#1014  magic puppet

    "Do you think that such a simple organ, can stop the emperor? Good, good, the emperor is broken for you to see!"

    Depressed, big black cat instantly jump into the channel.


    They immediately felt that some invisible force over the power, very secretive, but horrific, bloody hands the king even have a feeling that he was once the power volume, will instantly kill.

    Big black cat, though hidden in the void, that several forces, just across from its body, but not hurt it.

    "This is...... The power of space?"

    Qin to artistic conception of space in the dust, breakthrough Wang, vision natural non blood hand can match the king, felt faint, big black cat is safe and sound, should use a unique space force.


    Positive thinking, see the big black cat came to the side of a central corridor on the cliff, took up a paw.


    A violent roar, and then felt the ground shaking a.

    "Well, authorities stopped!"

    Then, big black cat proudly sounded, immediately, directly on the corridor, not dodge, but the big step toward the inside to go.

    "The attack force, really seems to disappear!"

    See the big black cat across the corridor, did not cause any attack, they were all terrified.

    The big black cat, indeed some ability, even the whole organs are broken.

    I don't know how they pass before Ding Qiangiu, but before the authorities they should still not to be able to shut down the entire organ, but gathered a seven fine Dynasty and topcpu 100 at each top master forces exist, the authorities have failed to break.

    The big black cat just caught, it stopped?

    What's wrong with you??

    "Since the authorities stopped, we go in."

    The heart that vague feeling of danger disappear, Qin dust will know that this organ is really stopped, he stepped into the corridor, also touched on the side of the wall.


    Soul force escape, because the authorities stopped operation, the scene clearly presented in the Qin dust mind.

    "Mysterious organ surgery!"

    The feelings of a set in Shek Pik, Qin dust gasped.

    The inside of the set, very mysterious, Qin to dust a brain hole wide open feeling, as if to see a new world.

    "Than the real structure, the organ surgery, actually may not contest the spread of ancient domain organ surgery how much better, but this set of ideas, but the novel is too much."

    Only one eye, saw dust Qin nature of this organ surgery, feel the click into place.

    In the understanding of the structure of this organ surgery, Qin Chenchang breathed a sigh of relief, if now let him break the authority, he doesn't need a big black cat so much trouble, must enter the channel to break, just stood outside the channel, you can directly break out.

    This is standing in the angle of teacher authority.

    The big black cat cracking method, more like through the physical nature, from the core to crack.

    For example, the same put a light off their way, directly to the door of the switch off lights off.

    The big black cat approach is directly to the core circuit is damaged, then turn off.

    It is more difficult, in fact.

    Stop check, Qin dust as they walk along the corridor, watching the big black cat back, thoughtfully.

    See Qin fine dust, bloody hands the king and Fu Xingcheng even hurried to catch up.

    After a moment, three people through the long corridor.

    Then appeared in front of them, a vast hall is spacious.

    The whole hall, seems to have experienced a fierce battle on the ground, shattered with a block of gold and iron material, bombarded distorted broken.

    At the same time, the hall exudes a faint smell of blood, on the ground, a lot of limbs, according to the dissemination of the smell of blood, this battle is over time, should not be too long, not more than a few hours at most.

    Qin dust swept around the eyes, around the hall, there are several Shishi, but now it has been opened, Shishi, which is obviously something absolutely empty, has been removed.

    "Here is exactly how many people died?"

    The king saw the bloody hands around the eyes, could not help but gasped.

    On the ground, vertical lines, there are many grooves, so the bloodstains on the ground, already running dry, only in the air, there was a bloody road gas.

    But according to various stump analysis, at least a dozen people fall here.

    If so many people fall somewhere else, not too surprised the king of bloody hands, after all he had in the valley, were beheaded at least more than 10 wu.

    However, this time to explore this relic is led by seven Dynasty ancestors, and other major forces strong topcpu.

    Such a terrible power, actually there are so many King fall, this is not a general.

    There is at least seven Dynasty ancestors can make power are too busy to attend to all this can happen, or not.

    Red Wang Zhenjing, Qin also looking around in the dust.

    Finally, his eyes focused on the ground that the broken gold iron.

    Pick up a piece of broken iron and gold, engraved with a complex texture, the texture, does not belong to the prohibition, and does not belong to the law, and like some gold lines, and belongs to the ancient alchemy ".

    "This is the puppet of the inferno, has also been detonation."

    One side, big black cat doubts voice.

    "Magic puppet?" Qin dust. "Yes, the puppet is different by fighting Inferno puppets, organ surgery and alchemy refining out very terrible, although after so many years, the difference in the strength of the demon puppet, should have been exhausted, but even the puppet only left a trace of power is still very difficult.

    Wrap." Speaking of which, on the face of a big black cat disappeared, a puzzled color, "but at the scene, the magic puppet should be" Dabao, Dabao magic puppet to different Inferno, even the Wu Royal may not have this ability, that is to say, these people should be found

    These magic puppet weaknesses can be destroyed so thoroughly. So, what your seven kingdoms, not a guy!"

    Big black cat Tut praise.

    Can find the magic puppet weakness, not the general character can do.

    "The secret court gezhu?"

    The bloody hands of the king and Fu Xingcheng looked at them, the first thing that comes to mind, it is a secret court gezhu Shangguan lu.

    Topcpu, head of 100 in secret, even each session opened by the fam demons, secret court gezhu calculation, especially the secret secret court gezhu hand wheel, a mysterious divinity, said, is a treasure of ancient. This is coupled with the ancient ruins he found, if can find the magic puppet weakness, fall is not possible.
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