#1045  Yuanhun.

    "Ah, good blood ah, how long didn't smell so sweet things, Jie Jie, this time, the one you see in the end's sake, will give you the benefits of it, after you give the Lord more blood, the Lord will give you more benefits."

    A bottle of carefree voice, also conveyed an incomparably pure strength, this strength bang into the magic Li's body, really make magic Li body running wild, the diastolic pores, a graceful feeling.


    He shouted, this energy is too pure, exudes a horrible VAILLANT continue to transform his body.

    Half an hour later!


    With the outbreak of the rage possessed Li flesh flavor impact cave, jade bottle that stop energy transfer.

    "This time, this one can be a great loss, you gave the prince so little blood, but the spirit gives you a breakthrough in a realm, how, now know this one power? If you give this one enough blood, the prince will be able to improve your strength."

    "Well, this one just wake up, sealed tens of thousands of years, very weak, now to continue to sleep, so you have a lot of new blood, and then wake up the prince."

    The bottle came with a weak voice, very quickly, then quiet down.

    The bottle after migrating to Li magic in front of him, was also brought down.

    The Li he catches a bottle, then put in a storage ring, feeling really yuan surging body, eyes with hitherto unknown excitement.

    "Seven order, the son unexpectedly broke through to seven order, ha ha ha, Qin dust, you wait, the son to find Duozhu adults, again take you personally on the head, ha ha, Hahaha."

    The Li Hong, who burst into a laugh, the monstrous magic gas, instantly turned into a black light, out of the cave.

    The Li didn't think he said Qin dust, now hunt in his mind Duozhu adults.

    After three days.

    After uncharted depths.


    A blue ray light into the light, in the dark over the fam fleeting, attracted countless blood beneath the Warcraft prostrate, body tremble.

    A moment later, Shua, a figure which stopped on a black hill, his brow with a faint vertical eye, slightly shrink, glance around the scene.

    It is a way to track the skeleton Duozhu Qin dust.


    In the Qin dust side, a big black cat, grinning: "this skeleton ghost damn can run, which ran for three days, but also run a film, the emperor was furious."

    Three days down their way up, but it wasn't their skull Duozhu, confrontation, after several hit, only then moves against, escape, let the big black cat, mad Speechless.

    "Well, he can't escape."

    Qin dust sneer, eyes proudly, breaking the ban of saccades, all around has his mind clear, any tiny to check the details, such as the air floating dust and trace changes in worldzhen Qi, can not escape the Qin dust tracking.

    In particular, Qin dust also control some changes on the artistic conception of space, space scene, also has a keen perception, unless the skeleton heard much faster than him, or to escape from his track, is tantamount to indulge in wishful thinking.

    "Well, this obviously skeleton ghost can not escape, but still want to escape, I wonder if he is playing what idea." The black side of rest, while unhappy road.

    Qin dust also frown.

    Down three days of follow-up, to believe that the strength of skeleton Duozhu, should also know you can't escape tracking, it continues, will only make yourself more and more heavy, after all, in the process of escape, but cannot have a good rest.

    But desperate resistance, throw the helve after the hatchet, may have a slim chance of survival.

    But he did not do so, but it is a way, even if it is rather than burning the body, and the dust is too long to play Qin, Qin dust quite puzzled.

    "He doesn't know it all, perhaps, he felt so run, there will be a slim chance of survival."

    Qin dust all thoughts.

    Raised his head and muttered: "is this the front, what is strange?"

    "The front?" Big black cat also raised his head, suddenly eyes flash, said: "does he want to go to that place?"

    "What place?" Qin turned to dust.

    "The emperor is know in front of a very special place before, did not care, now, the skeleton Duozhu should be" ghost death "."

    "The ghost of death?" "Yes, that place, this is an extremely long uncharted forbidden evil purpose, which is everywhere Yuanhun gas, the ghost of the gas, not some entity Yuanhun, but a strange curse of the Terran force, strong enter, it is easy to be shrouded in ghost force, final body the decline.

    The ghost fell on the land, become one of the ghosts of nutrients."

    Big black cat dignified way.

    "So, that is where Duozhu skeleton to strike us? Go!"

    Qin dust sneer, are no longer pause, a flash, and instantly disappeared.

    The big black cat also build flash, suddenly disappeared in the void.

    The way forward.

    Through a wasteland, in front of the atmosphere, suddenly become strange, although the omen fam itself is very cold, but this moment, Qin is like a dust covered, ice, the colder.

    "It is a ghost." Big black eyes wide open road.

    "Good atmosphere of terror."

    Qin dust with a heart, to look to the front of the dark uncharted depths in uncharted ghostly and seemed to have numerous ghosts, a shiver all over though not cold.

    "Now is the best chance to kill the skeleton Duozhu, his scars, after all, the mind body have great trauma, a strength of ten and five, if you miss this time, also do not know when to have such a chance."

    "The key is, blood, and extremely cold, look at fiercely as a tiger does, for so many years, only behind, did not catch traces, if you do not want to be uprooted, I am afraid to develop, will become a disaster."

    Eyes flash, Qin dust face kill decidedly, further ahead.

    At the same time, the ghost death, a layer of gray mist around, eyes are covered.

    Xu hong!

    The skeleton Duozhu was wrapped a layer of gray fog, eyes and cold, ferocious uncanny.

    "It looks like Chenzhen Qin is inexorably hangs on. is not to kill, I refused to give up."

    The skull Duozhu teeth, angry face.

    These days, he tried all means, are not able to get rid of the dust but was after Qin, Qin dust often catch up several times, almost meteorite body. He also thought of some ways to get rid of Qin dust, but each time, have been found Qin dust Mami, windy air.
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