#989  genius battle

    Different magic armor!

    Qin dust body different magic armor quickly cover the face, the attack is not Yue cold Chan Shan don't avoid, but continue to kill the demon li.

    Bang Bang bang!

    A terrorist streamer fell in the dust on the body of Qin Qin, but dust but wasn't hurt, but faster.


    Cold Chan Yue eyes wide, Qin dust of magic armor, he is not seen, although strong, but still not perfect can resist his attack, but now, his attack will not cause the slightest hurt even on Qin dust, this let Yue cold Chan how shocked?

    But at the moment of the cold Chan Yue shocked, Qin has reached the magic dust Li front, lightning sword thorn out.


    The sword of light such as electricity, broke out in terror lightning, lightning road force chains like general linger in the sword of light around the wound to Li magic moment.

    "Qin dust, I wait for you for a long time, in that year, I lost in your hand, is my greatest shame, this life today, the seat will be the shame to you."

    Looked up and broke out a strong murderous magic Li Mou, who the devil blood at the same time release.


    A tall figure in the devil magic Li behind, than it was in the grand time, the demon ghost broke out more solid condensate, hitherto unknown atmosphere, a dust pressing down toward the qin.

    With a crash, the two forces collide, actually instantly vanish into nothingness and intertwined.

    "Well? Strong!"

    Surprised to see the magic dust Qin Li, after breaking through the half step Wang, Qin dust can display more moves, restore strength is more general seven order early Wang, may not be able to fend off his this trick, but now, even the perfect moment of magic li.

    And the other is also just a half step peak of Wu wu.

    This year the experience in the end what? Why should enhance strength so fast?

    A frown, Qin dust speed constant, a spirit of the storm into the magic Li mind.

    "The ban of blood!"

    The Li body instantly filled the glimmer of light color, the smell in the twinkling of an eye, more than doubled, followed by a powerful spiritual force fluctuation, from the magic Li body filled out.

    "You don't forget, I am also a spiritual teacher? This is your spirit, for me, is still too weak."

    "Destroy the soul of wave!"

    The laughter, a cold spirit of instant impact from the magic Li mind out, like a sword, stabbed Qin dust.

    Qin dust feels whole body cold, one could not suppress the cold breath, crazy flock to his mind of the soul of the sea where.

    Good cold spirit?!

    Qin dust heart in a surprised, mind, spirit of order seven powerful moments form a vortex, this force will stop in mind, and his eyebrows position, a tiny eyes quietly open.

    "Breaking the ban of the eye!"


    All in the hall, like suddenly slowed down, everything becomes very clear, each share of Qi flow, are a clear reflection in the mind of Qin dust.


    In the eyes of breaking the ban under the state of Qin, the dust in an extremely dense state, the hands of the mysterious rusty sword to the most perfect posture, the thorn in the magic moment Li body, with a fluffy black blood.

    Amazing magic sword into the body of Li, the people instantly fly out, all is sword body blouse tunic broken, revealing a black in a pan.


    The Li a roar, with a face of incredible stature, with more astonishing speed critical plunder. That year, he lost to Qin dust, feel the hitherto unknown shame, all these years, he heard in the arrangement, to enter the forbidden area's practice teaching Xuemo, strength has been rapid, the thought again met Qin dust, can be easily beheaded, who know the results, but far beyond his pre



    Suddenly, Qin Li two people crazy magic dust and fight together, this time, no magic Li left hand, trying to display their blood gas of patients, two of them had to place, alarming roar sound in the hall, suddenly burst, stunned the crowd back up, let everyone see the gape.

    This is a half step between Wu confrontation? Even the seven order early King fight, can not be afraid to make such a terrible news?

    Even with the old ghost Scepter skeleton, also the vision is one Ning, could not help but shocked the world, even a genius, and a little Lord like this?

    My hands move shocked, don't stop, hand, filled with the black Scepter in fog of the skull head, again in hand to bite blood Wang et al.

    Bang Bang Bang bang......

    The skull head, powerful terrible, bloody hands together even if Wang et al also unable to resist, a crazy back, and the king was surrounded by Nighthawk black fog, he originally known for its speed, but fell in the final.

    "Jie Jie Jie, die!"

    The cold smiled wryly, coldly watching old ghosts landing at the end of the Nighthawk king, hands suddenly threw down a skull.


    As a black smoke billowing smoke, swept out instantly, the king's body goatsucker wound.

    "The soul of the refining method!"

    Goatsucker really Yuan Wang body form and blood, constantly rippling out a little ripples, under the black smoke, rapid corrosion, soon came into contact with his body.

    Chi Chi chi!

    His body quickly out of a black smoke, the whole face appeared on numerous bubbles, looks very ferocious.

    "Ah!" The pain in his roar, staring with anger at the eyes, his breath soared, really crazy burning yuan, resist setback between fling caution to the winds.

    "Jie Jie, want to go, which is so easy!"

    The old ghost sound, skull Scepter on black smoke even more, with the king of Nighthawk wrapped layers.


    Shrill screams, many black blood spilled, black smoke dispersed, in the king's Hall goatsucker body but is gone, what did the rest, only broken in a dark corrosion, falling from the sky, continue to melt completely black.

    In an instant,

    The whole hall, a quiet, like death.

    Goatsucker King 's death, so the rest of the field of King Wu, all pupil contraction, heart panic.

    On the strength of the king as the king of the seven order goatsucker early peak, and they are almost the same level, not much difference between each other.

    However, in the blood of evil old ghosts before, has easily been beheaded.

    In this scene, they will be the outcome?

    Wang et al blood hand rest is heart couldn't help trembling, angry: "you don't teach Xuemo, arrogant, I seven Dynasty ancestors are demons in this uncharted, not afraid of you I will do all your Seven Kingdoms killing?"

    Now they can only hope that the king of bloody hands, put in their old body, trying to scare the blood to teach people.

    "Seven Dynasty ancestors? Ha ha, ha ha ha!" 岂料鬼老听了,却是嚣张的放声大笑起来。
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