#986  chaos

    At this moment, the whole hall completely moves, no longer able to keep calm.


    The mighty Qi around the hall, the ball burst, a piece of black magic crystal reveals a bright luster, like the world's most precious treasure, with everyone's mind.

    Don't need to absorb on the field many Wu felt the true dollar in the body ready to have stimulated, impulse, want to start running can't help.

    "What? The first ball was broken."

    Everyone was shocked to see that the first ball, so that they are strong it was shocked.

    Too strong, even without Wang et al, are also the first insight into the rich so true.

    Haha, this magic crystal belongs to me."

    The Tang Dynasty king Li Yuanba holding a golden hammer Juli, mouth like thunder sound of a burst of drink, with a face of laughter, like general directly towards the left palm leaf fan to catch black crystal photo.


    It turned into a mighty yuan a giant hand, fiercely grasping taken down.

    "Juli king, you are too worried, this magic crystal who, can not you say."


    A black streamer is flashed, the Shang Dynasty King goatsucker, on his back, spewing two long wings of black air, turned into a body in an instant illusion, speed is actually really faster yuan Liyuan palm came to the black crystal, the moment before.

    "Get out of here!"

    Liyuan roar, a hammer smashed down, golden hammer streamer glimpse, stop at the king Nighthawk in front of him, the king Zhenfei Nighthawk out, at the same time it has the element palm black magic crystal photo in the catch, directly will be picked up. May at this time, a red streamer will really hit, yuan to open palm Liyuan boom broken moment, but also to the king of bloody hands, black magic crystal to catch, but at this time, the earthquake has just been opened goatsucker king has been slow to God, his shock, attack directly to a bloody hand king. Stop the blood king out of hand



    The wrath of the king to drink his blood hand, a distance of seven middle order only one step away, he had the feeling, as long as the black magic crystal, don't even need a day, he will be able to break through to the seven order term, such a good chance, how could he to others?

    The release of blood from the blood in the body of the king hand really yuan pushed to the extreme, with one, the king will fly again goatsucker, but after a pause, Juli King hammer but also has hit.


    At the moment, bloody hands king, king, king of three Juli Nighthawk each other crazy together, who do not want the other to get the magic crystal.

    Among them, the king of a stroke above blood hand strength, Juli Wang second, Nighthawk third Wang, but Wang goatsucker speed is the fastest, three people are entangled with each other, but is deadlocked, no one can doubt who.

    "Damn, we have stepped up."

    Never let the blood King hand they take too much opportunity."

    "We don't leave hand, speed up."

    Without Wang et al each other groaned, have accelerated the speed of the ball attack.

    The first ball was broken, on behalf of the bloody hands of Wang et al had accounted for the initiative, if you do not want to let the blood hand Wang et al to occupy all the initiative, they must have to speed up.

    "Lord, what do we do now?"

    In the channel, the crowd of people are excited to see a spectacular escape atmosphere of the spar, one heart.

    "Don't worry, although the first ball has been broken, but their short time probably cannot distribute magic crystal, let them fight it, some power consumption." Leading people light cloak said, the tone is very calm.

    "The Lord is wise!"

    A few people left only by the cloak, Nai restrain his excitement, have stepped back.

    At the front of the Qin dust lead cloak people suspicious of light, frowning: "such a long time in the past, the Qin dust hasn't broken the second ball, strange, what the boy doing?!"

    My heart was puzzled, heard a thud, a deafening roar sounded, third ball was burst open.


    Lost black shield orbs, the tripod on top, a mighty ancient atmosphere diffuse and open, instantly rushed everyone through the body.


    Close to the warriors Wang et al to bear this breath, actually have stuffy to hum a, pale, lips a blood, but they face all showing ecstasy, excited before looking at the ancient ding.

    "Ha ha ha, finally put the ball break off."

    "This ancient Ding, good let the atmosphere, at least seven order above the true treasure."

    "Seven order really treasure, too underestimate this ancient tripod, light is dissipated out of breath, I make breathing difficult, in real dollars stagnate, in my opinion, at least eight order Huang level really treasure, otherwise it will be such a terrible power?"

    "What? The true treasure?"

    The crowd went wild shock, fiery eyes were all staring at the ancient tripod, the stars are quick to take out his eyes.

    The unique Wang Genben openings ranging from people, body form in a flash, first flew to the ancient tripod, to the refinery.

    "Peerless king, said the fair competition, this ancient and old Ding Yuan, I can still give her to me."

    Jin Huang Wang laughed, as gold, but also instantly came to the ancient tripod, the side of the king of natural Mowgli will not stand idly by, the three time, you let me catch, all the moment came to the ancient Ding Ding before slap in the ancient.


    The roar of the ancient sound, ancient Ding, broke out of a terrible coercion, swept the nine days, the entire hall will quiver, as if in its surrender.

    For a time, no king, Mowgli Wang, Jin Huang Wang three operation at the same time really yuan, constantly banging in the ancient tripod, trying to get in front of others, the ancient tripod to the refinery.

    On the other side, Wang three hand blood at the moment are stopped for three people as warriors Wang et al, is also a neat hand against the magic crystal, crazy magic crystal in power absorption.

    A trace of the misty black influx of three people in it, three people all over a black mist, smell, are visible to the naked eye in the slow speed, improve.

    "Little Lord?"

    A few people are nervous to see Cape leading person.


    A leader also knows clearly, we don't do it now, before it may be accounted for by Wang et al blood hand initiative, first flew out.


    Suddenly, in addition to leading Cape people, a total of four people divided into two teams together cloak swept to the first and third balls of light, including a group of two people, a lightning attack to the peerless king and bloody hands of Wang et al., and the leader of the Cape, is the first time to sweep the Qin Qin Dynasty a dust. Dust hit.


    For the hand of the king and matchless magic crystal blood Wang et al are fierce and Gu Ding, didn't expect here also lie in such a terrible team, when react, but it was too late to.

    Puff! The blood filled, without Wang et al were instantly fly out, fortunately, they all do extraordinary, critical moment, timely shot, stopped the attack, but the body has all the wounded.
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