#965  of the war King

    At this time, the king followed their blood hand hole depths, a figure is running speed.

    Has been swept out half an hour, it stopped.

    This figure is already running, Qin dust.

    Before the Qin Chengang to plunder other people's treasures, soul force sensor to a powerful king with breath, so the first time into the channel.

    Although he did not know that which King of the dynasty, but want to come, it was only seven Dynasty, have enough capital, make a return to the king of Wu Zun region.

    If he killed the cross day owl, be the first in his hands.

    Although Qin general Wu is not afraid of dust now, but just in case, can leave or leave the good, do not need too much entangled with each other.

    "This time the harvest is really good."

    Stop the pace, Qin spirit swept into the dust storage ring, feel the magic crystal dense storage ring, and the big magic liquid heart cannot help.

    There is a magic crystal so much, want to further his practice, will no longer be difficult.

    No wonder the demons fam there are so many people yearning, is really a good place for treasure.

    "There is this bowl!" From Zhou Zhengshu's hands to grab the golden dust, Qin also much joy, this bowl at a glance and the seal, is a really extraordinary treasure, although he also cannot be the true treasure power released, but as long as he break through to the king of this realm, two big treasure the power of

    That will have a greater increase.

    "This first bowl thoroughly refining again."

    Find a corner to sit cross legged, Qin immediately began refining the dust bowl in the prohibition to really treasure.

    Just grab the bowl when he is one of the most surface restraining refining, to be really pushed to bowl, such as arm driven, must also be more refining prohibition.

    In the bowl banned, dense, very complex.

    Fortunately, Qin dust in the prohibition, is richly endowed by nature attainments, a stick of incense, he will have this bowl in the present can refining the ban all refining assorted.


    In the bowl like a golden disc, suspended in his palm, exudes a terrible smell, the edge, the void all had a kind of mood to be cut.


    Qin dust rose, cheeky surprise, more refining, he is in the bowl is satisfied.

    Ready to try this golden power, suddenly, Qin dust face a change, even to look at him before the advent of the channel in front of.

    In his perception, a horrible atmosphere Wu toward here critical plunder, because just in the refining bowl's sake, causing his soul force is not fully released, the other party has approached him, he found.


    In the eyes of Qin dust dignified, a blur of light color appeared in the channel at the end of the speed, like lightning, blink of an eye before him.

    "Too late."

    Qin dust smiled, thought I left the first time, the other did not track, did not think the king is as strong in tracking, and came so fast.

    But since it was found, Qin did not intend to continue to hide the dust, just calm at the sudden appearance of the king.

    "You just kill me, the big Gan Dynasty disciple?"

    Figure down, looking at the hands of the king before the blood cold eyes of Qin dust, was intended to kill boiling.

    Qin dust one Leng, he did not think that this person is actually big Gan Dynasty of King wu.

    "What is the matter? How not?" Qin dust sneer.

    It is difficult to see Wu Wu Zun general repair, but Qin dust with strong soul force, but the moment the king's hand bleeding induced by the seven order in the early peak.

    If you order seven middle level Wang, he will feel a bit tricky, but only a seven order initial peak of the king, also cannot let Qin dust escape.

    Other do not say, the light is on different magic armor, can let him in to occupy the absolute advantage and seven order early king, unless the other party to break his defense.

    Qin dust calm, but let the blood hand Wang Muguang instant dark down, who intended to kill more dignified, like the head of a knife frame in Qin dust.

    "Boy, the king asks you, you'd better just answer, otherwise, the king will let you live nor qiusibuneng!" Blood hand King squint, and chill out.

    "War on war, so much nonsense do what."

    Know not good, Qin dust sneer, and war broke out, hum, on the hands of the bowl, burst and stab gold awn.

    Qin dust also want to try their strength now, and the seven order peak of the early king how much difference, and he is very confident, even fight each other, also can get.

    "Good boy crazy, but you are in vain, a small statue of Wu, in my hand on the hand of the king of the blood, you will surely die."

    Red Wang Qihui don't know Qin dust idea, thought the amazing strength, want to challenge the king strong, is not what strange things.

    But he will soon burst their fantasies, an ants try to look into a tiger. It is very funny, ants, ants, no matter how strong it is never to be compared to the tiger.

    "I'm afraid not!"

    Qin dust slowly pushed the edge of the golden bowl, bowl edge throughput is not fixed, exudes a terrible smell.

    "You want to die, the king will take you, and the king will let you kneel!"

    The king had no patience to go hand blood, body blood breath suddenly rose, blood gas into the sky, the sou sou sou sharp, break an empty voice sounded, blood gas, really a bloody vine lasing element out to attack Qin dust.

    It is the trick before kill Xu Guanlong.


    Hands across the chest, the body's crazy Qin dust surge, a powerful spiritual force into the bowl, hands palm against each other, in the dust bowl, Qin palm crazy quiver, a lightning general shot burst out into the bloody vine.

    Thunder! The golden surge, the horror of the golden wind up, instantly turned into several meters size, and that the bloody vine severely collided, a fierce roar, can not help but stop the bloody vine attack, and a terrible cutting force, the true vine, quickly spread to the blood

    Hand the king.


    He is the king of bloody hands be startled at first sight, a martial can block his attack, his eyes stare bells in general. But in the face of the sharp cutting force, bloody hands Wang stature does not move, let the cutting force spread over a strange scene occurred, sharp cutting force near the hand of the king's body blood, like the blade pierced the mire, suddenly slow up, at the same time, the amount of force, but also in

    The rapid weakening, seems to be out of power, has become feeble.

    "Power is absorbed?"

    Qin dust heart in a surprised, the cutting force is an attribute of power though, but more, is similar to the mood of force.

    Like a knife, if not really force pushed, still can erupt extraordinary strength. Now, the meaning of the bowl filled with a bloody hand cutting near King body, quickly weakened, apparently by another force to neutralize.
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