#1074  miserable magic Li

    How can he feel out of skull Duozhu is clearly to him and the previous bottle bound together.

    Is it really like the jade bottle Prince of adults said, the skull was Qin Duozhu dust to slavery?

    How is it possible?

    The skeleton Duozhu strong, he does not know, but the rumors Gorefiend teach number two, turned out to be a little genius to enslave.

    How to think, feel not realistic, as if Arabian Nights.

    See the jade bottle unexpectedly caught their plan, and will save Li magic, skeleton Duozhu face suddenly becomes very ugly, the jade vase, staring at the front of the cold voice: "who are you?"

    This world can call him one night, just the smell of scanty, but, have given him a very familiar feeling, and claiming to be the prince, is the leader of an adult?


    The leader of the voices of adults, he is very familiar with, and it is not the same at all, or that is the magic out of Li demons in a different ancient fam Inferno strong?

    The skeleton Duozhu grew more and more feel may.

    Not far from the Qin dust eyes aghast, staring at the jade bottle.

    The jade bottle comes out of the atmosphere, even no weak skeleton Duozhu, what the hell is going on?

    "Jie Jie Jie, Prince of the night, don't you even forget? I did not expect, in the war of the ancients, you coward guy is not dead, but was actually a little Terran king of slavery, it lost all my face from the inferno."

    Skull Leader frowned, suddenly shocked eyes open, said: "this is your voice, Cheyenne, Cheyenne Prince?"

    "Jie Jie Jie, you finally remember the night." The jade bottle sway in the air, screech, "night, see you in my family's sake, this one for you this boy will be beheaded, set you free."

    A bottle of strange sound, suddenly a flash, toward the Qin dust instant hit.


    The bottle turned to darkness, speed, people simply nowhere to dodge, void, as if there were a black magic gas into a monstrous aspect, infuriating torrent, toward Qin dust swept down crazy.

    The dust at this time also understand, this jade bottle unexpectedly also hides a different ancient Mozu soul, look, should want to walk in the magic magic Li, Li body has parasitic seed, to seize homes, and brought out the magic li.

    So, before those arms should also be different and the demon soul magic Li together kill, because only to devour human blood from the inferno to regain strength.

    "The ancient alien Inferno, everyone has the right to punish, if you kill yourself, today will die here."

    Thought of here, Qin dust immediately face sneer, hand, some day India moment, toward the jade bottle was hurled down.


    A black day India instantly hit in the bottle, with a bang, the bottle was just shaking, but some day India was shaken to fly out, crashing on the side of the stone wall, rumbling roar.

    "Well, good strength, no wonder the prince and dare to challenge, but also far!"

    The jade bottle quack laugh, tiny in a flash, then once again toward the Qin dust hit.


    The side of a bone whip instant hit, the void layer covered, winding to the jade bottle.

    It is a skeleton Duozhu shot, students eyes cold, bone whip, black magic and gas bottle, limit move.


    The magic Li saw the scene, are a jerk, so the moment came to dust before Qin, Qin went to a boxing in the dust.

    "The magic power!"


    At the moment of magic Li, strong terrible, punched, and monstrous magic gas, the whole people will like a statue of the Lord, all eyes tyranny, blooming endless killing.

    The Qin dust, he is full of hate.

    When in high, he was the undisputed champion, is this kid, beat yourself, let oneself HanHen leave.

    Not long ago in the omen fam, originally oneself is enough to kill Mowgli Wang et al., won the treasure palace ruins, this is Qin dust, when the thunder robs, the ghost of old town killed, let oneself panic to escape.

    All in all, deeply imprinted in the minds of the Li, let him unforgettable.

    As a great genius magic Li on their own strength, full of confidence, but the Qin dust, but again and again his confidence has become indelible, his heart must kill demons.

    Now, in the Cheyenne Prince the help of an adult, he has entered the king realm, a strength ratio had increased ten times more than, suddenly with a strong self-confidence, will Qin dust revenge to kill.


    The horror of the Quan Wei, like waves, Qin dust engulfed the sky and magic gas stirring, the cave everywhere is a dreadful clamor.


    The next moment, the Li look sluggish moment live, he watched his attack on the Qin Qin dust body, even dust can not break the skin.

    How is it possible?

    The magic moment Li startled eyes popped down.

    You know, he broke the seven order after the initial peak strength of king rose, even in the face of the mid seven order peak of the king, but also dare to say to kill yili.

    This is very good ah, he is confident for any one of the seven order and seven order interim interim Wu, Wu will be to the peak, his fist to nullify the slagging.

    Qin dust?

    Unexpectedly and abruptly bore her fist, even the guard did not break, let alone die into the slag.

    Is this guy is not a Darksteel do?

    Even if Darksteel do, also estimated quickly by their ringing off the hook?

    His scalp, again with a roar, eyes stare with brass bell as big as a crazy moment out of dozens of boxing.

    "The magic of aurora!"

    I don't believe that his dignified matchless Tianjiao, break Wu, even hurt you to do.

    The Li one time feeding please make out, in real dollars pushed to the extreme, it is the devil will also release a blood, a tall devil ghost, exudes a hitherto unknown atmosphere of terror, as the devil, cold as Qin dust.

    Done it all, the Li still feel not enough, even from blood, burn body really yuan, a moment of breath, soared again doubled.

    Bang Bang Bang bang!

    Violent attacks like meteor fall, again will engulf the Qin dust.

    It must die?

    The Li out of breath, eyes, just then, his eyes dull tongue again, almost spit out.

    Qin dust proudly caves was unharmed, even glanced at him, eyes just staring at the front of the bottle, look dignified.


    His hands instantly appear a black rust sword, sword spirit aspect, as the essence of smoke billowing into the sky, a terrorist sword will be instantly Li Zhenfei felt magic out of sight is full of endless sword of meaning, as if the body will be instantly cut in half.

    A blood spray, just released magic sword Italy, Li who appeared in numerous dead dog like sword cuts, throwing fly out.

    At the same time, the Qin dust.


    The sword light bright, like the day sky, thunder light shine, a moment to split the mysterious jade bottle. From first to last, Qin Li did not see magic dust, but stared at the bottle, as if his enemy, only the jade bottle.
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