#996  by leaps and bounds

    In the blood vessels of the Qin and the dust, also in the walk body, previously the thunder robs power throughput, but also in their own.

    The blue demon fire, in the bombardment of mine robbed, has become more solid condensate.

    The spirit of the golden seed even in mind, but also in the Qin dust the state of knowledge, absorb a lot of thunder robbed the power of Thunder Road debut emerge fine lines.

    This scene of terror matchless, Qin dust soul, spirit, flesh and blood, anywhere in the production transformation.

    Although the surface of the body can be black, body, body, all a gorgeous, every inch of flesh are flashing newscope.

    A hitherto unknown force in his body which is condensed, the forces of life.

    The sky, the vision of terror began to calm, roaring sound does not seem to know yourself, as if the thunder rob kill Qin dust, so began to dissipate.

    "The thunder robs disappear?"

    "Is it over?"

    They look at the sky seems quiet sky, there is a surprise.

    But no easy Qin dust, because the strong sense of crisis has not diminished, but even more horrible.

    The body of the hair doesn't need to control all the can't help erected.

    "The thunder robbed there is no end."

    Qin dust heart jingnu road.

    The idea just fell,


    Suddenly, the sky thunder, originally seemed to calm the sky, suddenly like a black hole of the cloud condensation, dark Lei Yunzhong, suddenly split down a full thickness of the thigh black thunder light.

    The thunder light winds like dragon, fast to the extreme, suddenly fell on the split between, in the midst of the hall, is clearly not to respond to Qin dust.

    Is clearly in the attack!




    Only Qin dust.

    Ready for him, are not blind to this thunder rob and cheat, the thunder falls in the moment, a moment Guanghong golden sky, is the golden.

    The golden Guanghong, is a black seal, seal and wind up, suddenly became general hill size, block dust in Qin head.

    It is a simple, mirror, mirror, bloom white, sky, is original in the dust from the Qin San Kan Mirror Black Death swamp get.

    In addition, blue Faerie Fire, different magic armor, and even bite the gas fire ants and insects have also been Qin dust released out of each other, forming a protective method.

    Finally, Qin pushed to the extreme dust of the thunder blood, bang, the whole person in the mine robbed is not falling when it has become a lightning man.

    Nine, immortal God Emperor Jue Eucharistic was also pushed to the extreme, and breaking the ban eyes cast, mysterious sword sword in the hands of the rust of the catalyst, toward the head splitting out brazenly.

    "Come on, let me see what you can do, or even with a sneak attack, can not kill me, I will destroy you!"



    A desperate fight!


    When it all finished the great Qin dust, black lightning, has been the first time in the first bowl on the detonation.


    Contains the terrible VAILLANT under the golden ray arc, unexpectedly was instantly from explosion to the breakdown, gold pieces, and then is the next thunder light, twisted into nothingness.


    Then the black seal was split to fly to go out, the above black awn bleak moment, heavily hit in the hall on the wall, a terrible roar, and the above, has also been split out of a Leihen, clearly visible.

    Then from the mirror Kan san.


    The mighty white instantly shattered, in light of the bombardment of lightning, flying from left directly by splitting the mirror with st..

    But this time, the black light, even only a little narrow, there are endless VAILLANT, as in the hands of the mysterious dust split Qin rust sword on.


    The mysterious original rusty rust sword was split rust swirling, a hitherto unknown force, the mysterious sword rust, dust into the body of qin.


    The dust on the body of Qin magic armor instantly shattered, it is enough to order seven in armor attack mid Wu unscathed, under the thunder robbed, but smashed.

    At the same time, the whole people like Qin dust rag bag is zapped out, covered with blood spatter, the people instantly became a coke.


    Even the strong hall ground, are also out of a crack spread.

    Then, the thunder light aspect of terror, the whole hall will turn into a monstrous sea ray, no vitality.

    Dead, dead?

    Wang et al early blood hand back in one side, looked frightened into the thunder ocean hall, they can clearly see the Qin dust Leiguang detonation flying out of the scene, under such attacks, the Qin dust can live?

    They even have a feeling, even let the seven Dynasty ancestors came in the thunder light, also to ashes to ashes.

    This is the day of the force, non human can stop.

    No one knows, thunder, Qin dust pain lying where strands of horrible thunder light in his body and his life, mad crush.

    "No, I can't die, not to die!"

    Qin dust only will burst out for students.


    The blue demon fire, suddenly swelled, broke out a strong vitality.

    The blue lotus, at the birth of Lei Haizhong, such as chaos qinglian!

    At the same time, Qin dust body, finally transformed to the extreme.


    The body one earthquake, a powerful vitality emerging, automatic repair damaged everything.

    Immortal body!

    The five peak!

    At the same time, Qin dust thunder like blood, have been transformed into a violent earthquake.

    A Lei Guang from the Qin dust body dissipation, actually suppressed the original mine robbed Leiguang, blood force lightning, strong and terrible.

    The rest of the thunder light, never to Qin dust hurt.


    But this time, the huge black magic crystal was completely Qin dust absorption, piece of magic crystal white body, is no longer a true, completely crush.


    Golden seed dust in the minds of the spirit of Qin, the crazy absorption around the light ray.

    Suddenly, all the light ray in the hall, then disappeared completely.

    In the sky, clouds disappeared, this time, thunder rob is really gone, never seemed to know of Qin dust damage, with a hint of unwilling to dissipate.

    In the hall, everything was quiet.

    All really treasure debris on the ground, and Qin dust lie in where the charred, looks extremely awkward, but there are a lot of Qi, crazy influx of his body. You can feel the dust, though seriously injured in the Qin Dynasty, but his practice, it gives people a feeling of suffocation, the thunder robs the baptism, has entered the realm of order seven in one fell swoop early peak.
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