#998  of the ancient seal


    No king Mianlu panic, trying to urge a true dollar against these black magic gas, but no, black magic gas instantly filled his body, he is the king peak of seven order early, no blocking force.


    The king of the whole person unique soundless and stirless, instantly vanished, in black fog corrosion, what is left, in order to fully dissipate the fly ash.

    What is this stuff?

    Qin dust face aghast, this black magic gas is terrible, and even he himself were filled with fear, as if the black magic gas once wound him, can also bring harm to the moment can not resist him.


    The hall scattered a few really treasure away, Qin dust caught the ancient tripod, the sky, toward the ruins over violently taken away.


    Gu Ding is huge, exudes a mighty pressure, if the heavy mountain, Qin dust while refining ancient tripod, while horrified look down.

    Here, I saw this hall ground broken, collapsed into a huge pit.

    "What the hell is this?"

    Wang Yegen and Qin blood with dust into the sky, horrified watching the bottom of the pit.

    The deep, deep, dark, in the deep pit, there is a strange light lit up, forming a mysterious lines, and crashed, as if what vision in the bottom ring, through the black fog, people simply don't know the status of.


    At the same time, the entire palace ruins, also will shake up, before the bombardment of mine robbed, the ruins of the palace, has been in a disastrous state, at this moment, completely crushed on the uncharted wilderness demons, forming a huge ruins.

    "This is......" Qin dust stared at the bottom of numerous channels and pits, pale, hard to swallow slobber, loss of Shinto: "what is this seal?" Standing on the ruins to see the ruins of the palace above, those under the constant winds together, actually turned into a very mysterious side seal, the seal is enormous, each channel, a line, is the seal of the obscure mystery, Qin dust up, there was a confused and disoriented, it is difficult to distinguish

    Feel anything.

    It feels as if he had died in the black bottom of the swamp, the mysterious seal saw, far beyond his ability to identify.

    Who went to the hall of the channel, it is the seal of the lines, and the bottom of the hall is the seal of the center, but also the entire large bursts of eye location.

    The entire palace ruins, is actually a very large ancient seal, after black fog, after the destruction of the palace, clear in the Qin dust in front of them.

    This a huge palace, turned out to be a huge seal, who is under the cloth?

    Qin dust shock, inexplicable heart.

    At the moment he is in retrospect, the whole hall in lines, is also very strange, especially the three black ball position, each attack the black ball, lines on the ground floor, seem to absorb some of the power.

    At the time of Qin heart crack photospheric dust prohibition, did not think too much, now in retrospect, it felt strange.

    Let Qin dust is mainly, if not for the previous ray robbery, bomb ground the whole top of the palace hall and the ground, Qin dust impossible found the whole palace ruins, turned out to be a huge seal.


    Suddenly, a dust body Qin Zheng, the mind seems to have a ray of light.

    Before the thunder disaster, although he was the bombardment, but the vast majority of power, all in the hall on the boom, even a few days of thunder, splitting beside him another location.

    Before the dust, Qin thought it was because he mastered the artistic conception of space, so that the thunder robs migration reason.

    Now in retrospect, the thunder rob, seems intent on splitting elsewhere in the hall, it should take the initiative to solve this general seal.

    Don't say that before the thunder disaster, their bombardment is false, want to break this seal is true?

    Lenovo to rob thunder contained in horror before cold stress, Qin dust heart filled with an ominous feeling.


    Spit swallow, Qin dust heart sinking down.

    Here, is the omen fam.

    The ancient alien and Terran battle site.

    Now, even the existence of a seal so terrible demons in this secret place, and not only exists many million years.

    This seal, what is terrible?

    Looked down the dark, deep point, everywhere is the magic gas linger, do not see what things, but the feeling palpitations and didn't disappear, but also becomes heavy.


    Then he saw Qin dust, before many ghosts in the channel, but now suddenly appeared, tens of thousands of, dense ghosts, like me, crazy and rushed into the pit.

    The scope of these ghosts into a magic gas, like being swallowed up, completely disappeared, but these ghosts, but like the moth, then head of a head on it.

    "The ghost of what? The pit in what?"

    Said Wang blood hand pale, his hands trembling.

    "I'm afraid we are in big trouble." Qin Shen dust channel.

    "What do you see?" The blood rushed to see the king of Qin dust to hand.

    The ugly face of Qin dust: "this palace ruins, should be a terrible seal, just the thunder robbed, seemingly to kill me, but that is in the loose seal, this seal will obviously give out."

    "There is such a thing?" Blood hand gape king.

    He can't believe, this ruins palace is actually a seal, but remains mysterious demons, ancient times back in history, at least tens of thousands of years, so in the ruins of the seal, what the hell is going on?

    It is an ancient alien strong?

    Thought of here, bloody hands could not help but Wang gasped.

    If this is true, then this seal guy if alive, what is the level of existence?

    Millions of years of time, even nine days of Emperor Wudi of existence, I am afraid it has been the ashes to ashes?

    Just think, Wang blood hand felt with hair standing on end.

    Qin dust face is very ugly, at this moment, he thought that the black death that want to walk in the bottom of the swamp their old horror.

    If there is a monster that broke the seal, all warriors then the demons into uncharted, afraid to escape life.

    And in the dust at the bottom of the Qin palpitation pit, sweating when.

    The slightest feeling palpitations, even gradually disappear from, and slowly dispersed.

    What's going on?

    When the Qin dust looked down, saw the black pit under the ruins of the fog gradually dissipated, in the end, even completely dissipated clean.

    At the bottom of the pit, a dark altar altar can emerge, but are not absolutely empty, what!


    Empty! Qin dust a startled face!
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