some forces, north area, or there is a trace of understanding.

    The town of lake of the spirit?

    Qin dust staring at this piece of the vast lake, which contains the rules of water strong, lead to Qi river this piece of heaven and earth, very energetic.

    "Unfortunately, I not water Wu, otherwise, if the water in this practice, the rules of this Tianlonghu in refining, for their understanding, in the realm of Wu Huang, at least half of his savings."

    Qin dust suddenly said.


    Zhuo breeze and Nangong is almost hematemesis.

    Brother, you are on the road is closed to practice, not to say a word, now see the Dragon Lake, heard the rumors, opening the first sentence or even practice.

    Also let people live?

    Two people were dying lips twitched, Speechless.


    Suddenly, the lake suddenly came over a distance, fluctuation, figure, the figure of a small start, but in the blink of an eye quickly approaching them, broke the momentum of terrorist There was no parallel in history.

    "Well, there is strong near!"

    Zhuo breeze and Nangong face suddenly depressed from discoloration: "hurry to avoid!" They do not need to remind, the Dragon carving as seven order mid peak blood beast, has the good fortune, a soaring toward the side swept to a dazzling, flew out dozens of.
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