#1055  of the main Yuanhun

    The side of the big black cat and skeleton Duozhu now look for, see Qin dust into countless bones, the portrait is caught in an epiphany in general, beginning at the Qin Chong ghosts of extraterrestrial dust, but then stopped, as is not to kill all the remains until a


    The army also has been completely dead, Qin dust attracted in the past, but it is not far from the skull Duozhu and big black cat, is completely ignored.

    Especially the skull helm, absorbed a large body of gas, making him also haunts the stock remains of the gas, many army corpses around, he will be the same.

    Looking ahead, inexhaustible bones constantly towards the Qin dust flooded in the past, but the bones of the army, seems to be in the center position by a force in general, has no way to drown the person in the middle.

    If a skeleton Duozhu and big black cat now in the central army then you can see at the moment, the Qin dust, actually has completely closed his eyes, even spiritual power and soul force no longer divergent, keen sense of crisis and sense of just rely on five senses to control the light sword.

    The sword of light spirit and charm more clear up.

    Qin is the release of dust and be careless with the sword of light, and then find that a sword in the light of the spirit.

    Every skeleton army of the attack, will be the light of his sword, and with a roof broken bone, but this is his bones, the siege force is too much, has not blocked the bones of some army through the sword of light, let him get hurt.

    But Qin dust immortal has reached sixth body weight, the road can attack him the bones are some minimal damage, some threats, by his perception to capture, and then block the sword of light in the first time.

    In the end, Qin dust and even formed a body a sword light shield, a dark.

    Even the mysterious rusty sword consumption of Yuan really low, the density of such meetings also let Qin dust some difficult to adhere to, when really he yuan weakened slightly in sea, Qin will come up with a lot of dust added really yuan Dan, instant swallow down.

    In order to prevent the accidental encounter demons in fam, Qin almost all dust will all become refining Dan medicine, these medicine was originally intended in the most critical moment of the fight, but this time, they all consumed in the army and fight on these bones.

    In fact, in order to kill these bones, the speed of Qin dust, want to leave the ghost is not what is very difficult.

    But now he seems to have completely forgotten to leave here, his heart and hand, now only one action, the sword light, and then kill the bones of the army.

    Before this, Qin dust in swordsmanship, has reached the point of operation reach the peak of perfection, Edgeworth, also has deep attainments, has reached the second level, the sword heart moving.

    As for the third person sword, the sword light really pushed the yuan, thousands of miles away, cut people's heads, but still can not understand.

    Even in the dust has not released, Qin really yuan sword light, the sword of light has also been pushed edgeworth.

    But before, Qin dust unexpectedly found himself cast the sword of light, when the sword has a spiritual moment, inside the immersion, so that even forgot his situation.

    The control yuan sword light of spiritual feeling, let him catch the sword of third level man sword feeling, heart waves with a carefree pleasure, that how could he let go.

    He is afraid of himself once stopped, he just got the kind of subtle feeling will disappear again.

    The skull and the black Duozhu aside so if they stare at, now can not see it in the Qin dust is practicing so that they are idiots.

    It is know that Qin dust in practice, more dust move to Qin shocked and scared.

    This guy is an idiot? Or don't put your life in my heart?

    In this critical moment of life even in practice, it is the rhythm.

    Although puzzled, but Qin dying to practice the dust that makes their inner spirit, hitherto unknown shock.

    At this moment, they finally understand why Qin dust talent so amazing, fighting so terrible!

    This guy is a Wu Chi, a practice in front of people don't even have a life, the strength will not terrible?

    The Qin army might feel the dust skeleton seems to be growing, but he still did not open his eyes, the mysterious sword constantly with rust out the sword of light, he can even feel more myself more and sword of light control.

    A sound bite explosion sounded, mysterious sword Qin rust dust suddenly startled, he control those who really just yuan sword light scattered from becoming very messy. The next moment Qin dust chest felt together, a dangerous feeling came.

    The huge sense of crisis that Qin had a dust from the fear of death, he consciously mobilized all swords to kill him at the same time the crisis, opened his eyes.

    Qin dust did not think of, in a hurry, he gave the sword of light as it was he, like a fish, really dense light element sword instantly gather a handle and then cut out of nothingness sword. But Qin dust hardly happy, a "boom", as if nothing on the sword split a piece of hard gold iron, a terrible power transfer to Qin dust was instantly fly out, the whole people fall in the bone, plop, mouth from a fresh mouth


    This time the Qin dust have time to carefully watch the situation around, has been immersed in the sword of light spiritual feeling, Qin dust also feel, but when he opened his eyes and saw the situation around, he will be startled at.

    Within the scope of all power radius around the shattered bones, while the surrounding dozens still within the scope of the dense bones surrounded him, and his feet bones had piled into a hill, a rough estimate, the number of bones of dead at least has reached tens of thousands.

    Qin dust breath, he looked at their own situation, the whole body is blood, scarred.

    But his chest but there is also a deep wounds, deep visible bone, it is obviously a terrible murder last he felt out of the scar. When Qin saw dust under the mountain, bone, a thick bones sticking out of the skeletal foot one meter long, bumpy surface is different from other bones, the bones, the body is radiant, perfect for the transfer, even with a layer of light black mist, very evil

    Italy and ghosts.

    "Bad boy, disturb the great Yuanhun of sleep, this seat also kill so many men, so that you become the seat of the ghost of today the nutrient." The rumbling roar sounded angry, bang, bone crushing mountain, out on a huge hand from the ground, and before the earthquake injured Qin dust and bones, just a finger on the palm.
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