#987  is to expose the identity

    "What do you have?"

    No surprise at the Wang et al. A sudden cloak, all look very surprise.

    A cloak, strength is extremely uncommon, everyone is not weak in their practice, and one of the strongest one, for even in them, turned out to be seven order mid wu.

    What time in the hall was a terrible ambush this cloak, and they could not perceive, even the slightest.

    The more they scared is that this group of Cape, each covered face, from the hand moves on, even couldn't tell which of the hundred Dynasty dynasty, this group of people hiding in here, what is the intention?

    A heart is extremely frightening.

    And on the other side, the leader of the cloak, but also has come to the Qin dust head.


    A black hand out, like ghosts, taken to directly grasp the head of Qin dust, seeing that hand to catch the Qin dust, has been in the perception of the Qin dust suddenly raised his head.

    Hum! In the sky, like a invisible power flash, astounding scene, the black hand clearly only a few inches above the dust from the Qin distance, but a claw down, even wiping the dust over Campbell Qin head, as if the distance between the two, was inexplicably elongated


    How is this going?

    The lead out of the eye Cape is stunned, with his strength, how could the wrong Qin dust and before their own distance?

    He was dismayed, Qin dust heart is showing ecstasy.

    "I was really artistic space, the artistic conception of space?" Just the other side of the offensive failed, it is to take control of their artistic conception of space dust Qin subconscious, making each space between the distance, in the twinkling of an eye a few inches long, although only a small number of inches, but let Qin dust surprise know, he actually understand the basic conception of space



    In spite of the shot, thousands of road dust will be instantly banned Qin left all broken open, and a powerful spiritual force already filled out and wrapped around the ancient jade jane.

    This time, the jade Jane without any resistance, in the artistic space under the Qin dust understanding, should instantly be refining, and then it was Qin dust storage ring income.

    "You put away the jade Jane?"

    Leading people from Cape startled to God, he saw the ball in the jade Jane instantly disappeared, even anger said.

    Duozhu adults but has said before, the three treasures in the hall, the most important is the jade Jane, so his attention has been falling in the jade Jane, unexpectedly be Qin took the initiative to dust.

    "Surrender jade jane!"

    Angry with a snarl, anger that lead people to slap the cloak, boom, a black cold fog instantly filled out, wrapped to Qin dust.

    "Magic Li, did not expect so long no see, you are still not what ah!"

    Chuckling, Qin dust hands appeared mysterious rusty sword, sword, countless Leiguang spewing out, a large number of black fog shock spread instantly, while Qin entire people have to move back from the dust storm, fell into the hands of blood Wang et al.

    "You, how do you know......"

    The leader of the cloak, even forgot to pursue, cold look at Qin dust.

    "Oh, this power, in addition to your 100 toward the Xuemo teaching, there are other forces which have? There you are cold Chan Yue, right? As to why the face, head cover!"

    In the chest will be mysterious rusty sword, Qin dust danxiao said.

    "Xuemo teach?"

    "You say they are Xuemo teach people?"

    "How can this be? The teaching is not as early as thousands of years ago have been destroyed?"

    No king et al was shocked to see Qin dust, then the eyes dew horror in front of many people to see the Cape showing incredible glow.

    "Well, Qin dust, you really smart as in the past, but this time, not the original Grand will leave the means, I see your boy, also how to escape from my palm."

    The body of the cloak torn down, leading people cloak off an extremely young face, is the original Lord teach magic in Qin and Li in dust competition bloodseeker.

    Such a long time in the past, the Li smell more cold, exudes cold breath, a pair of black eyes staring at Qin dust, like ghosts.

    And his practice, also reached the half step King peak, the light on the momentum, rather than Zhou Zhengshu, the so-called big ten rookie, strong what several?

    "Jie Jie Jie, smelly boy, you let me expose the identity of Williams Dynasty fled helter skelter, know the case here, you can not escape, I really do not know where you are, the courage to dare to challenge the pope."

    Another cloak, also tore his cloakfinally is Williams Zong Yue Dynasty Guiyuan suzerain Qin had combined dust cold Chan, Williams ancestors Liu Tai et al., "endless sword Pope Yan Wuji, Wu Jia suzerain ancestors Wu Chengfeng et al., but the Yue escaped cold Chan did not sound.

    It is returned to the land according to the Xuemo teaching.

    Several other people also have the cloak, with a sneer, few people can see, smell is very terrible, all is not weaker than that without Wang et al., but one man just stood there, there is a horrible smell, impressively is seven order mid strong.

    The king looked at the middle of the seven order, dignified color reveals the Qin Mou in dust: "this time Xuemo taught high hands, there are seven order in the middle and up, Wang, Li for me the ancient jade Jane, don't know this person, this jade Jane?"

    Qin dust thought.

    It is not impossible, rumors of Gorefiend teach leader, was in the Caribbean fam breakthrough to Wu Huang realm, set off huge waves in the whole hundred dynasties, Xuemo teach people to know more demons fam in secret, what is not surprising!

    "You are really Xuemo teach people?" Peerless magic was shocked to see Wang et al Li et al., the heart to sink down.

    The teach, in the 100 toward the debacle, almost the entire hundred dynasties into Purgatory, did not think this evil munekado unexpectedly again.

    For a time, all appear, so great in their strength, can not fundamentally solve, must report their ancestors know.



    "You don't in vain, I have been here, such as the blockade, etc. unless you surrender I teach you today or Xuemo, this group of people, an escaped." The Li smiled wryly, raising his hand, boom, hall, suddenly rising from the black road, these black, each other, forming a large array, all in one package to the moment, blocked out of the channel.
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