#1056  Mo Zhu bones

    "This is......"

    Not far away, and the Black Skull Duozhu stunned.

    A crash, from the ground, suddenly out of a white arm, the arm, the foot is seven or eight meters long, each finger, there are nearly a meter, exudes the atmosphere of terror.

    And, under the severe bone mountain, trembling, as if there is a big thing, slowly climb up, clearly the seven or eight meter long arm, just one hand this Yuanhun Lord.

    Light is an arm, it is seven or eight meters long, then this Yuanhun Lord of the entire body, and how big.

    Horror, this huge bones arm moment toward the Qin dust mercilessly shot down.


    Void shock, although only bones arm, but exudes a daunting ancient atmosphere, the terror of coercion, pressure of the skull Duozhu legs felt weak, from the heart to feel the hitherto unknown fear.

    Just watched, it is difficult to resist the illusion.

    Qin dust in this huge arms, the heart also rose a overwhelming feeling to wake up to repair, from which he instantly form backwards off, and my mind recalled the previous end of the moment, let the sword light spirit, the sword and the sword of light to control.

    That is what should be stopped, before the bones blow, otherwise......

    Qin dust consciousness to look at the chest deep wound, a cold heart.

    The next moment, mysterious rust his sword has been lifted, karaok, countless true yuan sword light from the mysterious rust sword shot burst out, the sword of light in his mind really yuan under the rolling up and down, like a spiritual force every Feijian general, which is not weaker than the mysterious road the rusty sword.

    The sword of third heavy sword in one person.

    These are really yuan sword light, quickly together, and finally form a mysterious rusty sword handle terrorist sword, toward the arm bones split out crazy.

    Bang, the sword of light and arm bones collide together, grated, it sounds very harsh, like nails scraping the glass, but better than nails scraping on the glass a hundred times more than.

    The deep voice sounded again, a roar of rage, and Qin dust has also been severely earthquake this force flew out, heavy smashing into the ground, with immense pain, as if like.


    Then the earth tremors, a terrible smell, countless bones spatter, those crowded around the skeleton army ten miles away, have frightened back off, and one knee, as if to meet their king.


    Finally, the entire bone remains a huge mountain rumble collapsed, head and foot several ten meters high to climb out from the ground, its body was haunting ghosts of the gas, the ghost of the gas, the strong almost cannot be separated, forming a black liquid like substance, circulation in every corner of the body skeleton.

    In its eyes, is the two regiment of terror and fire, emitting a hitherto unknown palpitation breath, empty eyes, staring at the cold beneath the skull and dust devil like Duozhu Qin, general.

    "Well, go!"

    Qin dust heart startled, the bones smelled horrible, both as if not in a general level, the light is scattered out of breath, they make the Qin dust heart, perhaps, a helpless feeling.

    Especially the bones of body skeleton, is crystal clear, through a number of years of years was still shining, indelible, is how terrible it was strong, can be in the tens of thousands of years of history, still keep them immortal?

    "Is Mo Zhu's Inferno body, turned out to be the ghost of the resurrection of the gas."

    Even the big black cat, also a look of horror, voice said.

    "What, Monsieur Mo Zhu?"

    Duozhu skeleton body in a flash, almost fall down in the ground?

    Mo Zhu, he is also one of the leaders of the different demons, then led the strong attack, different Mozu Wu day to the strong, but he was just different, strong Inferno army, is a common one.

    Although the strength is not the bottom, but with Mo Zhu, it is absolutely the bottom like existence.

    No wonder the bones, he covered it can't help trembling, even even almost can't move.

    Although Lord Mo Zhu died hundreds of thousands of years, but the brand in the depths of the soul of the blood and other order, still makes him difficult to produce resistance to the heart.

    "You damn ants, dare disturb great Yuanhun of sleep, death!"

    This huge bones compared to other bones of the army, although has certain consciousness, but consciousness is very simple, just angrily shouted, a slap toward Qin dust and skeleton Duozhu shot down.


    Just for recovery, and even root skeletons to skeleton rudder Wu Huang realm originally late reaction, has been zapped out, all flesh explosion, who split the heavy bones Kacha, smashing into the ground, dying.

    If he had not previously absorbed a large number of bones of the gas, the bone strength to Wu Huang, self repair also fully recovered, I am afraid that in this terrible blow, his whole person has already been completely crush, ashes to ashes.

    Even so, at the moment he has been seriously injured, even more than before the battle of Qin also hurt heavy dust.

    A fly skull that huge bones like Duozhu, shoot fly a mosquito, empty eyes locked Qin dust, photographed it again.


    The bones of large size, but the action is very agile, nether shock, the air waves ripples out, as if the world is all in the blow was shattered, the great moment came to arm bones, Qin dust before the cover down.

    "Boy, be careful!"

    Big black cat with her body form in a flash, appeared in hundreds of meters, anxious.

    "Magic Zhen Ding, a!"

    Black magic Ding instantly appear in the void, call, black Ding crazy rotation moment into several meters high above the town the road Ding, black halo emerge, exudes a terrible shock the universe of coercion.

    Qin Zhen Ding pushed dust crazy magic, really in nine yuan God Jue, fling caution to the winds of surging.


    The next moment, the huge palm bones slammed on the black magic, Zhen Ding bang, a terrible shock wave spread, a large number of bones below the instant blast, and Qin dust body robe, also shattered, who burst out of blood.


    Mouth spews out a blood, body shaking the dust of Qin, the moment has become a blood.

    Qin dust heart surprise, horror at the head that huge bones strong, heart shock: "too strong." If not his magic town Ding to overcome this special ghost ghost monster, for an ordinary eight order Wu Huang came, probably in the previous blow smashed to pieces, the body of the crater, completely.
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