#999  awake a lot

    The bottom pit, Qin thought have a lot of dust.

    For example, the pit, the seal is an ancient alien strong.

    Or, the seal with a horrible monster.

    Or, what other things seal.

    But could not imagine, the pit under the black fog, appeared in front of him is actually an empty altar.

    The altar, absolutely empty, what things are not, which completely subverts the Qin dust imagination.

    "Impossible!" Qin dust frown.

    Just that kind of feeling palpitations, not if it is false, the altar is really absolutely empty, how will the previous one feeling palpitations.

    Or, before those ghosts, why suddenly mad general jumped into the pit, is the invisible power consumed?

    "You go down and see!"

    Turn to look at blood hand Wang, Qin dust cold track.


    Blood hand Wang jumped up: Kuo frighten looked incredible, Qin Mou dust, nasty awn, as if to say, you let me go?

    "Do not be willing?" Come to see faint dust qin.

    Wang Qin dust blood hand stare, his hair ruffled, and a cold sweat down suddenly.

    He think of it now, Qin dust, can make a genius is not the original Williams Dynasty, but a seven order initial peak of the strong, are easily able to kill him.

    "This...... Less dust, you also said before, under the ruins of this is a seal, so I will die down, ah."

    Wang blood hand tears, sad looking at Qin dust, as if a great girl begged.

    "Let you go down, what nonsense, or do you want me to kick you down?" Qin dust lingheng.

    His soul force had swept beneath the altar, indeed what are not, otherwise it is impossible to make the blood King hands down to death.

    However, conservative, he can only let the blood hand Wang Xianhang pathfinder.

    "Well, I go, I go to?"

    Feel as if the cold dust Qin Nathan opened his eyes, bloody hands the king a shiver, at heart unceasingly, wait for the dust to the eighteen generation ancestor Qin scolded, but face down grazing yet pretending to innocent.


    As the king of seven order early peak, how fast the speed king of bloody hands, the blink of an eye come to the bottom of the pit, but at the same time:

    "The blood light escape!"

    Bloody hands the king who suddenly lit a misty light blood, a strong breath from his body suddenly broke.

    Bang, the next moment, he was broke into a horrible atmosphere, the people instantly turned into a red streamer, Shua, toward the ruins of extraterrestrial snatched the speed, with fire in general.

    "Ha ha ha, smelly boy, also want to let the king give you toread, fond dream! You wait, the king immediately went to the ancestors, and make sure your ancestors come into ten thousand pieces!"

    Bitterly grinning out loud, bloody hands in the body and blood of Yuan Wang really burning to the extreme, bang, speed in the twinkling of an eye, raised several times more than the moment going out of the ruins.

    "Thought you will have this hand, some day india!"

    Qin dust sneer, unhurried, right hand lift, hum, the black seal do not know when they have appeared in the void, instantly become the size of mountain in rotation, at the hand fiercely blood King cried down.



    咚的一声,那黑色大印连轻易泯灭七阶宝兵的恐怖雷劫都未能击穿,何等坚硬? Straight will blood hand hit King confused and disoriented, brain buzzing, a head fell on the altar, for a long time to get up.

    Qin dust carefully observed a moment, after the discovery of what not strange, it will some day India away, fall in blood hand jump around the king.

    "Well? Here, before absolutely what?"

    Standing at the altar, looking at the front of the altar, Qin dust vision is one Ning, this altar of breath, also very fresh, absolutely is just broken, if not what dust is absolutely not the letter of qin.

    However, before he has been standing in the void, didn't see what things disappear from here, if there is really something, how can It is without rhyme or reason. disappear?

    "I said, less dust, you just too cruel, need to start so hard?"

    Wang blood hand rubbed his head, just wake up, rickety stand up, trembling with anger.

    Just that moment, he was almost a direct hit the idiot.


    Qin dust cold over here, but never say a word, just look very cold.

    This bloody hand Wang Xianqian secretly run away, he did not find him, he even dare to find yourself?

    "Well, less dust you misunderstood, I mean, you just hit the good ah, ah, before I head some faint, now smashed a bit, awake a lot."

    The king was a bloody hand when he Jiling, come here, the treasure has been allocated to complete, heaven vowed to end, Qin dust can directly kill him, want to survive, or try not to provoke each other's good.

    Bother at the side of the Shan Shan Wang blood hand, Qin dust turned, eyes fell in front of the altar.

    This altar is very special, the layout is very terrible, but do not know what materials crafted, standing on the edge, but let the Qin dust there is a state of mind is the feeling.

    Let the dust is scared of Qin, the prohibition on the altar.

    The sides of the altar, there are numerous prohibitions and runes, the number of dust is really beyond the imagination of qin.

    Here on the prohibition, Qin dust after the black death, Grand Palace and the swamp bottom after the demons fam has a lot of understanding.

    See the seal, he will be unable to restrain the emotions and seal the Black Death swamp the strange old man restraining palace bottom comparison, the contrast, suddenly be startled at.

    Because he immediately found the altar of the ban than the old seal ban on many more terrible.

    If the original seal of that old ban, he can be seen at last analysis, is a seal.

    Then this altar is banned, Qin Chenguang looks, there is a feeling dizzy.

    This setting prohibited people visible, in an attainments, absolutely better than his more than one level.

    But he is already past nine order restraining masters, Qin dust can not imagine, the arrangement of this altar bar, how terrible?

    This ban seal guy, and how strong?

    Shock, Qin dust could not help but started to analyze the prohibition, and learning together.

    Such a chance, he can not miss.

    "Mom, this boy died here still is what?" Wang Yumen looked at the blood hand where analysis of prohibited Qin dust, heart quickened up, do you want to find a chance to escape?
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