#970  gathered all the

    When red Wang Yumen angry.

    Outside the palace ruins.

    A group of seven Dynasty genius, standing here waiting anxiously, expression.


    Suddenly, a streamer falls, a deep breath, emitting a horrible breath figure, quickly fall down.

    "I Longyuan Dynasty week is where?"

    The eagle eyes just a majestic gait, and exudes a strong momentum, there is a strong king.

    True horror atmosphere filled the air, a repair and blood hand up to seven order General Wang, early peak.

    "Dynasty Warriors Wang Luo empty longyuan."

    "How did he come?"

    "Is Zhou Zhengshu informed the Longyuan Dynasty King strong?

    The crowd shocked face aghast.

    "Do not speak?"

    Cold kill Italy diffuse out, Wu field seven dynasty all breathing difficulties, a pale.

    "Luo empty, it is this attitude of the junior, senior, seems wrong."

    At this moment.

    A faint sneer came suddenly, then, a streamer Shua, and fall, is also a strong king impressively.

    "Cold knife elder."

    Emperor Wu Dynasty exclaimed, one with joy.

    It is not the other person, Emperor Yuan Dynasty king Han Bing Wang Handao.

    He fell on the ground, a cold chill instantly filled out, the entire palace ruins like dropped ten degrees out, there is a cool diffuse.

    "Cold knife, you have come?"

    Frown and look over, Luo Mou in bloom of cold air.

    Ice ice knife to Wang Handao, meaning into, a knife in the seven Dynasty reach the peak of perfection, with impressive reputation, on the strength, and he was about the same, do not fight, who do not know who is better.

    "Oh, do you not only to me?"

    The ice king with a faint smile, just smile very cold, is full of cold.

    Wang Luo empty matchless light way: "I was an accident, Emperor Dynasty actually send you over, with your gift here. I am afraid that some The loss outweighs the gain.?" "This is not." Ice Wang smiled, "I heard that there is a lot of magic crystal, you know the dangers of Blood Omen uncharted depths, world of Warcraft is rampant, strong so much, I want to get a breakthrough adventure, the difficulty is not low. If there was a magic crystal, I entered seven in order to

    And then back to the post instead of uncharted depths, a waste of time, but the larger harvest, isn't it?"

    The ice king looked at Wang Luo empty without a faint smile on one's face, if not know there is such a benefit, he is Wang Huilai here?

    Luo space in the Longyuan Dynasty, nor what the king not essential.


    Is cold to hum a, Wang Luo matchless air no longer nonsense, see the entrance of the palace ruins eyes instantly swept into the body in a flash, which disappear.

    "Here is that your message said, with a large number of magic crystal ruins of the palace?" No king left, even to see ice king Emperor Wu Dynasty, Shen asked.

    "Yes, the ice king, before I found a great magic pool in the palace ruins, which has a large number of magic crystal, not hundreds, but unfortunately was stolen before, we also got some, but the big Gan Dynasty blood hand king all plundered......"

    "Blood on their hands? Well, I grab the emperor Dynasty thing, must have the ability to do, if the king met him to double his vomit."


    "We also go in."

    Body form in a flash, ice king no nonsense, the king of the emperor in the closure of the lead, also swept into the depths of the ruins, leaving the other disciples waiting for seven dynasty.

    But their waiting time is not long.

    Shua! Shua! Shua!

    A streamer flew to the one after another.

    "Juli Wang predecessors!"

    "Jin Huang Wang predecessors!"

    A master, all is seven order Wu strong, came to the ruins of the.

    Originally, Wu Zun area, there are few Wu infested, but because of that magic pool news, the seven Dynasty, all is sent a strong king. Of course, in addition to these strong this treasure, is to protect their own dynasty genius disciple, after all, the seven Dynasty man has got the news that the big Gan Dynasty of Shen Mengchen and permanent Dynasty Cross Day owl, top two of the 100 genius toward the ten rookie level, has been cut


    This genius, Wang Zhaoyi is in the seven treasures, fall of any one, is a huge loss of seven dynasty.

    The king have arrived in that ice, Wang et al has advanced into the ruins without demur, with his disciples, have swept into the ruins, lest one step behind.

    "Dare to kill my son the day owl, I cross Mowgli would have him into ten thousand pieces."

    And come to the king Yong Dynasty, from the surviving large permanent Dynasty disciple mouth confirmed the day after the news of the fall of the owl, to fly on the ground, slapped a ten feet and covered with.

    Deep Palace ruins.

    Because no breakthrough in meditation and Wang, Qin dust, then suddenly opened his eyes.

    "I understand."

    Meditation for a long time, after rehearsed many times, finally understand why Qin dust can not break the king.

    "Because of their past experience, that although I of martial arts artistic understanding, has reached a deep level, but could not be recognized by the will of heaven and earth."

    "Wu topped Wang, often after the fusion of heaven and earth, martial arts to achieve a deep understanding, let oneself and worldzhen Qi together, so as to obtain the transformation, in really natural force into real dollars."

    "That is to say, this kind of martial arts sentiment sublimation process, or can not be missing, only in this way, Wu will enter a mysterious realm of heaven and earth will be recognized, and naturally break."

    "My past life, although many martial arts master will be the martial arts will, I already have, not even a natural process of sublimation, also cannot break through wu."

    "It's like the freezing point of water is zero, but not to zero, all the water can freeze, but need a ina, if there is no ice, even to zero, some water will not freeze, just become too cold!" In the process of "breakthrough King Wu, Wu Tao will role sentiment is equivalent to the ice, can let Wu instantly recognized the will of heaven and earth, that is to say, if I do not understand the martial way will a new, even martial arts will grasp the past again, also cannot

    Let me in this world through Wu state."

    After understand the reason, Qin dust wry smile.

    The past as Wu Huang He, master of martial arts will too much, even if not his strengths, but also beyond the realm of the understanding of general wu. But in this world, let him in the past on the basis of the understanding of martial arts will again a new, it will be difficult?
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