#1075  swallow day Prince


    Again spews out a blood magic, Li crazy.

    This one is not injured, but mad.

    The king thought breakthrough, combat power surge, can suppress Qin dust, revenge.

    Who knows the more unbearable, when in time, he can at least a dozens of Qin and Chenzhan round neck.

    But just now, he had to let the dust Qin stood there, he didn't even have to break each other's defense, but Qin dust even glanced at him. This is how he ignored?

    Shame, shame hitherto unknown.

    Thought of here, Li gas explosion magic again, the mouth blood di.

    But to Blacksmithing, gas and front terrible came, he hacked back again and again, because the Qin dust already with the bottle of lightning stood together.


    The mysterious sword sword of rust rust terrorist streamer, crazy to split the bottle, and accompanied by a terrible thunder light, as if a layer of the jade bottle nets above and snares below, wrapped in layers.


    Thunder light, such as weaving, surging, whole cave all with blue ray light, as if the thunder sank into the ocean in general.

    Know this bottle contains a powerful, ancient prince, Qin dust not the effect, one up is full.

    "Good boy, how dare you toward this one shot, look like live impatient,!"

    The bottle had a skull and rudder battle, see ray light coming in, suddenly you're, you what, how dare you offered me a hand?

    The jade bottle burst of black magic gas, spewing dust toward the Qin, the bottle mouth, whole body black, as if there is an endless abyss, exudes amazing momentum, and then turned into a black murder, cut up.


    The terrible magic gas and mysterious rusted swords collide together, Qin dust and jade bottle are back some are shocked.

    Actually, deuce, autumn!

    If a bottle of expression, this time must be wonderful, a dull face.

    See Qin Li previously dust magic ignore attack, know each other body tough, but it was only That's all., on the strength of Qin dust is just a seven order mid peak Wang, the heyday of dross, when he can spray out breath of a dozen dead.

    Even now, a cut of his magic gas released from the heyday of 1/1000 and 1/10000 although there is no strength, but a three beheaded seven order peak of the king is not impossible.

    But Qin incredibly hard down anti dust.

    He can't believe.

    If your hidden strength is OK, even more frightening is that the body of the breath of Qin dust obviously only seven order mid peak!

    Seven order mid peak can and his confrontation? What the human warrior becomes so terrible?

    Is shocked, but already the skull Duozhu attack once again hit the bomb, the white bone suddenly like wild whip, whip shadow into the sky, folds, jade bottle madness sweep.

    At the same time thundered: "master, we will be together, he suppressed."

    No skull Duozhu orders, Qin dust has already killed, heart murder surge will not allow this, what he escaped from his palm heart aglow.

    At the same demon evil, once escape, then the whole land will be at 100 for disaster, each other do not know that the so-called law destroyed hundreds of bloodthirsty land toward the king.


    On the mysterious rusty sword glow bright, light ray bursts suddenly interwoven fabric, infinite sword, as wild storms usually hit the bottle.

    Ding ding!

    This jade bottle did not know what the treasure in the dust so violent attack Qin under continuous tremor, but a scar is not hard, and the pit of stone.

    But think of is, this jade bottle can be preserved in ancient times, and the prince of the Cheyenne accommodate soul, like what is not an unusual thing, if the sword is broken, actually strange.

    "Cheyenne leader prince, where he really was?"

    The side skeleton Duozhu also roar again and again, the white bone whip crazy beat, and contain the soul of impact, not at all left hand.

    ISO Mozu strong and human beings are different, the relationship between each other, is very complex, only loyal to the Lord Mo Zhu, and Prince, actually very competitive, with each other, nor what friendship.

    The reason he had swallowed day will follow the prince, just because he is a prince swallowed day high, and then walk in strength recovery than him, no way.

    But now he was locked in the Cheyenne jade bottle, only a soul, and he swallowed Mo Zhu remains, recast the flesh, promising, would not care about a little prince aglow?

    "Now, you put the leader of adults in the end where to go to get it?"

    If the fear, fear or Duozhu skull swallow day prince, so crazy attack at the same time, continue to ask.

    When he was over more than 200 years ago, he is still the leader swallow day coffin rest sleep, now absolutely empty coffin, not the Cheyenne away the prince, who is? "What 'not what you said is the leader, the coffin of things? When the prince came, there was absolutely empty, even a fart is not, who do you. Where? Is the owner, and is the leader, the prince of night, see you in the human world to be long, servile attack


    Said the jade bottle bottle roars, constantly blooming horror of killing, resist and dust attack Qin Duozhu skeleton.

    "Is really not that one adult leader Cheyenne away?"

    Skeleton Duozhu froze.

    ISO Mozu equal order forbidding, Cheyenne Prince although the strength is very strong, but compared to the leader Prince swallow day, but also some bad, after all aglow Prince and himself, only in spirit.

    If one day he saw Cheyenne swallow, it may not be the day he said to swallow "this thing", even said "even a fart", after all he is high position, in that before, he has not said so aglow words of treason and heresy.

    But, if not the leader adults get the Cheyenne prince, who will? What is the leader himself awake, off to?

    The resident here to teach adults, if he did not wake up the leader, not to use induction, leader of adults do not may not come to own.

    The brain inside the skull Duozhu what make blind and disorderly conjectures, don't understand, just made a paste.

    Anyway, to hold the Cheyenne Prince again, if the prince of Cheyenne grappling, again by their refining, so huge a soul force, at least enough to let her in one fell swoop into the Empress Wu period, and even have the opportunity to enter the realm of the emperor!

    Thought of here, the more violent attack Skull Leader, was harder than the Qin and the horror of the dust, soul force will continue to impact, no body to completely faint shock but aglow.

    "The night you, this guy is too extravagant, do not bully me flesh?"

    Cheyenne Prince Nu, Qin dust and skeleton Duozhu teamed up to attack, frequently resist, was almost mad with anger.

    Detonation! Suddenly, the jade bottle on the breath, instant surge, magic light road, constantly spewing, unexpectedly rushed out of the encirclement of Qin dust and skeleton Duozhu, suspended in mid air, with breath increasingly strange road debut.
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